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 Is 5'6'' for a grown woman tall?

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i have chapped lips how do i fix it?
they hurt when i smile..and they burn...im a guy, how do i fix this?
Additional Details
I wrote im a guy so you guys dont say lip gloss or something..haha

chapstick works really fast for me... recommend it to anyone!!

burts bee's lip balmm...you can get it lik almost everywhere...target has it... :D

Just Me :)
chap stick lol

Use Original Blistex (the green tube). I've used this everyday for the past couple years and I love it. Works great.

Put tons of petroleum jelly (or Vaseline) on your lips before you go to bed. It works better than chap stick. After your lips are healed continue to put the jelly on your lips, or at least use chap stick on a regular basis.


sha la la :]
carmax is good. but it has a smell.
i am currently addicted to ChapStick brand 'medicated'
it works very well, no smell, and little gloss.
perfect for guys with chapped lips(:

Patrick G
vaseline or chapstick. i had the same thing cuz it was so dry and cold in new york this winter. just put it back on whenever they start to get dry/chapped again

vaseline or cream of the milk

steve c
I recommend Bumble Bee Chapstick.

Does the job and smells great.

Loves it.
Vaseline or chapstick. Don't lick your lips! It means you're dehydrated, so drink lots of water.

Just Me
carmax, or any chapstick that has moisturizers in there....or if you don't have any, petrolium jelly.

β™₯ GIGI β™₯
havent you ever herd of chapstick!!!
or be ghetto and put on some Vasaline!

<3/ Gigi XD

get burts bees or vaseline....before you go to bed put a ton of vaseline on your lips....it'll definitely help. don't lick your lips a lot cuz that causes them to dry out, and make sure you always have some sort of chapstick on you!

o sorry i cant help you much then but put some chapstick or you can also try petroleum jelly... but if you want you can put lip gloss on over night and if there is still any left in the morning just wipe it off

p.s. if you do try lip gloss make sure it is clear so you dont look like an idiot if you forget to wipe it off =D

Elizabeth H
You know what works the best? Mayonnaise. Rub it over your lips, nose and cheeks and watch as your chapped lips go away!
Car wax also does the job.

closed account
Drink more water and before you go to bed rub your lips lightly with a damp cloth or towel for 1 minute; then seal them with some Vaseline. During the day use chopstick. That always works for me.

put on chapstick.
or vasaline.
or blistex

Mommy to 2 A.n.g.e.l.s
Carmex works. So does ChapStick.

Larry G

~*$Lyndze aka tangerine$*~
-cocoa butter
-blistex [blue tiny twist top tub thingie]
-carmex [salmon colored twist top tub thingie]
-drink water it help rehydrate your entire body...&&chapped lips are sometimes fromd ehydration.
use these products at night right before you go to sleep..because they work while your asleep and your lips soak up all the moisture from these product...its a sure thing you goin wake up wit hydrated lips

carry me home
vaccilne when you go to sleep at ming. SLATHER it on and wash it off in the morning. Also you could brush your lips with your tooth brush.

vaselinee is really good for chapped lipss, but i usee Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (:

Scratch And Sniff
lip chap bro. Saves your lips life... and kissing life too :)

blistex babe lol

Carmex. It may not smell great, but it works like a miracle.
They have a cherry flavored too.

Well it wont go away just like that, even by wearing chapstick. Try putting on chapstick after whenever you drink something, and also before going to bed, that should give it some un-interupted time to heal. Good luck! :)


Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you cannot use chapstick. Usually chapped lips are a sign of dehydration, so I recommend drinking some water along with using some chapstick. There are unscented brands out there.

β–’β–’β–“β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–“ Chapstick


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