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Will Smith
isnt smoking a form of suicide?
i dont smoke and never will, i was just thinking that if you can die from it, then isnt it a form of suicide since your doing it to yourself?
Additional Details
yes you could die from a car, or choke, or whatever else, but did you on purpose choke, or get into a car wreck or on purpose drwon? i dont think so. you on the other hand on purpose started smoking and on purpose kept on smoking.

I smoke for pleasure. I enjoy it.
I'm more concerned with spiritual matters. How about people who kill their souls with hatred or moral apathy? Is that suicide too?

Truthfully it is but back in the day they didnt know it could kill you but know they do so it could be suicide but smoking is just a cause and could possibly be not the main reason for the death
it could be a multiple of things.

Chantol๛ ดวงอาทิตย์๛
Well most everything you can do in life will contribute to your death one way or another. Smoking only increase that inevitable death. And no I am not a smoker.

Imagine Whirled Peas
Sure, if you want to think on the extreme side. I don't smoke either, but if you want to look at it that way, other things that can kill you could be looked at as a form of suicide, such as driving, running, breathing, eating, drinking, or riding a bike.

in a sense yes.
but people dont call it suicide becuase suicide, is when you end your life. Smoking is harming your body by putting bad toxins in it, but smoking wont kill you right off the bat, it takes years and years, by the time your going to die, you probably wouldnt be able to smoke any more becuase you are in a bad state. So i guess, it wouldnt be considered suicide.

I think its more like russian roulette. I've known people who smoked at least 3 packs a day and lived to be 95, and I've also known people who smoked and died at age 40, so you never know. Some people get lucky, others don't. Every time you smoke its like spinning the barrel, putting the gun to your head, and pulling the trigger. Maybe you'll make it through life and never get a disease, and maybe you won't. But every time you smoke, you put another bullet into the gun.
god I love analogies.

I guess if you look at it in a certain way, it's like a slow form of suicide I guess

ahmed k
Slow motion suicide really.

Of course it is same as if you drink or take drugs or do extreme sports they are all ways of getting yourself killed actively. I am a smoker with the full intent to try out that new drug coming out on Jan 1. I have realized that i don't want to be half dead at 40. lol. I have seen the light. lol. It's very hard though Nicotine is a ***** to give up. Some say harder than heroin. I guess thats why so many former addict still smoke. That being said though it's someones choice to start and i do regret ever being curious enough to try it but i hope to rectify that very soon.

not really. If everyone look at it your way, driving a car is also suicide since it pollutes the air. Or you are risking getting involve in an accident.

eating some fast food is all suicide because it's building up your cholestlol (spelling) level.

You can name many similar things..

I guess you could think of it that way....I really need to quit lol

yes, but think about other things. we can die of everything.
food (we could choke)
water (we could drown)
cooking (you could blow yourself up)
driving (you could kill you or someone else)
and all of these you are doing yourse so think about it. just because us smokers choose to smoke...maybe its because we have our own way of dealing with stress.

Oh I don't know....I smoked for 63 years without ever quitting, until 2 years ago. I gave it up, since it just wouldn't kill me. I'll just have to think of something else...Hey! Maybe I could start drinking and driving drunk....maybe that would do it!

Same with almost everything. By that reasoning, no-body would:

Drive a car

Fly in a plane

Join the fire service

Cross the road

Eat chargrilled food (lots of carcinogens)

Stand near a window in a strong wind

Walk up or down stairs


Smoking may well kill people, but it's a choice that people make. Just like anything that anyone does, it has a certain risk factor. Smoking has a higher risk factor than many things that people do, but it's not a deliberate act of suicide. People smoke because they want to, not because they want to die.

Get on the freeway, have a beer, walk across the street, inhale smog... this is a dangerous world. You can kill yourself many ways, and no I dont smoke.

That's very deep, are you a reformed smoker?

Yeah, I guess it is considered suicide since most smokers know that the most likely result of the habit is death.

so is drinking a lot of alcohol or eating large amounts of food or over medicating yourself...there's many ways to kill yourself, not just smoking.

Jessie c
So is Drinking alcohol. Eating for most americans with the rate of heart trouble.

Pat R
Suicide is getting in the face of a smoker who's finished a 16 hour shift and now has to go home to a cold meal and an angry wife.

Yes and no.

It causes horrific diseases, which will eventually kill you.

But, the act of smoking a cigarette does not make you drop dead.

Alternative name: Slow motion Suicide.

Not anymore than not eating well, or not exercising enough isn't a form of suicide.

greatwhitenorth28 AM
look how old george Burns lived to, dumbass

Mr Hex Vision
Life is a form of suicide, its just that it takes longer.

You can die from eating unhealthy but people don't consider that suicide. People eat McDonald's and Burger King everyday. Is that suicide also?

Felix Arcanus
so is living in a city with smog in it when you have the power to relocate. or eating greasy, fried foods...touche, no?

*♥* N. D. *♥*
ive never looked at it like that..more fuel for my fire against my mom, dont get me wrong, she is mom, so of course i love her but he smoking has caused me some med problems, and in turn has ruiended the way i look at myself...i think thats why i love my tats and piercing SO MUCH!!! then can't do long term damage that smoking can, and yes it is a form of suicide, that pollutes the earth, and screws the non smokers, and heath consoius pple over...what a wonderful world. NOT!!!! but that is me, and im against pretty much anything tht i feel or see as harmful...
no offence to anyone!!!!

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