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i have blisters in my mouth?
how do i get rid of blisters fast. it really hurts

stop blowing everyone.

Are you sure they're blisters and not ulcers? If they are blisters from a burn, you'll just have to leave them be. If they're ulcers you can buy cream for them.

Sean S
try this thing called cankerX it helps alot, but im not sure if they have that were you live

Robot Eats
Put salt on them every few hours. It hurts though

The Badger
If its a bump that you can feel with your tongue, and appeared quickly pop it, its just a normal blister and although the inside pus wont taste nice, it wont hurt.

First of all: EWW. Second see if you can get a prescription from the doc because you don't want to just put anything in your mouth

its not herpes its called kancer sores its a bacteria that every one has in there mouth sometimes when exposed to an open wound u get like a blister/sore in your mouth its also possible to get it on the surface of ur lips to the best cure i have found for this is Listerine mouth wash put it on at least three times a day and try not to bite the inside of ur mouth b/c the chances of u getting more are likely if u have one all ready present in ur mouth. (Basically Listerine in the morning then afternoon then after supper and then be for u go to bed mix salt with hot water (as hot as u can stand) and wash ur mouth after this dint drink any thing till morning) this isn't a fast cure but it will most likely work give it a week at the most

I wouldn't worry about getting rid of it in a rush. I'd worry about what's causing it. Rinse with Listerine or any other anti-bacterial mouth wash, and make an appointment with your doctor ASAP. Things like this can be serious.

Laura :)
Try bonjella, works for me!

Sheryl P
Do you know what caused the blisters? I would gargle with peroxide and DON'T swallow it or use Listerine or Scope or one like it to disinfect your mouth. Whenever in doubt, see a Dr. Blisters in your mouth are not normal, so have it checked out by your Dr.

gargle with water and salt.

apply glycerine or any gel you can get at any drug store they will not last anymore

Stay away from citrus fruits.
And Use Listerine on a cotton ball on it to stop germs and make it smaller
Don't pop it because it'll come back.

employee of the month
You cannot get rid of blisters fast, but you can still treat the symptoms. Go to the oral hygiene section of a convenience mart and find the canker sore treatment stuff . imho...

zeylah g
i would go to the doctor and make sure its not mano or herpies unless you hvent done any thing then you should try putting salt on them

gargle salt water

ewww i am sorry for you, you should go to the doctors. thats all sorry

they maybe ulcers,so use so salt water. or get a prescription from the doc.

oh dear.

lay off the caffeine and grapefruit.

Mel-am Meru
if its canker sores use a canker sore med from drug store. if its herpes get an antiviral from your doc

you can also swish your mouth with warm salt water to help them heal.

Hmm round your mouth of inside it?

If it is inside then its an ulser - get some bonjella on it!

Also, put some salt in boiling hot water and gargle at as a high temperature as you can stand (dentists advice when I had a mofo one!)

EWWW. Herpes....gross. I know how to prevent it. Don't kiss people with Herpes. To get rid of it? See your doctor.

Buy medication. They sell all different kinds at the drug store. Ask the pharmacist once your there and he'll give you something.

Do you mean canker sores? If that is what you are talking about doing a sea salt rinse would help. Get some non-iodized sea salt, dissolve about 1/4 teaspoon in 8 oz very warm water, swish it around in your mouth for about a minute. You can do this a few times a day.

That's weird

and gargle salt water,
its gross but it will work(:

I've been told that holding vinegar in your mouth for as long as you can will pop them... old remedy tho, so idk.. lol,

Good Luck

I know that alum will do it.

1)Clean the fever blister very good with warm water without bursting it to make it bleed.

Step 2 Wash your hands very good. Wet your middle finger and wet the fever blister very well so the ALUM will stick to it pretty thick.

Step 3 Wash your hands very good again, wet your middle finger again and stick it down into the jar of ALUM and start putting it on your fever blister as thick as you can possibly get it.Try to do this before bedtime.You can get the ALUM at your local grocery store. It may take a couple of time but it will clear it up. I promise you it really works!!

You need to treat the virus that is causing the blisters as well...

Darth Bale

John Ber
Some things to try for relief.
1. Take a multi-vitamin with iron, B2, folic acid, B12, C.
2. Drink lots of water, add a little lemon to the water for vitamin C.
3. Eat raw onions, tomatoes, banana with milk smoothie, fruits, and yogurt with acidophilus. Avoid meat and fish till blisters gone. Rinse mouth with lemon water, or water and baking soda after eating.
***4. Use swab q-tips with hydrogen peroxide, apply morning and night, and be careful to not swallow the hydrogen peroxide. It need to foam to be working.
5. Gargle with warm vinegar and 1/2 tsp of salt - 3 times per day, Painful but effective.
6. Drink sage tea

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