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uosɹǝd ɐ
how could i stay up all night?
i slept late today and im all alone tonight and i want to stay up all night do u know how i could?

i dont know, google it.
go out and buy a huge thing of moutain dew

lots of coffee
don't get bored.

Make sure you have something to do constantly - but not TV, that will just make you fall asleep. Keep yourself busy, drink lots of coffee, eat lots of sugar also to keep your adrenaline pumping.

well im sure that a suger rush will do good for you to stay up all night i say up until 5 o clock

Why do you want to stay up? Some sleep is better than none at all. You may feel worst at first when u wake up but later u will be glad u slept. But, if you insist, drink some redbull or coffee. Exercizing keeps u up too. Sugar or caffeine will cut it - but seriously, go to bed. Good luck.

I do it with no problems haha.
Have some coffee or enegery drinks and dont close your eyes for too long or lay down or anything like that cause if your body is tired you will fall asleep !!
Try playing video games or watching movies in a really uncomfortable position lol.

Goodluck :P

Mikey W
If you also want a nice workout get some 5 pound weights or so and do about 100 sit-ups and some things with the wieghts every hour till about midnight then start doing 100 sit-ups every 30 minutes while still wieght lifting

Sissy Space-Sick

Buy a 5-Hour Energy shot at a gas station. It will have you bouncing off the walls!

epehdra or GNC 5 hour energy shots on an empty stomach will keep you going

Lucky Lemons
Keep yourself busy...play solitare, surf the web...just don't turn off the lights. Darkness will make your body think it's time to sleep (which it is, but you don't want to sleep).

Have fun! Remember to catch up on your sleep later, though. Sleep deprivation can have negative effects on your health.

Have a cup of coffee, & line up some fun things to do. Keep the pot brewing late.

Maxx F
a monster energy drink and many of them

Sir Lexus Pilled Up Frank
Not that I'm promoting drug use, but if you were to take speed you would stay up for certain.

*MiSz LoRi BaBy*
just dont lay down it works for me. a couple energy drinks might help if you have trouble staying awake.

you got to keep busy a point will come where you think you cant take it any more and you need sleep but if you keep busy you can come over the feeling of sleep and start to daze of into your own world because you did not sleep but you will not feel sleepy but be a little slow your brain will not function as well do to no sleep.

um idk y u'd want to stay up the whole night in the first place but if u really do, u could go wash ur face with really cold water, take a shower, have a cup of coffee, drink some pop or something with a lot of cafine in it or play really loud music and dance around ur room like a crazy maniac lol, thats sooo wat i would do hahaha :D

keep doing somthing dont juss sit n watch tv or laydown

A friend
if you like to play video games then play some video games.
or go rent some movies
just do what ever you like to do
make sure to have food a drinks with you at all times

watch a movie, invite a friend over, play games, eat sugar/caffine. play on the computer

Have some tea or ice cream, do something that would keep your interest to stay all night. But dont keep this routine up because your gonna get bags under your eyes. my gf tell me that all the time ( i luv her) =)

charles v
LoL..your doing it now bro...


tv gives you time to relax and enjoy theMovie..you'll end up falling asleep... you gotta keep urself Busy... Like What ur on now... ask questions.. answer many.. or go on myspace.. interact and you wont fall asleep... i Promise you that... add Some Herbal Tea to the mix or Eat somthing.. ur Body needs Nutrition to keep on going.. so food is important.... feed ur engine!! =) oil up..! =)

NO MOVIES!! i went to sleep watching Star Wars in the Movie theatre... that 3rd episode! lotta action super Loud.. and im not really a star wars fan to begin with,,, =)

so no movies.! =)

Don't sit in front of the TV for too long!! Call a friend and ask him or her to come over so you wont get bored!!

ctsq o
keep slapping yourself

if you drink alot of water before you go to bed you will stay up all night. i guaranty,however,caffeine does nothing good for your body. It increases your heart rate and makes you jittery. Constantly drinking water will keep you up by making you get up and go to the bathroom.

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