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Little Miss
how can i stop biting my nails.?
help i have been biting my nails since i can remember and i am now turning 16 soon and i want to have nice nails. my nails have gotten really bad and i start to bit the skin to its disgusting i know but i really need to stop now. and i have tried so hard but nothing is working please help . do you know any thing that will stop me from biting my nails.

Azure Nixie
heyyy.....u can get rid of this bad habit....first just be determined u r not going to bite ur nails....
wait for the nails to grow beautiful.....bitten nails look pathetic...



I had the same problem and my Mum went to the chemist and bought me this stuff. It's like clear nail polish that you put on your nails (And the sides of them if you bite them (I did it too DW :))) And it has this really really bitter tate that's disgusting so it stops you from biting them :) Works like a charm.

Ask the people behind the counter for it!

Bailey C

maybe try,

- to keep your nails painted, nail polish tastes nasty!

- You can acually get nail-biting cream at pharmacy's such as "control it"

- go for a nice manicure, so everytime you start biting them, just think "oh but look how pretty my nails are,I dont want to ruin them!"

hope that helps a bit <3

well you can buy this stuff that is called Nail Biter and it is a product like nail polish and you put it on your nails and it is clear and when you go to bite them it will taste really bad.

Thats the same thing with me. Maybe when you catch yourself biting them just stop and hopefully stop bitting them more less often you know

they make clear nail polish that tastes disgusting when you bite your nails, it's not even shiny, so nobody can tell you have it on. You can get it at drugstores!

Bob f
i used to have ur problem just wen u see ur nails start to get long use nail clippers i used to accidently hurt myself thats y i stopped i would pull off to much of nail and would hurt so bad just try and cut wen they long if that doesnt help im pretty sure u can get stuff from the doctor u put on ur nails and wen u bite them it make u feel sick some kinda cream make u almost throw up i havent used it but my bro said his friend had too and it made him stop

They sell this stuff that you can dip your fingers in so that they taste bad when you put them in your mouth.. or you can paint them so when you go to bite them you get a mouth full of nail polish chips.. or just cheat and get them done professionally :]

hahaa; i have the same problem.
i like to get manicures, cause then when you get them, you don't want to mess them up. or you can paint your own nails really nice and then just remember how hard you worked on the and then you won't bite them. and just do that for a while. it's working for me.

Try putting hot sauce on them, or there is this nail polish that smells really bad, and if you taste it it might too.
good luck!

Caca faceeee:D
put something you really hate on them like something soure or chili or lemonss.

but overnight and as soon as you get home and you'll get used to it!

My friend did this, nice nails guarenteed.

Go to http://www.stopbitingnails.com/ for some advice on how.

I had the same problem, and every morning i used to put this Cod liver oil stuff on my nails, (tastes like SH*T) and every time i went for a little snack on my fingers i'd get a nasty shock.

Only had to do it for about a week or so until i stopped biting them.

Habits can be broken, just as easily as they are formed.

when your first training yourself to not bite your nails try putting vinegar on them so when you bite them it will taste bad, also every night put sally Hansen's nail growth it will make your nails healthy and long and strong, hope this helped : )

Just Me
I am person who stopped that habit too what i did was chew gum instead. I kept on stopping myself when i felt my hands go in my mouth also i sat on my hands. It was the first three days that were the hardest.

Will the Thrill
Ha same thing happened to me, but I got braces, so I could not bite my nails because the braces stopped it. I also have had bug spray sprayed on my nails because this woman got tired of watching me bite them. It is a hassle to trip them and I wish i could still bite them. I don't really care about the condition of my nails.

keep acryllic nails on

Get a french manicure done professionally. The nails will be too hard to bite!

rub a pepper on it

so when you get that spicy feeling
you know when to stop

I get false nails to stop from doing that. Its hard to bite fake nails :-)

don't put them near your mouth.. perhaps some aversion therapy would help.. dip them in that nail stuff all the time..

and or.. wear gloves alot.. cover them with something. wear nail varnish.. take those pills that cause them to grow faster (perfectil - they help your hair too!) that'll motivate you as you'll be wasting dollar if you bite them..

hmm yeh.. good lucks! :) x

Nikki H
u can put nail polish remover on it. and when u try to bite it, it will taste nasty.

Franz F
think about how much nasty sh!t u touch every day and what its touched and how unattractive it is........this sounds harsh but trust me, it works

dip them in lemon

Wear gloves while you're sleeping so you can break the habit. You can also wear them during the day. You can buy bad tasting nail polish at the drug store.

I have the same problem but every time I paint my nails I don't bite them because I don't want to be biting on the nail polish. It helps me out a lot and my nails are growing slowly

stores usually have this nasty stuff that clear u can coat htem with that tastes horrible, to make u stop bitting. or paint them. fingernail polish dont taste good either!

try to chew gum instead

Alex R
Put something that smells and tastes terrable on your nails lol

dip them in nail polish remover it taste disgusting thats how i stopped

rub vasaline on your fingers so it will taste bad if you bite them

Al Kaholic
Biting your nails can be a very unhealthy and unsightly bad habit. Not only does it make your hands look unattractive, it’s also a good way to transfer all kinds of nasty germs from your hands to your mouth. I don’t know anyone who loves biting their nails; just about everyone who does it wants to stop, so here are some tips on how to stop biting your nails.

First, try to replace your bad habit with a healthier one. When you find your hands traveling towards your mouth, stop yourself and pop in a lollipop, or better yet a raw carrot, instead. It will take some serious, conscious effort on your part to replace your bad habit, but you can do it if you really want to. If you don’t even realize you’re chewing on your nails, try wearing a rubber band on your wrist and giving it a little pop every time you find your fingers in your mouth. That will help bring your consciousness to your problem so that you can learn how to stop biting your nails.

Another thing that might help you learn to stop biting your nails is to make your hands look as pretty as possible so that you don’t want to mess them up. Splurge on a salon manicure so you get some pampering and care lavished on your poor, bitten nails. It only takes about a week or so to start seeing some growth and once you see some progress, you’ll be less likely to want to bite. But remember—in time of stress you’ll be tempted to go back to biting, no matter how pretty your nails so you need to find some other way to relieve your stress, like meditation, journaling, or exercise.

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