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Samara R
how long does it take to get addicted to ciggarettes ?
ever the last weekend , i have smoked three ciggarettes but only really inhaled the smoke of one of them into my lungs, but some of the other ciggarette too. i know this was horrible for me to do, and i really do not want to start a habbit like this. but all my friends were doing it and i was only trying to fit in. it turns out now that i can't wait to have another ciggarette, ive been thinking about it all day and i can't seem to get it off my mind . i thought it would be impossible after only inhaling ONE ciggarette. could i be addicted, or is this probably just out of boredum ?

F. A. Islam
it takes but one to get you started and you will keep going till the end

Aviv B
it realy ca take only one. i kno it sounds cheesy but a good friend will not pressure you to smoke. ive bee smoking for 3 years and it is an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT ADDICTION TO CURB. the sooner you stop the better you are. bottom line stop smoking NOW or you will find it harder and harder. give it a few days and youll be completely over it. nicotine gets out of your system in 2-10 days. since you have only had a small amount of nicotine your body will adjust to not having it very quickly. and to answer your question i think it may be both a craving and boredom but boredom is worse. boredom leads to wanting to smoke more so keep yourself occupied for the next couple days and youll be fine. remember if your lying about smoking all you r doing is digging a bigger hole to climb out of

Vault Boy SPACS
it only takes 1 to start 1000

it could happen instantly or it might not happen at all

why do you want to know you shouldn't even smoke at all

very short, indeed. Mmm, only from one may be not, indeed, I didn't like my first one, may be I had inhaled too deeply and it was kind of hot, but then I again tried out of curiousity and when I hit the exact degree of inhaling, it was awesome. Addiction, sort of, does come before you've finished the first packet. When I wanted to smoke, the feeling was.. kind of,, when I was hungry for something sweet. May be this is what smokers who give up cigarettes later put on weight, insted of cigarettes, they eat sth sweet. But I managed to give it up, I just promised to a person I loved I wouldn't do it anymore. And I didn't, although it was hard. I have had dreams about cigarettes at nights, years after that, And once, years after I had stopped, I went on a secret place where noone would bother me and had a cigarette, I had bought a whole box, actually. I finished two and smashed and threw the packet away, I had stopped once and didn't want to go back to it.

It is addive, believe me, stop while you can.

Addiction starts the second you start! Please dont start! Your friends are killing themselves slowly. I'm sorry to say that, that was mean, but seriously dont stop. It wasntboredum you were feeling it was addiction. Dont start! It wasnt smart inhaling it. I know i sound like a mom, but im not, i'm a teenage girl and i watch kids at my school throwing away thier lives. Dont start!
Good luck and i hope yyou took my advice

American idol question?

<3 Nikkay
Live. Love. Dance.

Alexandra P
Yes you are already addicted....ever since the first time you inhaled it into your body you are addicted...stop now while you can. And don't worry about fitting in either...because really in reality when all your other friends are grown-up or old they will be the sorry ones in the hospital bed while you (that is if you quit right now) aren't and is healthy as a butterfly.

Grand Tourer
1 minute

poke a bunny
well it varies depending on person on how long it takes to get addicted but best advice is to not even try. For some people 1 cigarette can hook them for others it might take more.
Your body might have started craving some nioctine. Don't have any more. Stop while your ahead becauase it'll be harder to quit after you've had more.
If your friends are true freinds they will accept you whether or not you smoke. ANd why do you need thier acceptance anyway.

it depends if yuou have an addictive personallity like if addiction runs in your family

but my family has a very addictive personallity and im not addictid to anything

For people 21 and younger 14 days with 1 cigarette a day can do it. For adults 21 days with 1 cigarette a day can get you addicted but its different for everyone.
My Advice: Don't even do it once.

Red Devil
You answered your own question, the first one makes you dizzy and if you don't stop there the second one will hook you. If you are smart stop right now, not only are cigarettes bad for your health but are very expensive. You talk about peer pressure take a survey because you are in the minority. Twenty years ago 8 out of 10 people smoked now days only 2 out of 10 smoke.

Just one cigar.
The nicotine
is very effective.
Don't try it,please(:

Isobel D
It only takes one to get you hooked...try to stay away from them...and peer pressure. If they were good friends, you wouldn't need to try to fit in, you could be yourself.

Thing 1& 2
I suppose you can be addicted to anything if you want to be but having a couple ciggs should not have made you addicted if you really don't want to you can quit- even if you are addicted its mind over matter- how bad do you want it kind of thing. Its VERY hard to quit after you have smoked a few months and will be something you wish you could stop (especially now with the price of them and having smoke breath, smelly clothes, cigg burn in your fav. shirt etc etc..- Run Away I say,(from ciggs) you will thank me in a few years for that one

One of my first and biggest mistakes. Don't do it...

try to get your mind thinking about other activities and youll eventually forget about cigarettes also try your hardest to not smoke one more. your addiction is starting and if you smoke one or two more than your done for the rest of your life.

When you put the 1st cigarette in your mouth.

don't start, you have no idea how hard it is to give up, and once you're addicted you'll always be addicted!

katta marie
it takes about 3 or 4.
(different for everyone)
dont smoke anymore if you dont want to be addicted.

I fear my government
Yes, you can get hooked from just one, especially if you have another. Then another. Then another. Then twenty years goes by, and you're wishing you wouldn't have ever had the first one.

first, never fall into peer pressure, it will destroy you.
second, finally you think about it so much that you will have to get another one. this is not that good. try joining something to get your mind off of it. you realy don't want to get addicted, it will ruin your life!

DO NOT START SMOKING! I AM a smoker and it is hard as hell to quit. I wish I would have never started. It doesn't take long to get addicted, at least it didn't me. Trust me you will be WAY cooler if you DO NOT SMOKE! I too smoke when I am bored, upset, hungry,...just don't do it.

Your mind makes up the addiction.
It's a mental thing, if you just stopped thinking about how badly you want it, or how much you'd like to fit in, you won't get addicted.
You might just be going through a stage, if you're young.

If you don't want to be a habit, don't make it a habit! Ignore those urges, because if you don't, they will only get worse!

You can choose who you want to be and if you don't want to smoke, don't do it! Even around your friends.

its differne tfor eveyone. for some people it can go to 3 cigs some it can go to one.

Lucy Blue
"You're a puff away from a pack a day". Nicotine is a powerful drug and when you develop a psychological addiction as well, you'll really have trouble quitting. Do yourself a favor and quit now while it will be fairly easy. People die everyday from smoking related illnesses.

1 second

I've heard that you can get addicted from "one puff." I don't know of any credible sources that have studied the amount of nicotine needed to addict a person. But, even if you're not physically addicted, you can be mentally addicted to them. Try to stop thinking about it, and DO NOT smoke another one.

Smokers are weak and pathetic; don't be one for your weak and pathetic friends. I think you would be better off getting new ones than smoking to keep your current crappy ones.

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