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 why i keep feeling dizzy and nausea with headaches everyday?
im not pregnant, dun have diabetes but i keep feel dizzy and nausea what is wrong with me? i dun think migrain happens eveyday. am i having brain tumour or cancer?...

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 I'm almost 16 and am only 5'2" - 5'3". Could there be a problem with my growth hormones?
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 I'm a girl and I sleep in my underwear. Should I be embarrassed of this?

 please someone help me ?
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 I'm afraid to fly..?
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 will i die tonight in my sleep.?

 how do you make your ears stop ringing after a concert?
I went and saw 3OH!3 last night and my ears still haven't stopped ringing....

 I can never get up in the morning...?
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 How old were you 10 years ago?!?
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what about you?...

 How can I get to sleep easier?
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 why do some people have such bad breath?
There are a couple of ppl I know who's bad breath is noticeable from across the room.
Also can a person w/such bad breath be aware they have it?...

 Should I go to school tomorrow?
This is my last week of school and I'm a sophomore.
I do not feel well at all, I have a headache, sore throat, I'm very sleepy and very sore, I can't stop coughing and sneezing ...

 my toilet is blocked! what should i do? dont laugh?
my mum has poured a whole bucket of water to see if it would unblock but it didnt work. well i think my poop atually blocked it. lol please dont laugh i was constipated then finally i pooped and then ...

I HAVE....

is 101 pounds good or bad for a 15 year old girl...5'2?
good or bad

Good to maybe a little light. But then we don't know your body style so all we can go by is average weight/height ratios.

That's pretty good.


good but why don't you ask the doctor.

c 532
compared to me, Thats good shape!!

i weigh 150 sum and i'm 14! But of course taller then 5'2

Brandon M
Very Good.Im 15 Years old and im 135 pounds.

omg god girl you need to gain more pounds. GOD !!! [email protected] you gon' enerexic

4eyed zombie

I guess. I mean your still growing.


I'd say thats on the low range of good for your height. I am 4'11" and should be a little over a hundred, so i'd say go for 110-120. I'm aiming for 120 at the lowest even tho height/weight charts say closer to 100

60's Punk
id say that its pretty good

Farhana M
wow we the same height and im just 10 and i weigh like 80 something pounds LOL but u r fine

Good she is not over weight or under weight. Hugs! Von!

Kyla S

Adam W
at 5'2, that sounds good

its great - possibly underweight a lil


sisy j
Remember that muscle weighs more than fat... u seem a bit underweight, but you may not be fully developed yet, If you get on a good exercize program at this age, you will put on a bit of muscle, which will put on a little weight. You will be a knockout. wish I could go back and do it myself.

It really depends on your bone structure, but at 5'2" and 15 through 18 yrs. old I weighed in at 98 lbs. So I woud say your weight is perfect. Enjoy it while you can.

dirty n
its a healthy weight for that height

Perfectly normal grown women weigh the same as you. Not to worry.

sounds pretty good

cutie 23
No it is bad you need to have more weight on you if not then well i feel sorry for you.

jason d
My friend is about the same but she's 20. I would say she is quite slim and yummy!

i'm 5"1 100 lbs. seems normal to me!

It's about right. You should probably weigh a bit more than that, but you are within the weight guidelines for your height.

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