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how to wake up?
I really want to be able to wake up i can never get up i need some help!!

Try going to bed earlier or set your alarm twice, 10 minutes apart so you can relax in bed for a bit longer!


Try loud music with a very good dancing beat to it.

Dual alarm with snooze button--set one to the radio medium loud, and the second to the buzzer a half an hour later. I had this nasty habit of turning the alarm off in my sleep. Choose one that's fairly hard to deactivate. You'd be surprised what you'll learn you're doing in your sleep in order to continue sleeping. I've even learned how to use a remote when I'm half asleep!

Amit ®™
Can't wake up even on alarm? Visit a doctor.

Blessed Hell
The 4th one, Joe, is right. You need your own will force to wake up when needed. What happens when you need to catch the train/plane whose departure time is 6am?

The Key is to tell yourself that you're going to wake up right before you go to sleep

Pamela J
Well, I dunno if you have the same problem I do, where I just turn my alarm off and go back to bed. For me, it's best to have multiple (yes, more than one) alarms going off. Not at the same time, but in a five minute interval. It's annoying, but it gets me up.

Try putting your alarm clock far away from bed so you have to get up to turn it off. Works for me.

☻♣ ♠ The Stallion ♠ ♣☻
Get an old fashioned steriotypical alarm with the small mettal hammer like object that hits the two bells repeatedly until you wake up

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