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α [x]lYSsα
how to get talller?
everyone says im short.im 14 and im 5'1" 5"2'. how can i grow taller?

p.s. My bf says hes short but hes not so how can he get taller too?but he doesnt need to.hes perfect.
Additional Details
LMAO!!!!!!!!ha ha!you can also make fun of him and say he has no butt.....cuz he doesnt.lol!but thats ok cuz i dont really have a but either.we are in the no but club together!!!=]

Marry someone tall and your children will be taller.

eat your veggies....lol....
I'm sorry bad joke.
who cares if you think your short? as long as your not a midget I don't see why you have to complain.

streach in the moring when you wake up! and also you can take vitamins that help growth!! good luck! =] merry xmas!

Gilbert V
stand in manure with barefeet....you cant grow taller than what your gonna....sorry

Savannah F.
How Tall are your parnets? Figure that out. So are you have to do is wait or that is just how tall you are. Their is no way to grow it is just the way you are.

wear a high shoes

Your height is based on genetics and nutrition. There's nothing you can do to change it. You might grow another inch or two, but you should look at your parents, if they're short, you'll probably stay short too.

You can't do anything to get taller, but you can sit tall and walk tall and you can wear shoes with thick soles. You may not be done growing yet, so be patient and eat healthy foods. Drink you milk. My boys used to hang from the chin up bar and tell their bodies to grow. :-)

Stretch. Also, walk with ur head high, at least it makes you look about 2 inches taller.....last, but not least 4 inch heels honey

You cant actually grow taller o.O wear high heals :D

crystal o
Wear high heels that what i do and if you like high heels go for boots i would have to say stilettos they make you look really hott!!!

You could try eating more vegetables and healthy foods. They are also pills that you can take to grow taller. Another way is to stretch every morning and sleep early.

that's the SAME as my cousin

he should just eat better

I am a veggitarian and I am very tall and im 12 and 5' 6''

but it's actuallly heredity

cuz my dad is 6'2'' and my mom is 5' 8''

I really don't think you can find a certain way to be taller

stretching wont help...

Whatever height you grow to be is the height that is best for you. Accept nature and accept yourself!

Walk with your head held high. Your height will only be a big deal to others if you make it a big deal for yourself.


Well, since you're only 14 you will probably grow more until you get to be around 18, so don't worry. However, if your parents are short too, then you're probably going to stay around the height you are. Really though, there's nothing you can do to actually grow taller.

a. ani
There's nothing wrong with being 5'1" or 5'2". There's also nothing you can do about it.

You may grown taller yet; but, the best advice is to learn to be happy with yourself as you are.

he got mad cuz im 3 cenimeters taller then him
as u can see above lol
but i made fun of him and called him shorty lol

You get taller naturally. I'm 12 and less than 5", so don't feel bad.

Hi there!
According to your age, it can be possible that you can grow your hight. Do bicycling everyday for 20 to 3o minutes, you can do 4 times a week. its depend you, and do yoga and pull ups for 15 minutes. you have to struggle. it will take time. but it will give you result. It look like boring way. But i am 27. I am 5'8'' after bicycling and pull ups only..
main thing is. you can grow your hight till you not over 17. i do not have any idia about it, but its true.
take it easy. and i m sure. you are a girl. you may be short but you shoul cute. ..
take it easy,

bubbly grl
stretch everyday. i do mostly in the mornings. i'm not sure if this actually works, but it feels really relaxing.

Betty C
grow or platform shoes

wait to grow

Thats what I need to know i mean im like 14 too and im 5'0 : [

Austin Smith
my thought is you should get some secret stilts so no one can tell the difference....


Good posture!
AND don't drink coffee. It makes you shorter.

walk proud.

Jesse W
Lol you just cant get tall its in your genes by say 17 youll grow a little taller

Hunny I used to be short and I loved it, but then I went through this growspirt [which you will probably do!] and I totally don't like being as tall as everyone.
I feel so average :/ I got soo much more attention being short!
So love who you are and love being short!
Try eating though. And eat healthy. That should help ya!

Love Alli.

well, you can play sports and drink milk, swimming and running are the best

emo vampire
baby baby baby baby baby!!!
torrie got taller than me!!!!!!!!!
its unfair!!!
im almost 5'6 onli 3 centimeters away..
n baby ur fine the way u r

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