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 I'm Having trouble sleeping. Please help?

At night i have difficulty falling asleep... I just stare around my room and do nothing

I usually sleep at 2-3am and wake up at 1-3pm.... and im sick of it


 Whats wrong with me ?
im going to the doctor tomoro but i cant even talk! my symptoms are..
sore throat
tightness of the chest
runny nose
eyes hurt
slight fever

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 can't sleep. What should I do?

 is it possible to die from weed that was laced with something?
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 Stretch Marks?!?!?!?!?!?
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 how painful are tongue piercings?
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i stretched my ears to 3/4ths of an inch,
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i ...

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 ways to avoid queefing?
whenever i ask this people just say
ohhh just laugh!!
nobody tells me HOW to avoid it!!
it's so embarassing!...

Shaynen Brewster
how to get high without drugs?
Is there a way to get high without drugs?for free?
Additional Details
how to get high without drugs.the healthy way!
dont tell me god.

LOL. Gotta get Jesus in your life, man.

Old fashioned permanent markers, not sharpies.

spin around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and you'll get really high ;p

not that i'm aware of.
Theres always sugar and red cordial but :]

Sadly no.

Kick chuck norris.

He'll retaliate and evenutally you won't have feeling anymore. ;)

Smelling the Mr. Sketch markers that come in different scents hehe idk if you can actually get high off them but I remember when I was little and smelled them I got pretty light headed haha.

Huntah :D
lol play the choking game
except do it right or you could end up like Kris Marceno
the kid that died at our school

Patti FM
Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins - the brain's naturally occurring opiates.

The more intense the exercise, the more intense the high.

Of course not, drugs change the way your body works

Closest thing to getting high without drugs is going to sleep :D

It is easy to get high without the use of drugs. The key is to increase the level of endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are groups of peptides, hormones that affect the human body’s level of pain and emotion. When elevated, they temporarily make you feel happy and relaxed, a feeling similar to a high. The good news is that there are several ways to elevate your endorphins without ever popping a pill or spending a lot of money.

1) Grab your craziest friends
2) Drink energy drinks and eat sugary food

There is meditation, though that takes a lot of focus and skill. Not for the restless or bored. I can't do it. There are always flotation tanks, and a lot of people that use them say they had a profound experience, but they can be (and are) expensive beyond belief. And fasting has proven to be highly effective as well. That is, no food, or sleep for several days. The native americans did it ritualistically with fantastic results.

That's pretty much it. Endorphins (which people always seem to suggest as an alternative of getting high) are released upon pain, not just exercise. Pain MUST be experienced, and no difference of mood will be noticed unless you were extremely angry beforehand (because your brain doesn't want to get you "high" and thus encourage pain). This, is actually why some people cut themselves in stressful situations.

Steven L
There is only one way to hyperventilate and then take in a huge breath and have some one push hard on your lungs.

red bull and cough syrup and alot of other stuff go on google well ya :D

diana z
Glue sniffing? Or maybe sugar?? Chocolate

Uncle Jez
Go climbing up the tallest mountain you can find without oxygen tanks, you'll soon be sorted.

make to cats fight and make one of them piss you in the face... it works


===Your Name Here===
Not wuite for free but if you sniff an industrial marker..(like a sharpie or a big mailing marker) you could get high from that... IO got a short buzz from it or you can sniff gasoline

melissa p
Performing also make me get a huge rush, also roller coaster. Both fun to do. For me Performing is the best feeling in the world!!!!

You wont get the same "high effect" if you use other substances. Not much point in trying.

Fast Click
Always do good no matter what!

Sharpie (but that takes too long) or the condensed air from a whip cream can.

But the best way to get high is to just smoke a joint :D

Boom Jabba
try redbull and stilnox, or catch a plane or climb a mountain

adrianne k
cat nip.oh wait...

Look at the Universe
Figure out ...........It will daze you

Sugar and LOTS OF IT!!!
or energy drinks/ caffeine (:
Why do you want to get high in the first place?

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