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Morgan M
how do you get a day off school?
i can't go to school tomorrow, im so behind in everything because im always so busy! i just need a day to catch up on everything.

any illnesses you can think of ?
ahah thanks.
Additional Details
im in australia. i do have school tomorrow
its 6:15pm sunday here already!

well maybe you should schedule your day instead of being everywere
you know plan how you want things to be
just dont fake it leads you to more trouble

You have school on Sunday?

Australian people doesn't believe in Monday sickness..but you can try.

sexiliciouss babe
ummmm well its sunday tommorow.
no school.

Ed the freshman (5 MoRe DaYs)
There is no school tomorrow! I can't help you get out of church though =D.

If you don't live in America why are you on OUR Y!A?

Dr. Love
Just say that you were having some trouble breathing and you cant get out of bed. It works like a charm.

I live in Melbourne and it's 6.18 :)

I wouldn't take a day off school - you'll end up even MORE behind. Just go to the Library and catch up during Lunchtime or something.
Or at least take off a morning so you get the afternoon in School.


your tummy hurts right? watch ferris bullers day off.....it will give you some good ideas lol

Ow, my spirit..
make ur voice sound scratchy and say u have a sore throat.

but u can say u dont feel good the night before, then in the morning tell ur parents u feel worse than last night.

toby T
so u live around nsw? i live in sydney.

well tell your parents that theres the swimming/athletics carnival is on and that you could catch up on things. but if your parents arn't that lenientt then dont get up tommorrow. If ur parents say get up, then just say"awww don'tnt feel to good and then go back to sleep.

good luck :)

Zach Attack
You dumb @sses its one o clock which means today is sunday. Just fake sick if its to tha school tell em someone died. to your parents do anything you like cough sore throat close bathroom door fake throw up. anything or simply say can i skip

make up a holiday for some obscure religion

Well i never pretended to be ill but try one of these:
Measles(maybe not)
There's loads but i can remember sorry hope i helped!

Angry Kansan
Avian Flu?
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever?

Hello, my name is JOE.
when your parents wake up, tell them you puked 3 times while they were sleeping.
hehe it alwys works:]

Stomach virus always works ;]

In canada this stuff is easy well look if you have an agenda there should be a section to motivate your abscences , if you can walk to school and come back home you should be able to pull this off write that you have an appointement at the dentist and remain calm write it with adult vocabulary and avoir all mistakes and pull off a super signature and if they ask its your dad or mom whoever dosent usually sign and the secretary should be like okay just go in first period and then leave .

eat a lot of prunes and wash is down with 5 glasses prunes juice then say you have diarrhea.

Cough . Say You Have A Headache . Blow Your Nose A Lot .

Mrs. Edward Cullen
Stomach virus. Say it's going around. Flu. A bunch of others. I'm a pro. I once heard of getting some oatmel with like a bunch of other colorful foods chopped up really tiny like carrots, broccoli-bright stuff- mixed together and splattered all from on your bed to the toilet. Haha.

Or just-
If you ride the bus: Be all happy and giddy-then break down into tears. you have a test, your stomach is acheing, you have a major headache, a research paper due tomorrow, tons of homework to do, and everything is just so overwhelming! Be dramatic
If a parent drives you to school: Basically just the same only-do it on the ride there.

OR-the best if ur a girl-this one only works with moms.
Its your time of month. haha

Pretend your throwing up or have horrible stomach pains (food poisoning) Worked for me lol

frank s
When I was in school, an "upset stomach" always worked for me !

Once I put my contacts in wrong so my eyes would be all red and I got to stay home.

Or just say that you really have to throw up and you're afraid to go to school, they can't force you because that would be cruel. D:

Andrey aka the random dude
u mean Monday??
if its for your parents than tell them in the morning that you just threw up in the bathroom and you don't feel good. But if its just and excuse to the attendance office then just say that you have an appointment ( if you wear braces then say its dentist appointment)

p.s. this is the best answer and you know it!!!

Act like you have a fever: heres a trick.

1. Get some preeety hot water and swish it and hold it in your mouth for a few minutes, when no one is around

2. Get the thermometer and stick it in your mouth

3. It should be really warm, and your mom should think u hava fever

Greg S
Just dont go....

thats what i did.

or go. fake pains in your side, say you need rest when you get to school n go home.

just tell them you need a personal day! you dont have to tell them what its for! but the best one is pink eye! haha cuz its really contageous and it doesnt usually last that long so you can go back to school and no one would know if you had it or not lol

Diarrhea is a good one.

if you miss a day of school you'll just have more work to catch up on.
skipping school doesn't really do you any good

pretend ur dead. worked for me... except i woke up in the hospital O.o

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