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~Tinkerbell~ ‚ô•Belizean Beauty‚ô•
i'm 12 and is 5'6... is that bad?
am i going to stay this height? about how tall will i be when i reach my full height? would you want to be tall or short? i hate being tall........ :( would you date someone who is taller than you?

5'6 is short. but when i was in middle school i reached me maximum height. [5'5] i doubt you will grow any more than an inch.

You're normal.
I like being tall.
And I would rather prefer a guy taller then me.. Not extremely taller just like two inchs or something.

a shy guy
I'm 14 in like a week and I'm just about the same height or shorter, and I know lots of people shorter than me. Don't worry about it :D

David N
nope, because that is who you were made to be.

you are likely to continue to grow until you reach the age of 18.
of course you might have just had a growth spurt, and for the next 6 years of your life you might just grow very little.

you're beautiful as you are. I've struggled to accept my being short, but i've come to realize that hey.. there are shorter girls that need short guys to date hahaha.. and there are some tall guys who need taller girls to date.

you can't change your height anyways (unless you decide to throw on heels). for me, the personality affects whether or not I want to date them, physical appearance might attract people at first, but if they are moody, bitter, and mean-spirited, then there's a good chance they'll go through a lot more heartache from people not wanting to date them for long.

honestly, personality and heart matter most. focus on that!
much love to you.

your still growing some of ur smaller peeps will grow taller.. =DD

Rachie Rees
No, That is cool, you most proberbly seen as older judging by your height, I would enjoy it if I were you. You are blessed.

Chris R
i think 5' 6" is a great height. I would love to date a girl that is your height. I keep getting stuck with girls that are 5' 1". In Amsterdam, you would be considered short. the average height there is 6' be happy. you probably wont grow much more. I think 5' 8" is the perfect height. many guys are 6' or taller so we need taller girls.

That guy
Im a guy and id date a chick taller then me, im 5'8 now and im 16, your not that old, so you will almost definitely get taller, nothing wrong with tall girls tho trust me =]

5'6'' isn't tall, thats normal height. ur just growing fast.

ask your doctor, he/she knows better then random pplz on the internets

Zach J
im 13 and 5'7.5
theres nothin wrong wit dat
and let me tell u that dancing with a girl thats taller than u.... its NICE!

im not a guy...but i do know that alot of guys think tall girls are hot. Most models are really tall, so it's like a model characteristic, and when i was 12 i was really tall too, about 5'5 ish. Now i'm 17 and i'm 5'7, so i didn't get that much taller...eventually everyone else will catch up to you...especially the guys who get past 6 foot

Don't worry, you just started growing a little earlier and faster than everyone else. :) I had it backwards to you; I was really short! As you get older you'll keep growing but at a slower pace, which typically evens your height out with everyone else. Almost all tall people I knew from the beginning of High School are now average height.

Girls start growing earlier than guys do, but guys still grow more. And I wouldn't date you; I'm a girl! :P

gary s
tall is power

Some Person With A Question
no its not bad, people will catch up and you may or may not grow much taller

Me 2! I am 12 and 5'5 Though! I kind of hate it but guys like tall girls :) The boys will shoot up in high school.

hey. do you know how many girls would kill to be your height. youare lucky. you would be a shoe in for modeling as they look for women at least five ten. which i would bet if you are twelve now you will easily hit in a year or two.
work it like tyra!!!!

i would if she dont mind dating a guy shorter than her...i'm only 5'5, but i love tall girls.. and of course she needs to be at least 18 yrs old.

Morgan H
Hun i'm 5'4. xD Thats a fairly good height. Most likely, you might be around 5'10 when your done growing, least thats what'd i'd estimate. And I'd like to be taller, would help me alot more with my job.

girls usually grows faster than boys , so don't get upset that you are taller than boys your age

bord styf
some guys like petite gals , some like tall gals. but attitude is much more powerful. love yourself and it will show and THAT is very attractive.

BTW...ever notice how many short ,rich , goofy guys have really TALL trophy wives?

Ian F
Chances are you have a few more years of growing left. Most people grow until their late teens.

I stopped growing when I was 12, though, so who knows, you could be stuck there. Look at your parents and when they stopped growing, for the best idea you'll get about that. (But then, my parents both stopped later than I did.)

I'm 6'1, and I've known a couple of girls as tall as me or taller than me who I wouldn't mind dating, except one was, well, we weren't really compatible personality-wise, and the other was married. A lot of really tall girls have incredible legs. That definitely helps.

I'd rather be a little shorter than I am. I've hit my head on more things (doors, cabinets, light fixtures, everything) than I can count.

well some people grow early so i wouldnt sweat it...im sure by the time you hit sophmore year every1 will start catching up

no it's not, it's normal, i always dated taller guys.

6'0 maybee

definately not bad a lot of good things come out of being tall. you are most likely going to grow at least a little bit more since you are only 12 but just try to make the best of it and think about the positive things. you cant change how tall you are

Their is nothing wrong with your height. When you get older you can be a model with long legs. So if I were you I would not worry about your height.

P.S. And yes some guys love tall girls. You may not see that now because you are young but don't worry, you will see it when you get older.

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