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i'm pale and i sunburn very easily?
is there a way to make my skin more resistant to burning and more likely to tan?


i'm a redhead, yeah and i heard it makes your skin paler and more prone to burn is that true?

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i didn't mean besides sunburn i meant BESIDES SUNSCREEN

If you insist on being tan naturally, go outside for short spurts. Right up to the point that you are about to burn. Just let your skin get a little bit pink. Do this over and over, and eventually you'll be tanner.

I have never met a person with red hair that deals with the sun well. Find your favorite sun screen and get used to using it. Only those with oliver skin or darker resist sun burn on a natural basis and even they can burn.

Yes it,s true fair skinned people burn easier.Tan slowly without burning.Use a tanner that is a towellette type(Sorry I can,t think of the brand).Tanning is a slow process for fair skinned people,it takes time to slowly build up your ability to do so.

Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do. Your skin type does not produce a lot of melanin. Do you get a lot of freckles when you are exposed to a lot of sun? If so, I'm afraid the only kind of tan you will be able to get is the spray on type.

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