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i made a mistake and i need some help please? =[?
okay so about a week ago i got really mad at just about everyone and everything. i dont know why, i just did. so i cut my upper thy to let out my anger but i felt dumb after i did that cuz its just not something i would do. So call me lame but i put antibacterial stuff on it so it wouldnt get infected xD but anyways i was doing homework and i had shorts on because i just came back from soccer and my mom walked by me and starred at it. holy crap you should have seen her face! i knew at that second..she knew. so i quickley pulled my shorts over the cut. she asked what was that on your leg? i didnt no what to say. i was going to blame it on my cat but of coarse i was dumb enough to actually write something. so she got scarred and kept asking me questions. then she told my dad and they sat me down and i had to show it to them and i think my younger sister found out somehow and now everyone in my family is like freaked out. im scarred and i dont know how to get out of this please please please help me i'll take any advice!! thankyou <33333
Additional Details
thanks everyone!! im really not emo or physco i promise!! i get good grades and have a good reputation. we all make mistakes and that was one of mine. i dont have mental problems and i dont cut a bunch. it wasnt deep and why would i do that for attention? thats sick. i prayed to god for like 2 hrs more than i usually do..........

thanks again!i believe im going to be fine and i pray that my parents know that too. IM SORRY!

Well, being adults, they should understand. Just because you attempt something like this, doesn't mean you're crazy or out of control. Sit your parents down and have a civilized conversation with them, by telling them it was a one time thing and it won't happen again. Vent your feelings. It always helps =)

Honestly just tell them the truth and why you did it..but how you regret doing it cuz its not something that youd normally do..you just flipped out.
and tell them how you'll never do that again. then apologize

Hurting yourself is not a healthy way to relieve stress or take out your anger. Try other options that don't cause you personal harm....like music. If this is your first time, then I wouldn't tell your parents. It will probably scare them alot and they might overreact or over analyze. Just depends on how serious this issue is.....

The best thing to do is to be open and honest with your parents about the situation, and to continue to do so. There are a couple things recommended by doctors I've seen to keep you from cutting. You can keep a rubber band or pony tail around your wrist and snap it when you feel like cutting. It will cause pain to help alleviate the feelings, but no permanent damage (ie scarring) and nobody else has to know what it's for. You could take a bandaid, color on the gauze some with a red pen, then put it on your wrist. It will look like you've done something without actually having done it, and can trick your brain. Also, try writing about your feelings, generally in red pen (again, the color will trick your brain). Also, if you feel like it will help, ask your parents to set you up with a counselor. It might help you to have someone impartial to talk to, and knowing you're talking things out with someone might get your parents off your back somewhat.

robert C
now that you have communicated with your family and in not the way you wanted, why not go that extra bit and ask your mum to help you, the fact that she was horrified at what she saw means she must really care for you, you may be stressed about something that your family can help you with, homework, living conditions, boys , whatever. start off by taking mum out for a coffee and start from there, dont despair, the sun will still rise again in the morning . take care

explain ur feelings and wat was going through ur head. say u wont evr do it again and tht ull talk to them if u hav a problem. i hope u feel better now and dont stress! evrything will be ok. ur family will always love u! trust me! :)

It sounds like you had a very stressful week and you acknowledge that you dealt with it inappropriately by hurting yourself. That's a good sign! another good sign is how your parents were concern for you. They obviously care very deeply for you or they would not have done that for you. What you need to now is to admit to what you did and why you did it. You also need to talk to them about what you need when you get upset next time. So they could help you, some suggestions I have is look into some relaxation techniques to help you calm your mind so you refocus.

just tell them that you were under stress and out of ignorance you cut yourself but that it was stupid and you will never do it again

its no big deal. everyones been mad at some point, punched a wall, cut part of there body as a way to let their anger out.

you just have to be sure that you don't have anissue, if u enjoyed it then we have a little problem here.

Just tell your mom the truth, what more could it do. Tell her that she needs to trust that your okay and unless she can see other scars, she shouldn't worry.

Don't ever do that again ... even when your hormones are raging. Break something of yours but don't scar your body. I did something with a lighter and I regret it. Your family should be concerned, but you should find another way to let out your rage.

Marissa M
yu should honestly just tell ur parents the truth. or let them read this. itts ok, everyone flipps out once in a while you know?? ull be fine lol just make sure tht yu let them know ur not gunna do it again, cuz theyll prolly needa be reassured lol

hope this helps:]

Your action says "notice me." You could easily have done a dozen other, more damaging things than you chose to do. So give yourself a little bit of credit.

Now think about the kind of life you really want to have. Really allow yourself time to daydream. Fill in all of the pictures. Later, give yourself time to think about how you will get there, what you'll need to do.

The greater good in the universe does not thrive on your self-pity, sel -anger and world anger so forgive yourself and move on. Something else thrives on our negativity, don't feed it. Find a goal worth living for and move on. Every time you stumble, and this won't be your last, pick yourself up and get going again. Even if only one or two steps in the right direction.

Tell them the whole story. It will only make it better.

Only Mama Knows
You should sit down with your parents and have a straight talk with them and tell them that you realized it was a mistake and that you won't ever do it again. Your parents love you and the reason they freaked out was becaue they are worried that you cut yourself all the time. Try and reassure them and your family that you have yourself in order again and that you won't do it ever again.

