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help! bad high last night.?
i dont know why this happens to me, it has happened once before.
i use to smoke almost everyday, probably like every second day, and this was in like october/november/december. but then one day in december, i smoked weed with my friend, and i got really really bad, like i got SO paranoid, i was freaking out so much, and it felt like you know when you are watching satellite and the reception is bad so you the picture is like kinda lagging, that's how i felt.i kept freaking out, and every time id try to be like okay calm down, id like doze off, and ****, it was really horrible. so i stopped smoking weed for about two months, i think more than that. and then last night, i smoked weed again for the first time since that last bad high and the same thing kinda happened! my heart was bumping REALLY fast, and i had alot of troubles taking deep breathes. i kept panicking and i kept getting SO paranoid, and like i had on idea what i was saying. id realize what i said AFTER i said it! has anyone ever had a high like this? or am i just reacting bad to the weed? ive smoked weed so many times before, and ive always had a great high, i usually feel really relaxed, and i just wanna sit down and laugh at stupid **** and stuff like that, cept last night i kept freaking out and was so worried about like i dont even know! my mouth was really really dry too, like SO insanely dry that even when i drank like 10 cups of water, it felt like i didnt drink anything at all. i only had like 2 hits from the bong. and even the second hit was really shitty, so basically just one hit! so it wasnt that i smoked too much, cause we didnt have that much weed, so i dont really know what else it could be. any ideas as to why this has happened to me for the second time? im thinking maybe, IF there is a next time, that i should just try to stay really calm and just forget about being paranoid and stuff but i dont know if that would help.

yea thats happened to me before too. dont worry about it, it just usually depends on the mood your in when you smoke it. when it happens to me i get really paranoid like i'm certain we're going to get busted and stuff. usually i just end up going home and sleeping it off cuz otherwise i ruin it for the people who are happily high. just let go of it, it happens every now and then and there's nothing you can do to stop it i guess. i'm not doctor so even if there was way to stop it i wouldn't know. but im sure a doctor would probably just say well stop doing it. whatever, its not the end of the world, and i suggest you take it easy a little, like just chill on it cuz seriously you just want to enjoy it right and it screws with your head too so.

Cory A
Dude don't worry about it...its probably the weed. You live in NH or near it? we probably got the same stuff cuz i felt the same way yesterday too. but it was kinda fun i watched "last house on the left" which is a horror thriller type but it was absolutely hilarious! i dont remember anything from the movie besides the rape scene, haha.

i find if you eat b4 you smoke it will help SOOOOO much, i had that problem and it only seemed to go away when i had a full stomach then got baked.

sfresh says r.i.p. micheal J
im with manda

are u the guy from the johnny cash movie -- joquain phoenix (is that how it's spelt?) my advice -> shave the beard and ditch the shades -- a good groupie will make you forget about all this

idc about ur story but dont smoke! it can kill u!!!!!!

this is not abnormal. weed does make you paranoid. i freak out all the time. and the dry mouth thing is normal too. happens to me all the time. and i get that feeling about the lagging and not realizing what you say till after. these are all affects of being really high.
the wierd thing is that you only took 2 hits. bongs do get you way higher than anything else but even thats a little much.
perhaps it was laced with something. i wanna say pcp maybe? cause i had simalar but stronger effects. so this would probably happen from just one hit.
or maybe you just smoked really good weed and your not used to it. where do you live? i live in new york and i smoke good **** all the time. like purple kush, og kush, juicyfruit, white widow, chronic, sour d. but if you likve in like the middle of the counrty you might smoke really bad dro all the time and then suddenly get this good stuff.
well this shouldnt make you stop smoking. its gonna happen to everyone
enjoy it

East Coast Assassin
bad weed. it's not cocaine bud!

