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 What's the ugliest part of your body?

 hey people, how do anorexics eat?
can someone tell me if i'm anorexic! :S
i eat to little
likee... just one time per day
and if not i eat just one lollipop of the ' tutsi pop '
and at nigth milk, or ...

 Is it really that bad to smoke weed?
I do it like 2 times a week with a couple of friends. It's really enjoyable but waht are my odds of getting cancer or other diseases?
Additional Details
I wonder if all the people ...

 What is a good pot smoking song?
I listen to 311 and Incubus when i smoke...any other suggestions?...

 what caused me to go blind yesturday?
yesturday, i lost sight in my eye for about five to ten minutes (maybe longer, it seemed like a long time). it was like i had white spots in my eyes (like when someone takes your picture and you have ...

 What is most likely to happen if I try lsd (acid) at age 18?
What will happen if it's a pretty strong dose that I start tripping off of? (And please don't try to convince me not to do it. I just want facts.) Thank you!...

 I feel stupid asking this but I'm going to anyways.... Is my face ok?
Ok, so maybe this is going to sound superficial but its really been bothering me...

So I have a mole on my face. Its probably about a quarter of an inch across and raised and directly ...

 In our middle school, most kids smoke, drink, etc. I don't. Everyone says I am not cool cuz of it.?
Yeah, most kids in my 120 kid junior high smokes. The ppl who do say it is uncool not to. Am i uncool because I don't? As they say- does this make me a nerd because I don't do drugs?...

 Do u think 5'8 is short for a 18 year old male.?

 I'm always tired, even with 8 hours of sleep, why?

 How stupid am I if I smoke another cigarette?
I quite a few days ago and I'm having a real bad nic fit....

 how to get talller?
everyone says im short.im 14 and im 5'1" 5"2'. how can i grow taller?

p.s. My bf says hes short but hes not so how can he get taller too?but he doesnt need to.hes ...

 Is 5'6'' for a grown woman tall?

Additional Details
I dont mean like giant tall, i mean a nice height. I don't need examples like "oh, you think that is tall! Im 6 foot 1!" or whatever......

 help! bad high last night.?
i dont know why this happens to me, it has happened once before.
i use to smoke almost everyday, probably like every second day, and this was in like october/november/december. but then one day ...

 Can't stop the bleeding?
My brother's tooth just fell out. He's about twelve and he says that he just BARELY tapped at his tooth and it just fell out. Now it's about an hour later and it's STILL bleeding.....

 how long does it take to get addicted to ciggarettes ?
ever the last weekend , i have smoked three ciggarettes but only really inhaled the smoke of one of them into my lungs, but some of the other ciggarette too. i know this was horrible for me to do, ...

 Is blood actual blue?
My friend Raven said that blood is blue,
But when it touches oxygen it goes red.
Is that true?...

 why are some people on yahoo answers so freakin mean??
some people are abuseing this site!!!!!! they just need to answer nicley!!...

 Private question, i'd prefer girls to answer (:?
Hey. I started shaving *down there* about a year ago and it always grows back horrible. Or sometimes i'm clumsy and accidently cut myself. Is there any specials razors for down there. and is ...

 Which is better, washing your hands in warm, cold, or hot water?
This question has been bugging me for the longest time.
I usually wash my hands under hot, or warm water.. So. Yeah.

What's better?
Additional Details
These answers ...

Mariah L
is cybering very bad?

Dsfa A
Stay away from the internet candy van.


Major Eyeswater
Exchanging a little suggestive conversation? Not bad.

Jumping around on-cam naked? Bad. Very bad.

its kind of creepy but i would not say its bad

Barry Kuda
It is extremely bad.

It's weird. But I guess it couldn't be harmful really. As long as you are keeping your identity safe and are not doing anything illegal.
Keep in mind that there are some creepy people out there!

Only if you share it with the world.

In your case. Very bad. n-n

Smart Alex™[is sick]
OMG how could you! you could get pregnant! remember, use protection

Hmm in context..no there are worse things! plenty of them!

Jessimae =] L
it shows you have no class.
you need a boylfriend or something.

yes, it aint real...

Fire&Ice Girl
Its pretty weird : /

i think that your the only one who can really answer that question

tracy w
very very Very bad, make sure that you use protection if you do cyber, naughty

huh! cybering what?
maybe a lil clearer

its not a lot of peoples preferred way of getting off...
but its not "very bad".

I don't know about being bad...but it is rather pathetic and stupid. What does make it bad is the anonymity. You have no clue who is on the other end of the screen. Anyone can put up a bunch of pictures of their kid, claiming they are them...and you can't even trust web cams because of the sites where pedophiles and predators can get web cam loops, and even the voice can be altered with a voice changer. It sounds crazy, but it's true. I had a computer friend who showed me a ton of loops he had. He could lurk around the web and pretend to be any race, ethnicity, or even gender if he wanted to! My best friend online has a voice changer that he uses to get laughs in the chat room, but imagine if someone wanted to use it for different purposes.

Most people I have met who try to get you to mess with them have a reason for not going out and meeting someone to be with in the real world...and that usually involves a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. In essence, they're cheating on both of you by pulling their stunts.

People seem to think that it's their right to go into chat rooms, harrassing and threatening people who aren't there to do that, so that's what makes it especially bad to me. They act like it's okay to be abusive towards other people because they don't have the guts to act like that in real life. It's pathetic.

Nope. Just desperate. ;)

Mardy Bum
In MY opinion, it's pretty disgusting. But I guess it depends on what you believe. If you think it's okay, go ahead.

Yes it is!

well if you don't want to get pregnant or an std i would say it's the safest way to go ha ha ha

Not for you if you have to ask.

just don't electrocute yourself

Yes, you could get a nasty virus in your USB port

Not unless the other person wants to then its all good=)

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