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is it normal to be this tall at this age?(10pnts)?
i am 5"11 1/2 at 13 almost 14yrs old and female my mom is 5"2 and dad id 6"3 is it normal because i tower over alot of people

well if by normal you mean average...then i think the average for girls is around 5'5" or 5'6"...but everyone has growth spurts at different times....you may not grow anymore while your shorter friends may grow later...don't worry about it...guys like tall girls...you could even model!...or play basketball...seriously use your height to your advantage....its a gift....

Of course!

Also, many models are that tall at that age.
So don't feel awkward.

Standing Out
YHes its perfectly normall. EVERYONE hits puberty at different times, you wait, in a few years you will be moaning when the boys catch up :) x

The average height depending on your race and weight is about 5"5.

Extra Help: http://kidshealth.org/teen/food_fitness/dieting/weight_height.html

Sam O
hay dont worry about it ! THERES NOTHING to worry about ya you might be taller than everyone else it just means you got your grow spurt first trust mw=e i know i used to be there !!!!!!!!!! Everyone else will get there grow spurt to and then there will be people your highth !!!!!!!! so dont sweat it kid !!!!!!!!

Not Your Average Girl
its normal

EDIT become a model

lol talll its everyones different, love yourself everyone else does :)

Xytan J
yeah it's normal, i'm really tall for my age and alot of people in my year are really short

and i ask you, does it matter if it's "normal or not" ?

no such thing as normal, that is just the way you are because of your genes. love yourself for it

Yes its fine!
Don't worry. Everyone is different in height!
Since your dad is tall, its genetics :)
Be happy girl, you'll be amazing at sports.
CNY :)

grace M
ya its kinda nice to here someone else saying that i am around our age and am 5' 10". cool to know someone else has the same shoes as me!

haha its fine! Its a great thing to be tall. I also happen to have a short mother and a tall dad.

My father is 6'7" and my mother is about 5'8"
and i am 14 years old rockin 6'4".

yes it is because your dad is tall. You took after your dad thats all. Im taller then my mom but then again she aint that hard to beat because she is only 4 feet 11 inches and my dad is tall I think. It just the genes of the family pool. I know some body who was in the fifth grade that was a few inces shorter then you. He was about 5 feet 9. So by the time he stop growing he will be really really tall.

Grand Duchess LadyProtector
Nice height, yes it plays into the genes your dad gave you.

People grow at different rates. I wouldn't worry about it. I'm only 5'4, and I've pretty much been growing by the week. So no, it's not abnormal. It just means your height genes were from your dad's side.

I've been 6'' since i was about 14. My dad is 6''1 my mom 5''11. But i'm a girl- i haven't grown taller since then (thank God) but you might be a bit taller than the others- but Its ok- Its very elegant, you just need to know how to dress yourself. Best of luck!

Yea it's normal, pretty common as well.

[email protected]
Yesss, I was the same way.
You'll be relieved when you get into high school, guys like that!
haha, i stopped growing when I was 14, and I ended up about that height.
No worries. :]

[email protected]
yes because u will probably stop growing at a certain age. while everyone else is still growing u will have reached the height that u will stay at for the rest of ur life by maybe 15?16? i wud wait and see.

lil mama drama
ima do me!!!

Find Your Fangs
wow! you're tall!

you definitely inherited your dad's tall gene!

what's normal these days?

you're fine! don't worry about it!

perfectly normal, you're one of the lucky ones!

you obviously got your dads gene height.

wow that is pretty tall i am 5'10 and i thought i was pretty tall. but i think that is pretty average if your dad is 6''3 i dont think you will do to much more growing. who knows maybe you hit an earlier growth sprit

i know a guywho is 6.1 and he is 12. SERIOUSLY his name is cole

You are above average height for your age, stand tall and proud.

yes it is. you just have a really large growth sprout

I Came in Through the Bathroom Window
its not normal but your father is tall so you are probaly going to be tall like him, and you grew alot but you wont grow to much more prob

taylor m
you are very tall for your age
play basketball!

It is possible that you hit your growth spurt and you got your height from your dad.
Don't feel awkward about it...embrace it.

Jasmine P
yes it is normal because ur dad is tall so u must be too ^^

yea ur just really tall =) which i wish i was! lucky =P

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