= )
your body is starting to react to the weed
when you smoke weed your body starts trying to find ways to get rid the drug or work with it somehow however it cant, but weed well theres nothing that really allows your body to do that, so instead weed is known for causing memory loss, and also for low coordination skills, as well as high heart rates
your brain is also probably blocking off the signals it is trying to receive from your body which basically means your body is having bad affects to the drug.Your heart could also probably be beating very fast, and maybe your almost had a heart attack. When you panic your body panics which isn't good for you
if i where you i would stop smoking weed its not lookin so good for you
i did some research on weed its pretty weird i thought weed was fine for you, but after the research i got scared

To be honest, I don't know.
But, really, you need to quit.
I never like to hear when people die from this stuff. I am not going to flame at you for doing it, I just want you to realize, you are literally drinking a cup of like poison, in my opinion. If you have stress, or troubles take it out a different way, not illegal matter, whether it's yoga, painting, sleeping, or inhaling Legal aromatherapy, try bath and body works, but really just stop.
I know your friends might, but really go to a psychiatrist or someone, maybe get some friends to go to.
You really don't know what you're doing to yourself, you could die next time, and no one wants another death from drugs.

God Made Cows So We Can EAT THEM
*tear* (not)

Smoke em if you got em
Yea dude the reason it is illegal is because people are told about how bad marijuana is and they get scared. There is a lot of propaganda that was put out there around the 1930's about how bad it is. They would say things like it makes you rape people and become extremely paranoid. When scared people smoke marijuana they get even more scared. So do people get paranoid from smoking it? Yea they do that is because you are told you will, so its like the same affect as a placebo drug. You have to be in a good mood when you get high. Getting high will intensify your feelings even if you feel like yea I'm in a good mood you could have something subconsciously bugging you and that could ruin your high. If marijuana was legalized it would kill less people that alcohol and cigarettes. It would also help out economy because so many people would buy it. Its like the number one cash crop right before corn. Not only that but I bet you almost half the cops that have arrested someone for smoking weed have smoked it them selves.

Roxanne G
because you were concerned about the same thing happening to you again (the anxiety attack) it happened ironically. You actually gave it to yourself. Either quit smoking weed all together or tell yourself that you do not get anxiety attacks from smoking anymore, mind over matter.

Dude,don't smoke it then.If you have the urge to smoke something,buy a pack of cigarettes.

The Flying Were-Leopard Mermaid
Ummm...why would you do drugs. That's just dumb.

Stop doing weed and this crap won't happen.

Mark S
Well it is called THC and the stronger the content the greater the mental misalignment. It really looks like you would be better off to just leave it alone.

If you smoked a lot I would say cut down.

.....but as you dont smoke very much then based on what you say i would advise you to QUIT. Seriously....QUIT.

sounds completely normal.

you should at least have a reason to parnoid, i think you just freaked out because you freaked out if that makes any sense at all I think you were just really high.

▫□ █ ▄ ▀Square▀ ▄ █ □▫
i haven't personally but your brain is probably damaged a ton from all of that weed and now your starting to feel the effects. sorry, but you screwed yourself.


danny g
The same crap happened to me! I literally thought I was dreaming, I felt like I knew what was gonna happen next and I honestly thought I was gonna die, I kept panicking beyond belief, I was so thirsty, and I couldn't feel my mouth so everything I ate I couldn't tell if i actually ate it lol I never knew why I figured it was because I havent smoked in over a year but I'm not really sure, I'm scared to death to smoke ever again because of that no joke, the best advice I could give you is try and stay calm but I was when I did because I had nothing to be paranoid about and it turned into that

Use some common sense and stay away from the drugs!! Your misery is being brought on by your own decision to do the drugs...or you feel you need to punish yourself in some way...

Pieces Of Rainbowzz

Your weed was laced. Possibly PCP, coke, or maybe X. (though I haven't heard of X lacing). The symptoms you describe are not caused by marijuana.

You need to stop using it, as you are clearly having bad effects. You may want to see your doctor and be tested to see exactly which poison you were exposed to. PS: your doc doesn't care that you smoke, and he won't turn you in.

Best of luck.

to many names picked already sry
i just want two points by the way your gonna get cancer in your lungs and your teeth will be piss yellow

Love Not WAR!:)
stop doing drugs see a counselor!

just stop smoking. its not good for you and makes you stupid.

All Shram
YOU WROTE TOO MUCH. I'm not reading it all. Stop being a paranoid. Being a paranoid is real. One doesn't feel paranoid one is a paranoid. Don't get angry, get even. Don't get paranoid, get smart.

off of weed...? sigh..people like you is the reason it's illegal. don't ruin it for everyone by being dramatic, its just weed.

....maybe it was laced with something. that's really what it is sounding like.

thats not good. cut it out for a loong while-maybe for good? u sure u were smoking weed? maybe it was laced

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