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they call me BATMAN!!!!
how to pass a marijuana drug test?

get niacin at your local drug store n drink alot of water

drink lots of cranberry juice

Drink a shitton of cranberry juice for 3 or 4 days before.

drink 3jars of pickle juice :-(


Annie Rice
it stays in system up to 30 days so just wait a month

TRUST me on this, my Bf Smoked weed, and He drink TONSS of milk, yougert, and eat a bunch of cheese. His parentts tested him, and nothin showed up.

It ussally takes 30 to wash out your system, but in a week of this dairy diet i bet they wont find anything, or 2 weeks.


p.s theve tested him more then once and nothing showed up.

Antz C
don't smoke or go near it for a month
after that u should be fine
once the test is over with you can smoke it as much as you want until the next test

If you dont want a lecture.........

There are some herbal remedies and teas you can buy to help cleanse your system, you can buy them at your local head shop. If not, try to drink lots of water.

live to party
swap ur pee wit someone else lol

first get a hair b/c they do take hair sample from your hair
and also i heard there was this pill or something that clears ur system in less then a week so i would look that up

stop smoking weed or do what the other potheads do site below


Mati G
Take an 80-milligram dose of the prescription diuretic Lasix (furosemide), take a hefty drink of water and piss two or three times then take the test or Take 4 aspirins the day of the test, 5 or 6 hours before they take your sample

Smoke it up your ***.

Stop smoking weed, drink lots of water and take vitamin b12, work out sweat play basketball. or use someone elses pee if u can be slick with it.

dont do drugs. they r bad for u!

synthetic urine

no marijuana.

Don't use. You're screwing your life up.

Kelly V
dont do drugs

Bangkok Bill
Don't use marijuana.

rachel k

Sorry, I just couldn't resist!! Unfortunately you can't pass it if you have been smoking it in the last 3 days - 3 months...This is dependant on how much you smoke

John Holmes
don't take any marijuana

Jessica XD
dont do the damn drug.

Don;t smoke that junk in the first place

to pass it, don't smoke it.

dont smoke marijuana

҉ ????ØŴƩƉ ßѯ ȾĦ? ɳѦɱ? ҉:
dont do marijuana?

don't smoke it and you'll pass

don't do marijuana

Pamela R
Hi, The most common period of time for MJ is :
-Single Use
Blood Test: 2-3 days
Saliva Test: 12-24 hours
Urine Test: 2-3 days
Hair Test: Up to 90 days
-Habitual Use
Blood Test: 2 weeks
Saliva Test: 12-24 hours
Urine Test: Up to 12 weeks
Hair Test: Up to 90 days
The speed at which marijuana leaves your body depends both on the speed of your metabolism, as well as on the half life of THC.Not only that, but your metabolism,height,weight,eating habits, and how much marijuana you smoked will also have an effect.So...
For blood & piss test- There are things you can do to speed up a cleaning process (THC is fat soluble): speeding up your metabolism, taking a fiber addative and vitamin b-12, drinking alot of water and natural diuretic.
Hair tests are worse, since your body stores THC in the hair follicles.For the hair test, depending on the amount of hair that the company takes, it’s possible that marijuana could be detected up to three years after the last time that you smoke.Human hair grows an average of .5 inches/month, which corresponds to 30 days of possible drug testing for every .5 inch.
And your options for passing : someone else’s urine/synthetic urine or detox drinks( masking agent).For hair-min.90 days or cleansing option. For saliva and blood - a little time.
Also check yourself with a home drug test (urin) after using some system make sure it is work for you.
For my tests I use the site called drugtestfriend ,check them out.

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