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how painful are tongue piercings?
I know it varies with everyone,
i stretched my ears to 3/4ths of an inch,
and i was wondering if anyone had experience with stretched piercings how much it hurts compaired to it
i want to get "venom bites" thats what ive heard there called
one on the left of the tongue
and one on the right.
so helpp?
Additional Details
also im thinking about getting them done at different times just so the first can heal
i dont want to end up choking at night on my tongue

They are extremely painful, you can't eat for a couple days but like all piercings you will get used to it

Devon Custard
Not as bad as a baby grand falling on you


u lose alot of blood cause the tongue stores alot of muscle which has alot of blood soo it most likely would hurt

Keely Gootkin
my friend got that one and he hates it, he said its not worth the pain DON"T DO IT!!

In 20 years when the body is not as elastic it starts falling apart like a big whole so that is when it is really painful. Some people get infection now though which is painful


Phuck You
So painful that no employer will ever take you seriously.

Cannibal Emma
Very painful, I'm assuming.
The tongue is a muscle, last I checked.
It even SOUNDS painful :P

Carmen R
Not that painful the hard part is that you just cant eat alot....But i will say it mainly depends on the person because some people say it dosent hurt and some say it does. but i wil tell you it goes by fast so u wont even feel it.

you dont feel it at all
i didnt
and i dont even notice it
it doesnt bug you after one week

Susan Yarrawonga
Tongue piercing is very dangerous and can cause speech defects.

actual piercing isn't bad but it throbs like a ***** after words. I didn't =like mine that much it got really badly infected but i didn't clean it much so if you keep it clean you should be fin just take 2 Tylenol before the piercing and you should be fine for 4 hours.

Shayla! ♥
DONT DO IT!!! it hurts soooo much!! and in a few years, your not gunna want it anymore and your gunna regret it... trust me!

the piercing itself doesnt hurt; it crunches, but thats about it.. but the after effect of it is annoying and can be painful.. your tongue swells and fills the entire mouth.. how ever the swelling varies from person to person.. i had to eat soup yoghurt and ice blocks or ice cubes for maybe 4 days before i could eat solids again.. and that was for one piercing.. so i imagine it would be twice as bad..go ahead.. its worth it

Well I got my tongue ripped off trying to get snake bites.

hoping & wishing
I only have one piercing in my tongue, so I can give you an idea kind of.
It doesn't really hurt much getting it pierced. The pain for me was the swelling and pain the next 3 days. It hurt to eat, to talk and just all the time!! It feels like a stinging mixed with pressure when it's getting pierced. I really went in expecting it to be the worst pain ever, and it wasn't bad at all.
For the 2 piercing that you will get I would think it would hurt much more. I say this because the piercing will not be in the middle of the tongue but more off the the sides which is thinner and more sensitive. Also think that the pain after is going to be worse because it is 2 piercing.

I hope i helped a little and good luck!!

It won't hurt if you have other piercings, its kinda like experience. You'll be fine!

I heard that most people numb your tongue, but afterward it swells up for awhile. You also may be sensitive to spicy foods after you have it done.

yes, it's very painful.
but if you really like to pierce your tongue then, you must suffer from the pain :)

my friend used to peirced her tongue, she can't hardly scream.
my friend's tongue has the same situation as yours.

i gauged my own tongue after it healed
the piercing didn't hurt at all it was alil sore in the morning for a few days but after you brush your teeth and rinse with mouth wash really well the swelling goes down
gauging it didn't hurt at all either i do regret doing it myself tho because it did leave a bit of a scar

I don't have experience with gauges, but I can tell you about tongue piercings. I don't think having two tongue piercings is called venom bites...snake bites are the two under lip piercings.

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend getting both at the same time. Tongue piercings require a lot of care, and they can get pretty gross in a short period of time if you don't keep up a routine. It doesn't really hurt that much. Maybe as much as a belly button piercing with less blood? It only hurts a bit more than a regular ear piercing.

Just don't let it/them get infected. It's painful, doesn't taste great and in the end most people just have to remove the piercing (if it gets infected).

well everyone has a different pain tolerance. But I dont think it hurts. Good luck with the piercing if you get it done!!

I went with my guy friend to go do that.
His eye were watery
and he is a boxer.
and he said it didn't hurt lol

Brittany B brakes for turtles
I would go to youtube and watch some people who taped it! and their reactions

The actual piercing is not too painful. It is a little creepy feeling. It kind of feels like sticking a fork into a piece of raw chicken. When I got my tongue pierced I was surprised that it wasn't really that painful. What I wasn't prepared for was the temporary shock my body went into afterwords. Out of nowhere I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out, but some cold water and a nice place to lay down helped that pass.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Evie Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
It iz soooooooo painful! Please spare yourself and don't do it! You will regret it!

Vampira of treehuggers
Extremely painful. Your tongue gets bright red and super swollen. You can't eat anything solid for a long time.

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