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is it possible to die from weed that was laced with something?
i smoked some bud today around 9 and it was from my friends brothers friend who i never got from before. I smelled it and it smelt funky. Now my heart is beating really fast and i cant stand up on my feet without losing ballance. also i black out earlier it felt like i had a heat stroke. Im in bed right now with the window open. am i going to died?
Additional Details
it was ruff but i got through i guess. Last time i get stuff from anyone else but my guy. In anyways thx for the comfort to some of the people who posted.

Man looking from those other answers, sounds like it. Sorry buddy. May you rest in peace Shane.

♥M.J.'s girl♥ (dot #1223)
its possible to die from any drug!!!!!


graig g
you can't die from plain weed

however it seems that your friend laced this drug with Polonium 210 which is a radioactive chemical that basically eats you from the inside and your side effects match that of Polonium 210. sorry bud (no pun intended)

Beans McBean
It's possible that your pot is being laced with other kind of drug. I've been there and it wasn't fun... hang in there, stop smoking that bad pot and get some rest. No, you're not going to die if you stop using this laced crap. Paranoid is side effect of pot!

*edit* People are thumbing us down because we are talking abut an illegal drug, of course! Go on, thumb us down more but it doesn't stop us from using drugs.

why even smoke???

did it smell like cigarette filters?
caused its probably laced with shrooms then. but youll probably be fine

jeffrey g
no you get almost the same dizzy feeling when you first try cigarettes but just don't smoke too much bud and you will be ok just maybe a little overwhelming the first time

your fine, you are just having a bad trip, i had it once before and had the same symptoms. if you think it is really bad though call an ambulance and never buy from people you dont trust. as for dying by lacing it with something im not sure what. but high doses of pcp and other stuff usually give you the bad trip feeling. but if you are healthy enough to use a computer, then you are fine, just eat a lot of food to help out.

Iriath Zhul
Are you going to "died"? I dunno. I suppose it's irrelevant, because if you ARE dead, then I'm wasting my time writing this. If this is your grief-stricken mother checking your recent emails to see WHY you died, then I'm sorry ma'am that your son was a druggie.

Rob M
Yeah. Cyanide would do the trick.

dank weeeeed haha

well if its laced with something then maybe...but its impossible to OD from just regular weed (unless you've been drinking...then thats a whole different story)

you'll be fine. if laced with anything, it would be coke but that wouldve been visibly white. eat some munchies, that should help

You very well could be. A rapid heartbeat and loss of balance can be symptoms of a serious condition. You need to be seen by a physician immediately. If you don't have anyone to take you, call an ambulance. And stay away from the drugs!

YES.. you can die, but NO you will not die today or anytime soon..

If your body cannot handle the substance, you WILL die..

Be careful next time dude. (at least you're still typing!!)
good luck

No but you are 'greening out' Ha take paracetamol it brings you down we use it in the ER on young kids who freak after too much weed it works .

Disciple Slayer xbox360
call the doctor

hell yea but if you go to the doc you may live to see another day

dogpatch USA
not likely but if there was enough it would make one sick most likely and if one smokes heroin it can eat wholes in the brain rendering a person comatose or permanently damaged loosing their power of speech etc. Cyanide of course would in small quantities kill but strychnine or other poison probably would not be concentrated enough to kill and only make one sick . Have you thought of russian roulette using a chainsaw yet? it's guaranteed .

sounds laced. weed never does that on its own. make sure a friend knows what's going on with you and have them check in on you every hour at least. you might be able to ride it out, but just in case have someone on standby to take you to a hospital or to call an ambulance for you.
don't expose yourself to too much cold, you could get sick in such a weak state. happened to my friend, she turned on a fan full blast cuz she was ODing and having hot flashes and she got pneumonia because of it. let yourself sweat it ou

You should never take drugs from some one you don't no.Really you shouldn't take drugs at all because you can die, you may have an allergic reaction to then or you may take to much,If you are not aware of what you are doing.This also can apply to medication,never take more than what doctor says.PS. If you are not feeling well?, may be you should go to the E.R. Take Care.

like you say , maybe you are died.

Steve from PA
buying drugs off the street isnt any different than eating garbage out of a dumpster..what ever happens happens...

Go to the hospital!!!!

Usually you would see whatever was put in the joint (if you were there when it was rolled) if you are seriously concerned, or if you think there maybe something else going on, go to the ER. Don't play with your health. I don't have a problem with pot, but you need to make sure that you know the people you are smoking with. I once smoked pot with opium in it. Having a heart problem, you could imagine how pissed i was. Make sure you trust the people you smoke with and watch it get broke up, rolled, etc... The rapid heartbeat is normal with weed. But the no balance/heat stroke doesn't sound normal at all. Just go get checked out if you don't get to feeling better. Rest and drink lots of water.

i don't think so??? and **** the person who is thumbing down all the answers. i hate those people!

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