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 isnt smoking a form of suicide?
i dont smoke and never will, i was just thinking that if you can die from it, then isnt it a form of suicide since your doing it to yourself?
Additional Details
yes you could die from a ...

 Not trying to offend anybody, I'm just confused: Why is cutting so bad?
I am a normal, happy person with happy thoughts and happy feelings, but I get sad on occasion, just like everyone else does. But instead of screaming into a pillow or punching a pillow or whatever I ...

 Can wearing a hat at night make my ears grow closer to my head?
is this true, i heard that sleeping on my side and wearing a hat such as a beanie will eventually make my ears grow closer to my head..?
Additional Details
im 16 so still growing ...

 I think I'm constipated. What do I do?
I don't have usual symptoms. I don't feel pain at all but I feel like I really need to get things going. I havent gone in 2 weeks and THIS IS NOT NORMAL for sure. I've tried everything ...

Im getting tested by my dad in 6 days. Ive been blazing it like 5times aweek for about 2 yrs but not alotta weed jus like 2 grams a week the most. Now, its been 2 days i have 4 days left. Every day i ...

 I keep having this recurring dream that I am driving a car and my foot is on the break but the car won't stop.
and in my dream I am pressing my foot against the brake as hard as I can, and i am terrified of what I am going to hit but the car won't stop....

 what's the average time for taking bath?
what's the average time for taking bath or another way to put it...what is the best lenght of time to take a bath ?...

 Can marijuana make you sick?
If it's one of the first times you smoke, and then 2 days later you get a fever, vomiting, diarreah...could it be related?...

Basically the coursework deadline has been brought forward and its TOMORROW! i have to complete near enough a whole folder of work! I need to stay awake tonigth and get on with it all or i fail.

 What are the dangers of smoking pot?

 How come when a woman farts, it doesn't smell as bad as when a man does?

 I started taking diet pills and I can't stop having headached?
why is that and what should I do?...

 How do you sleep?
is there a special way you have to be in order to sleep.

for example: i have to have one arm under my pillow under my head and i can't be hot.

what about you? do you ...

 10 points best answer...Under arm sweat?!?
P.s i use antipesperant already.....
I sweat. Alot. ALOT! Like i'll have sweat stains under my arms and inch-2 inches long!! And im 12, a girl. I've had my period. I'm in grade 7. ...

 I lost my voice, how do I get it back?
I was playing around with my boyfriend and screamed and now it's gone. ): what do I do to get it backkkk?...

 How safe is it to eat 'Expired' food and drinks, like Chips, Popcorns and Mountain Dew, Coke?
Some are like January 2006, some are May 2006, and some just expired for a couple of weeks.

And, yeah some are from Last year.

How Sick can a person get eat expired food/drinks?...

how can i tell someone i have bulimia?
i've never told anyone ever... but i've recently stopped denying it because I really want to stop... It's been a little over a year and i ...

 Should I smoke weed????
I have a lot of very good reasons which I don't feel like getting into, of why I want to, but I'm kind of scared.. I don't wanna get addicted, or anything, or get caught, advice??

 if i smoke what happends to me?

 How do I make myself stay up late?
Tonight I have a costume party from 7:00 - 12:00 at night and I have trouble staying up late. The usual time I go to bed is 9:30 - 10:00 and it's almost impossible for me to stay up any later ...

Bambi Girl
how tall are you and how old?
im 5'8 and 17 and i wanted to know if i was just tall for my age or what because im the 2nd tallest in my family and thats including the men also

Sparkling Diamonds
maybe you'll get taller, just maybe...
i'm 15 and 5'1

it's perfectly normal for your age.. it's a medium height for females I think... (I'm the same height and I'm 18... I have been this tall since 15 :)) I'm very happy for this height, since it's not too short nor too tall. It's perfect :) :) :)

Kubota Oh
I asked "How old are you" and my question got deleted. I appealed it. I bet this answer gets deleted.

how you ppl are short am

11 and im 5'1

I'm 5'8.5" and 34.
I've grown 1.5" since I was 18...

5' 3" and 18.5 years old

5'6, 14

5'3" 16

John C
5'10" 40

5'4, 16
My family is tall, I dont get it. Lol

I am 5'4 and am 15

kate =(
im 5'3 13

I'm 15 and 5'11"

but my Dad's six two, so it kinda makes sense.

Minion of Satan
thats probably about as tall as your going to get.

im 5ft 10 29 years

Raven Van Helsing
22, 5'9

I'm 6'1 and 23

Don't be UPSET about being tall!

I am 21 and 5'4... I always get comments on "how cute I am" or "I can fit in most overhead compartments"

Everyone is different, tall, short, thick, thin... that's the world. If everyone was the same it would be real boring to be a human.

That is GREAT that you are 5'8. I always thought that tallness had a sense of respect, or confidence because I always had to "look up" at people taller than me, and subconsciously I feel "younger" when I have to look up at someone.

Be proud of what you are, because you can't change it..Plus when you're older, you'll thank the stars that you're tall! 5'8 is not even "THAT" tall.. it's perfect!

Snow White
woow thats tall! im only 5'6

5'7 and 15.
I'm pretty tall too.
It's all good though :)

-haley. (:

i'm 6'2 and 16, very tall...

the proposal x33
that is normal . i am 5'5 and i am 12 so i will probably be 5'8 when i am 17.

5 feet 4 inches 13

im also 5'8 but im 16. im thinking your a girl. i do believe we are considered tall but not abnormally so

Smile :)
15 years old.

Jack Mehoffer
5'9'' and 24

Well I'm a girl.
I'm 15 and almost 5'6"

Nah, I don't think you're really "tall", more average.
But that's just my opinion. My dad is 5'11" and most of the other guys in my extended family are around 5'7"-5'10".

I would say you're average-ish.
Tall, in my opinion, is 6' or above.

i am 5 feet 5.2 inches tall (178cm)
and i am 14 ..or should say 15..nvm i am turning 15 in 21-nov..umm but i am not the talest in ma family nor in ma class i am middle sized

im 25 & I am 5 '7 - female.

I was the same height at your age as I am right now . woman stop growing in their teens. Men stop growin in their 20s . I doubt you will get taller.

teen charts show a wide variation in height and weight
google the charts and look for yourself

Marc Claude

People in the younger generations are getting taller overall due to better nutrition and vitamins. Don't worry you are very much within the normal range! :-)

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