If they don't believe you or trust you, you might want to tell them that you would go to see a counselor. This way they would know that you're sincere and will feel better if they know you are talking to someone about what happened. Good luck to you, I hoped this helped and that your parents realize you won't do this any more.

Cassie B
My advice to you would be to show them this, there really is nothing to get out of, you're parents are just worried and they care very much about you. Simply tell them what happened, and how upset you are and how you feel it was stupid. They will continue to keep in eye on you, however, once they realized what you say is the truth and you aren't in any danger, things will go back to normal.

Good luck.

Beetroot Yourself
You obviously tried cutting because you've read that's what supposedly cool teens do when they're angry to relieve stress or punish themselves. In reality only a tiny minority of people self-harm for those reasons. Most of them do it because they think it's edgy. It isn't it's moronic and you'll end up with scars, just get a tattoo that says "I'm an adolescent fool who can't think for herself" instead, it's a quicker and easier way to brandish yourself a simpleton.
Next time punch a cushion.

P.S You wore shorts so she WOULD see it and you'd get some attention from her, I think we both know that.

say you got a bad cut whilte shaving your legs

YOU PREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber the Cheerleader
Just tell them what happened. And don't cut your thigh. Don't cut any part of your body. Because when something so bad such as killing yourself happens, you and everyone else will regret it. And if you cut your thigh too big/bad, you can end up losing too much blood and CAN die from it. Because it doesn't really clot up in there, heard this from my Biology teacher last year, my freshie year. And I would just tell them, look I wish I could say it's not a big deal, but yes it is, I was just trying to vent and get some anger out. But your parents are right to freak out, because sure you think, I won't ever do it again, but they're sitting there wondering, what is happening? Is she okay? Is she going to do this again? Is she sick? Does she need therapy? She says she will never do this again, should we trust her? That's a big issue. Cutting yourself is actually a big threat to your body and can count as a suicide attempt. Don't do it again. I do feel your pain tho. I used to cut my wrist a lot. No scars, and I would do it very lightly just like it was a scratch, but I don't anymore b/c that's immature, dumb, and the wrong way to go.

Your explanation is not clear. What you wrote about whom. Is this related to love. Well life gets hard but it keeps on going. After some day it will be normal.

My answer to that is to explain it to your parents and say the truth. I mean it doesn't. Explain why you did it and how you knew it was a mistake and that you are sure that it will never happen again.

Well, for the being-mad-at-everyone phase, this sounds dumb but you should exercise. Exercise releases happy endorphins to your brain, helping your mental (and physical) health. It's great that you already play soccer. You might even want to see a psychiatrist about your anger. I was very upset when my parents divorced, and talking about my feelings really helped me.
About your family being scared, I would just explain to them that you did it on an impulse, in the spur of the moment, and you were just frustrated. Tell them that it definitely won't happen again and that you're sorry you messed up.
Good luck!

Talk to your parents and tell them exactly what happened and how you feel about it. They love you and will do anything to help you. Don't be scared. You'd be surprised how much better you will feel after getting it all off your chest. Trust your parents, they will help you get through this. The next time you feel like cutting yourself, remember how you feel right now and go for a walk or exercise or talk to someone.... anything but cutting!!!

KaMz...(YK).. mE
hey :)

i dont think its nice [the way ^^^^^^^^^^^ are treating you]

what u did is suhink i would never do but just talk to your parents, ask for help, if your over 12 you r alllowed to see a dr alone [in the uk] so just go!

and if their [their being your family] are being nasty then tell them to get a grip !!!

hope it works out mate!



Mum of 2
Maybe you should try talking to your parents and explain to them what you have explained to us on here!
They may be more understanding than what you think - They are only asking because they care and at least this way if you do talk to them you can reassure them it won't happen again and if they see fit they may get you some sort of help to deal woth any probs you had - Just to ensure it doesn't haooen again
GOOD LUCK and take care and please don't do it again.

Alice C
I think your family are just trying to help, although i suppose at the moment it doesn't really feel like it!! I guess just be honest about it and say what happened and how you felt after doing it. That way if you are ever feeling like you want to cut yourself again then you have them to support you so that you can find another way of expressing your feelings.

...don't do it again...

Tell them what happened, and if they don't believe you won't do it again, then so be it.

Fink Ployd
Just listen to what they are saying to you. Its not that they are trying to make you feel bad about this they just want to help you so you don't vent your anger in this way.

It's me!!
you have issues, you are a cutter and you need to learn how to deal with your anger. Get help.

I would let them know why you did it. You might need to get some kind of medicine to help you with your anger. It might be embarrassing at first, but at least you're getting some help to calm down your anger. Would you rather hurt yourself and have your whole family worried about you or get some medicine so you don't hurt yourself? I think you'll be a lot better with medicine.

I understand your concern and theirs. Usually cutting is a form of relief for some people but in your case it was only once so explain that much to them. Tell them you were angry and cut your thigh, obviously you feel bad about it and it is unlikely you will do it again. Try to let them help by talking to them (about other things) continuously so they know you are ok. And try to cut something else next time if you can...like paper or slice wood.

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