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how do u treat acne scars?
I have been breaking out..and also i have acne scars .how do i get rid of them

I also have acne and scarring from when I was a kid. I picked up the Loreal Adult Acne programs and the one worked better than the other. The one is an everyday twice a day wash, toner and lotion .... blah results for my skin. The Intense Peel kit was MUCH better (pre-wash, Salyic Acid and stopper lotion). Using that 2-3 nights a week help tighten my skin up a bit and my scarring is less noticable but not completely gone. It does help you keep from breaking out as bad though. I think it was about $20 at Walmart when I bought it.

The other option would be microdermabrasion which takes several session and mars the outer skin surface then heals over. The only physical signs of micro therapy are some redness after a session. Many of friends who just wanted to get rid of wrinkles do that, but it works well for scarred and acne prone skin too. Check it out...

Jason G
If you are getting new acne, make sure you wash your face twice a day. This is to reduce the bacteria that causes the inflammation. If you have red scars from previous acne, it will fade over time. this blog has some more info on acne scarring and treatments: http://outlawacne.com .

My sister was in a car accident and the whole side of her face was ruined. They stitched her up and she put vitamin E on the scars and now you can even see them unless you know they are there and look very close. IF you still have acne, pro acvtive really works!

I just read somewhere about Swedish Bitters from the health food store. You soak a moistened cotton ball with the bitters and apply them to the scars and the scars should be gone after about 40 applications (doing it twice a day). You can also take the bitters internally 1tbsp. twice daily to help deal with the acne.

I did buy some and the stuff is definitely bitter but you can mix it in fruit juice to get it down easier.... I'm taking it for something else but hope it improves my skin at the same time!!

Try vitamin E capsules. You can get them at the99 cent store. Just takea capsule with a pin and let the natural goodness come out. If that doesn't help after a month, see a dermatogist. You can use the Vit.E as much as you want.

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