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Barry Boongface
is it safe to smoke marijuana once a month?
i have cut down on marijuana due to health concerns however was wondering if it is still safe to smoke it occassionally. only once a month?

ive only done it once

Honestly you shouldn't be taking that drug. Yes, it makes you feel much better, high sky, but you have health issues right now.. I suggest you not do it.

Is it fair to slap someone you respect once a month.
Wrong is wrong
No shortcuts or else land in trouble

No it's not safe to smoke it at all. Be careful if you have monthly drug test because the THC in the marijuana stays in the system for a month or so.

Brian W
is it safe to speed down a crowded street once a month? is it safe to play with a loaded gun while drunk? is it safe to play in an axe yard? no no no. its unsafe to smoke mj in any amount. im not to informed on how they do it fr medicinal ways, but im sure its a lot differnt than the dope you got. if dope was safe, it wouldnt be illegal. good job on cutting down though. try to go all the way oh, and as for drug tests, the THC can stay in your brain for up to a year

I would be safer to either vaporize it or consume it orally, so you don't hurt your lungs. I don't think it would cause that much damage, but it will kill some brain cells I suppose. It's good to hear that you cut down.

Drugs are unhealthy. Fact.

Taking it occasionally isn't that bad. Fact.

Avoid addiction. That's my personal rule.

ok, i permit you

The only way it's really going to hurt you is if you get arrested or have to take a drug test for a job.

weellll, marijuana isnt actually as bad for you people say. but it still has long-term effects on your body, personally i wouldnt do it, but once a month wouldnt kill you in a few years.

it is never safe to smoke anything

Depends on what "health concerns" are requiring you to stop smoking so much.

But if you were a completely healthy person, smoking once a month would not be a concern.

It's illegal. I only smoke Ecsphoria.

yeah, but I would just stop altogether. It's time to grow up.

your such a tool.
of course its safe.

its better to not smoke but the less smoking u can do the better

It's safe to use marijuana even weekly or daily as far as I'm concerned. It has medical value and is excellent for treating pain (no wonder 10 states have legalized it for medicinal use).

However, I don't recommend smoking it; you should either get a vaporizer (the best method) or eat it by cooking it.

Look into getting the HerbalAire or Silver Surfer vaporizers.

Existential Terrestrial
Yeah it's perfectly safe. It's just as safe as a cup of coffee really..

It's never save to smoke stuff like that. It's same with alcohol, or cigarettes. People are vastly underestimating the risks of drugs... g.e. drinking a single bottle of beer could get you addicted (the risk isn't that high, but it does happen occasionally).

Stay away from stuff like that, and do something which is more fun for way lower risks, yet legal and should get you similar results:
Sports. Free Running, skating, jogging, surfing, basketball, footballs, taekwondo, karate, whatever you think suits you best.

Weed doesn't affect you at all unless you start going crazy with it and being addicted to it like people do with cigarettes...
As far as medical facts, weed is a natural plant that isn't harmful in any way to anyone/anything so it's not bad at all compared to cigarettes...
Which contain tar, nicotine (toxin), etc...

As long as you're not addicted to it...which you can't unless your week-minded since it has nothing addicting in it....then you're fine...

As long as your school/job/parents/cops don't catch you-you should be fine. =]

Harley's Bombshell
Don't smoke it at all, it's very addictive and will hinder you on a job quest.

It's illegal, but I guess if you have to moderation is better than all the time.

Marijuana isnt addicting like cigarettes, so If you are planning to only do it once a month then it wont be hard to do it once a month. Of course its not healthy to smoke at all but once a month wont do you any harm

Toke Lover - CANTHEIST
the health conscious will tell you no.

I'm gonna tell you no too, once an hour is more like it!!

add: recent studies show it to be as bad or worse than cigarette smoking...try a smokeless vaporizer, then you don't have to smoke at all...brownies are still a classic!

Ryan H
Good luck finding an answer. That's a large debate. Some people will say its bad to do it period. Others will say no. I personally don't think it will, but someone else might say it will. Either way, it's your decision.

sure barrry, light it up once a month. worst thing that can happen is failing a drug test.

Personally don't do it at all,but the facts are weed is not addictive so you don't get withdrawals no dependency is the word, but thats as long as its just marijuana

I don't know because I don't know what you're health concerns are

Health concerns?
smoking weed is not that bad for you
cigaretts are bad because of all the tar, fumeldahide, ad other carsinagons. not just the smoke, just dont try to drive high

The Illuminated
You will get a lot of answers from people who have been programmed to believe the cannabis is bad for you.

Cannabis was legal for 86 million years, and has a fascinating history. Checkout videos such as the Truth of Cannabis etc.

It will not harm you however much you smoke it. No-one has ever died from Cannabis alone - It's a natural plant that is only illegal because of Corporate Money Making interests of some of the largest industries in the world; Chemicals Industry, Oil Industry, Paper Industry you name it....

Peace :)

Probably, depends on why you are doing it.

Same with alcohol - it's probably safe to do it in moderation.

Everything is ok in moderation.

The question is - are you doing it because YOU want to?

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