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how do u make yourself throw up?
i need something easy and that works!

gross, stick a stick in your mouth/first part of throat, but not harsh, or you might choke and die. weird question. okay.

Jessica <3
what the heck is wrong with u?! u enerexic freak!

Jaimie S
Go to a doctor and tell him you are asking this question. Please.

that is stupid. you should never make yourself throw up!! its unhealthy and it isnt good for your body

Get a chicken bullion cube and put it in your mouth.

Drink coke, then tea, then milk or summut like that but i fink it has to be right after eachother, it curdles in ur stomace and makes you throw up.

eat we,t used toilet paper.

put ur finger down ur throwt it makes u gag and throw up

LeDrew L'Amour
Soapy water, but that usually comes out the other end ... fingers down the throat is quick easy and cheap :P

This is stupid, making yourself throw up is not natural for your body.
If you are doing this through vanity reasons, this will rot your teeth so they go yellow and disgusting.
Give you constant bad breath.
Make your hair thin due to lack of folic acid.
And then lastly, eventually mess up all your internal organs so badly you will start vomiting blood, and eventually it may lead to death. I suggest you don't do this.

Elizabeth R
touch your tonsils our throat. or you can eat something disgusting. or look at an ugly face.

ur makin a bad choice ur perfect the way u r thats how god wants u. Please dont

You could push your finger all the way to the back of you throat until you gag, you could go to the drug store and buy syrup of ipecac and drink it.

If you want to do this as a weight loss plan then you are on a slippery slop leading to a full blown eating disorder. People die from eating disorders.

For one thing, you should not be wanting to throw up, but okay.

Sometimes a ton of lemon works.

l o v e less.
...Why do you want to throw up? Anyways, I'll help you...poke the back of your Uvula with...somehthing. But, if you are trying to throw up after you eat...to 'become skinnier' don't even think about trying. Once food passes into your body, the fat imediatly stays there. Throwing up will only cause.....your stomach fluid n yucky stuff to come out......

Bob S
well, bulimic people jam their finger down their throat to initiate their gag reflex which will make them throw up.

if your doing this 2 get skinnier i recommend the classic finger down throat.

if your doing this 2 stay home, your best bet is to google "how to make fake throw up"...works like a charm

Mr. Lizard
I made my dog throw up by force feeding him some peroxide. My vet told me to because he had eaten a brownie. It looked like he had rabies. I recommend this method.

Or you could drink an entire gallon of milk in 30 minutes. This is supposed to work.

fingers down throat

Warm mustard water always does the trick...or ipecac ( which you buy from the store...its much easier that way)

Andrew I
just stick ur finger down your throat and think of puking you gag and puke never tried it but hear it all the time also ipacack if you really wanna git somethin out of your system

Danielle Pipe
why would you want to make yourself throw up?!?!?

touch your. (spelling is way off) ugula lol. it's ur gag reflex muscle

ton of salt in water

fuzzykitten ^o^
You push your finger back into your throat.
Gross, I know, but hat's what works.

Kyle N
Go into your bathroom..Drop your pants....Sit down on the toilet...Take a crap..Stand Up and turn around...Stick your fingers in the stool and grab the Poo...Now take a bite...And If that don't make you sick you are a freak..

Five Alive :)♥
eww that's gross lol

but stick your finger down your mouth


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