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Vanessa Z
hey people, how do anorexics eat?
can someone tell me if i'm anorexic! :S
i eat to little
likee... just one time per day
and if not i eat just one lollipop of the ' tutsi pop '
and at nigth milk, or cucumber or something of veggies or a fruit
is this somesthing related to anorexia?
:S and also.. i love to smoke!!!
i've been loosin' too much weight...
can someone tell me if it's anorexia :O?

umm.. thanks :)so.. ?

they dont eat

lol if you were anorexic you wouldn't be eating at all, and anorexics don't like to admit they are sick, or losing weight, in fact, they aren't aware they are, belive me, i know, i learned the hard way.

it can be, or it cannot be. ask a professional

They don't

You have anorexia if you're not eating on purpose. Anorexia is something psychological!

You need to eat more; have breakfast and dinner. That should be a good start.

Lex N
do u look a like a sac of bonez?

they dont. thats why they are anorexics

tthey dont eat
and no you don't have anerexia but your eating and smoking habits are really bad but you probably knew that.

could be anorexia / orthorexia

Anorexia is not eating on purpose because you think your fat

Dancing Queen!!!
you need to eat three square meals a day, brekfast lunch and dinner to stay healthy and in shape, anerexic people starve them selves they don't eat. bulemic people eat too much then go and throw it up. I guess your kind of anorexic, try eating those three meals a day.

i thought they ate but then tryed to make them self sick afterwards
but i could be thinking of somthing else

Anorexic people don't eat at all so I don't think U have anorexia
eat a bit more
and don't smoke!
u know better
see a doctor if you're very concered

It sounds like it to me, but I'm no doctor.
You should check out this website http://www.helpguide.org/mental/anorexia_signs_symptoms_causes_treatment.htm
Hope it helps.

they don't eat very much...

anorexia is also a mental challenge. do you think you're fat? is that why you're not eating? do you feel hungry? be careful, please!

oh hunn i think you might be. cuz i suffered from that a few years ago and it sounds familiar....ummm do you like obsess over what you eat and work out a lot? then maybe, yesss but i suggest you go see a doctor or a nutrionist or even a therapist. oh, and stop smoking! its terrible for you!

Shellly P
um thats not good for u for 1
but anorexics isnt a certain type of eating
its a diesease like a actual disease
its when u dont eat not when u eat little
thats what a lot of people think

one thing is are you still hungry though?
and when you smoke it makes you less hungry so that could have something to do why u eat little
i dont think u have annorexia though, just
someone who isnt the largest eater?

but really u should eat MORE!
this could be bad since your smoking too.

Thats not anorexia.
Not even close.
I had anorexia.
You do NOT want it.
It takes over your mind and EVERYTHING!
It's horrible.

black anakin
you need to eat.Anorexia is a psycological condition to where the person forces himself to vomit after every a meal because they feel as if there fat. If you smoke pot then that might be the reason your appetite is small.

Amy S
I don't think you're anorexic,an anorexic would be thrilled with a weight loss not worried about.

yes, you should be eating three times a day. in the morning try eating eggs or fruit or something, for lunch just eat a sandwich or something small and for dinner you should eat a full meal. in your case you can even snack, eat a bowl of icecream after dinner for dessert, and exercise. STOP SMOKING! its whats making you lose all the weight.

Lulu .
That is not Anorexia but if you do not start eating properly you will end up ill.

Mee Y
Well, are you eating, AT ALL!??!?!??! and if sooooo then nope,
your fine

People with anorexia eat only when nobody is watching, when they are in private because they feel too self concious to eat when people are around. They are paranoid and constantly think people are watching them eat, and constantly worry that people will think they are fat.

So if you fit that description, you could be anorexic.

Anorexia is not just simply not eating to lose weight, it's not eating because they have a personal issue or problem and therefore fixate on not eating in public& being ashamed of eating.

Hope this helped you, best of wishes. =)

Try to eat small meals but more of them over the day.

Few common ways to spot anorexia is thinking about what eating something is going to do to you, never being able to finish a meal no matter what size that meal is and eating each food in order when having a meal (eg eating all the carrots before moving onto something else, then something else).

its defentaly anorexia! i had this before you are acting just like did. i was in 5th grade and my weight was under 50ibs. it takes forever to get back up to normal weight, i havent even made it yet. it also takes forever to get back to normal eating habits but just try and try and soon you will be back to normal.

Here, this is what you have to look at and determine.

To be diagnosed as having anorexia nervosa, according to the DSM-IV-TR, a person must display:
1. Refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for age and height (e.g., weight loss leading to maintenance of body weight less than 85% of that expected; or failure to make expected weight gain during period of growth, leading to body weight less than 85% of that expected).
2. Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming obese
3. Disturbance in the way in which one's body weight or shape is experienced, undue influence of body weight or shape on self-evaluation, or denial of the seriousness of the current low body weight.
4. The absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles (amenorrhea) in women who have had their first menstrual period but have not yet gone through menopause (postmenarcheal, premenopausal females).

This is not to be glorified. It is not a glamorous thing. Do not hope or wish for this.

im hot cuz im fly
do you think your too fat?
do you puke after you eat?
do you ever deny being too skinny?
are you not eating cause your not hungry, or because you think your fat and you wanna lose weight?
are you on pills, laxatives, any diet pills?

if yes to any above, you probably are anorexic =S consult a doctor.
btw did you know that anorexics usualyl eat a lot of celery, because you lsoe more calories chewing the celery, than the number of calories the celery has.. did you know that :O

First of all you need to start eating more. At least 3 times a day.

But no I don't think you're anorexic.
Anorexics don't eat at all.
And they won't admitt they are loosing weight.
In fact they are convinced that they are fat and need to loose weight even when they are underweight.
They refuse to substain a normal healthy body weight(they believe the skinnier the better)
They have an intense fear of gaining weight.
And a distorted view of there body.
They become obsessed with calories and fat.

Uh they don't? Well hun this honestly is ridiculous. You dont know if you are? Just to let you know its not a good thing. So cut out the smiley faces. If you dont eat your going to be very unhealthy go google anorexia pictures its sick! You need to eat or your just going to end up a skinny girl with cancer. Sorry to be harsh but God what is this world coming to...

you aren't anorexic. you just don't eat much.

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