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lil belle
how did i become so tall ?
I'm eleven
both my parents are Hispanic and are normal adult height
i have one older sister shes 17 and im taller than her
none of my other relatives are above normal height ecept one second cousin
then why am i so tall ?

You grew.

its called puberty


how tall is your sister? she may be a bit short. I'm 15 and taller than my sister and shes 13 yrs older than me but i gess she stopped growing at around the same age as me lol [=

Todd c
do you eat brocolie?
and you probably got it from a old relative that might be dead and same with your cousin...i think you can get jeans from your parents ancestors

Jamie S
there is some tall person in your extended family that you got that gene from

Do u eat alot? :) LOL

Weird genetics. Messed up pituitary gland. You stretch a lot?

there are other tall people in your family blood in the past and you got their genes

hey, hooker! =]
genetics.. being that your parents are normal height, there is probably a recessive "tall" gene somewhere. it skipped a few generations, thats all. =]

ITs genetics, someone carried a recessive gene, to which you've got. Thats why your taller than most of your family members.

you grew.

Kung Food
Well, your height is basically based on three things: Your genetics, your health, and random chance. So you might have had a tall great-grandparent. You could also just live a healthy lifestyle that nourishes your growth spurts. Or you are just tall.

you got a gift!
no one in michael jordan's family are taller than 185 meter (even in the extended family!) and he's 198!
people say that god sent him to be a basketball player, he gave him exactly what he needed to become the best of all time.

maybe you should be a basketball player.


well, every one is diferent , they have different problems diferent looks you should be happy ur tall im like 5'4 im short and im 14, nothing to worry about you just had a growth spurt, have fun being tall lol.

not everything comes from genetics. I'm tall too. Be happy, everybody always tells me im lucky to be so tall.

Tall parents can have small children, small parents can have tall children.

It doesn't really vary (your size) according to your parents, it does have some impact but not much, it is in your genes to be tall

growth spurt.

can someone please please answer mine? thanks!!


in your family

your family genes


HELP MY BRO OUT??!!!??!?




You now have Mr. Fantastic's powers.

did you eat your wheaties every morning?

or maybe you have Marfan Syndrome. My boyfriends cousin has it and he's 7'1''. He was just diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. Usually if you have it you have very large hands and feet. This is also bad because it also in larges your heart and veins so you are at risk for heart disease.

if your concerned talk to your Dr. But your young enough that it's probably just a growth spurt. I have a friend who's sister is taller and the sister is yonger too. Don't worry too much about it.

How tall are you by the way?

You probably have more relatives than you know of.

Steve J
Because you were born to be tall. There is no answer to that but the true fact. I wish i was tall.


Uchiha Itachi
either ur sisters a midget, or u got serious problems

The answer is SCIENCE!!!

Height is what is called multifactorial. Not only are there many
genes involved, such as genes for growth hormone, genes for the receptors on the outside of cells for growth hormone, genes for bone proportion, genes for the timing of the release of hormone and other growth factors; but there are also many interactions with the environment, including nutrition during gestation (while the mother was pregnant) and during the growth years, exposure to things such as cigarette smoke and alcohol before birth, birth order (generally second children are taller than first) and general health during the growth years. With all of these factors, it appears that we are born with a genetic potential for height (not all of the genes have been identified yet) and then the environment exerts its effects as we are growing.

Each generation tends to be taller than those that preceded it. So there are many answers to the question you presented.

Good Luck!!

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