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heath ledger biggest fan
i have a friend who is 21 5 foot 8 and weighs 57 pounds and she' still trying to loose more ?
i don't want to abandon her but its draining me to watch her do this to herself what can i do
Additional Details
1st thing for all you judgers this is serious no lies shes been hospitalized 4 times and its gross i knew this woman for 10 years and it hurts so if your gonna judge keep it to yourself please. THANK YOU

Joshua C
She is anorexic, if you are in school with her talk to the school psychologist or her parents. She has a mental disorder that requires treatment and may kill her if she does not get it.

Tell her parents, tell her doctor, GET HER HELP.

take her to a health clinic or rehab facility she has anorexia nervosa, she is in danger of loosing her life take her NOW! know that she is in my prayers
God Bless

Lisa C
If what you are saying is true, you need to get her to an emergency room ASAP!

tell her she needs help and she is hurting her body by loosing so much wight

Denise S
Are you sure she only weight 57 pounds? If that is the case, she is going to die if you or her family doesn't intervene. Talk to her family and get her to an eating disorder treatment facility NOW. Seriously, that's the only option you have left if she truly weights that little. The fact that her eating disorder has been allowed to continue unchecked for this long amazes me. She needs help, and as her friend you should do everything in your power to ensure she gets it.

Bobbi S
ok that is so anarexic and ur friend nos that u need to tell her that her thinking that she is fat isnt trrue....
maybe have a survey go door to door and ask people if they think she is fat.. they will probably say NO....
then explain to her that she isnt and to eat regularly 2000 calories a day that is good for u but if she is an athlete 2500 calories a day....

Celine R
omg dont take her to rehab if she refuses it tell her your gonna take her to a weight losing place then take her sdtraight int rehab asap or most likely she will DIE

she's your friend.. and you are HER friend

try your best to get her to stop and if she doesn't listen to you, then you have to let her go..

you can't really complain if you do nothing.. as a friend, you have to get her to stop, and as a friend, she should at least listen to you and try to do something about it. if she won't listen, or you don't want to say anything, then you two don't need to be friends..

good luck,

take her to the hospital...she needs medical attention asap

well she is an idiot she is WAY underweight and she ways about half of me and im 10 years younger and my docter said im at a healthy weight so she needs raw plain fat

Well if you don't do anything she is going to die or come down with a life threaten illness. So you need to tell her something.

Mr. Q
Tell her to start eating and stop throwing up

Coral Breeze
that's rediculous take her to a rehab center as fast as u can or she will die. no matter wat seh says take her. NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Zach M
get her help dont be scared to.

Monique A
Talk to her.take her to the hospital drug her.tell the hospital what she is doing tell someone that can help take her there hope i helped

hana banana
obviously get her some help!
did you really need to post a yahoo question to figure that out??

Megan M
It might drain you to be there for her right now but its going to drain you even more after she dies because of major organ failure. You have to be there for her, and even though she might hate you for it you need to get family involved and get her checked into a clinic or hospital. She'll thank you when she realizes what you did for her.


I'm not so sure that she's 57 pounds.. especially not at 5'8. Try having an "intervention".

take her out to lunch and show her that no one else is her size and tell her they're happy how the are and she should gain some weight and be okay with that.

this is serious... bring her to a doctor!

Justin M.
Are you really that stupid, I am 11 and my weight is 2x than hers you, need to talk to a counselor She is being hypnotized by the celebrities get help for your friend immediately or she could die!

I'm not sure you've got that weight right, she'd be at deaths door with that weight/height ratio.

nothing you can do but love her. be there for her. do some research on eating disorders so you can try to understand

Ashley R
57 pounds? are you sure about that????????

Jordan D
if she is 57lbs, she will die within days

Mr. Shpongadongle

Like a coconut.
I am positive that you have your numbers wrong because if she weighed 57 pounds and was that tall, she would be DEAD.

If she's REALLY dangerously skinny, take her to a clinic or the hospital and tell her family. Don't think that it's not your place, because without you, she would surely die. She has an eating disorder, a distorted perception of her body, and she will not realize this on her own. That is the nature of the disorder. She will probably be angry at first, but she will thank you later when she is healthy and mentally stable.

♥~*Momma Bear*~♥
I highly doubt she's 57 pounds.

If you're going to lie, at least make it believable.

Besides telling her family (which should already know she in this bad of shape) there really is nothing you can do.

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