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drug test tomorrow i smoked yesturday?
I have a drug test tomorrow for work
is there anyway i can pass ?!

Yes! Go to your nearest drug store (and by drug store I mean grocery ha, not your weed doctor) and get some AZO standard pills. Usually people get them prescribed when they have a UTI but it just cleans out your system, and I've never smoked but a lot of my friends do and their always buying those or asking each other for some to show up clean during testing.

Sorry if it doesn't work!


Justin C
lots and lots of water (not a ridiculous amount though cause that can kill you) or you can try golden seal. its available at health food stores. or if you taint the sample by pouring some other liquid or put some body hair in it. other than that good luck

Sonic Wolf
You had drugs? WHAT?!

drink two gallons of water.
im not even kidding.
take meds to flush out you system.

tisk tisk tisk.
maybe you shouldnt smoke eh?
but anyways...i heard drinking vinager(yhuckk) and lots of cranberry juice help you pass. but hey i dont know.you could try it. i mean the best thing would be just not to smoke.but its a lil too late for that now. i mean if you try it and you dont pass..atleast you tried.

ok ignore the failures in your responses and go for this one! ok there is stuff they sell at walmart called like gell max or some crap. they have tons of varieties. go find that. its the stuff used to make jellys
the morning of your test pour the whole package into a big glass of something really strong tasting (it tastes horrible) this stuff will literally line your intestins with jelly and you will literally piss straight water. 100% gaurentee:D its worked for me it will work for you. good luck. get off your *** and go get some now

Nessie ^-^
thats to bad

drink tons of water at least 3 gallons it will come up as false positive/negative then quit smoking

It depends on what you smoked. Put in your details

Not a chance in Hell. Minimum 48 hours

Not likely, weed stays in your system for about 30 days. If you are the type of person who only smokes once a month then maybe. My wife passed a drug test once smoking 2 days before, but the time before she smoked was like 1-2 months prior.

They will always ask if you are on medication when you take a test. The reason is that some over the counter products will affect a drug test and make it come back positive falsely. You might try to google around and see if you can figure out what some of those are. And tell them you are taking such and such for a cold or something. Might help.

A really strange example, but dont try this one, is the poppy seeds on buns. I've heard of someone getting fired for testing positive (not for weed) and later figured it out was from the poppy seeds.

y the hel* would u do drugs and no u screwed yourself

The store GNC has a pill. You have to ask the clerk for it behind the register, it's like 40 bucks.

No, you won't pass it. But, if you don't have a job that really requires much of you, then maybe tell the management that you only tried it once, and you didn't like it, and you'll never do it again. My brother manages a grocery store, and he says that that's how a lot of people get away with failing drug tests where he works.

But you should definitely stop smoking. It's obviously getting you nowhere you need to be.

im afraid there isnt. sorry

music rox!!
looks like you screwed yourself.. :(

Besides calling in sick and not taking the test, probably not. It'll take a while for the drugs to work out of your system.

use fake urine....borrow your buddies......I know you're joking, just like I am.......you get a star.....ha ha ha lol....

You'll fail it, don't show up unless you want big embarrassment for the results.

Mike P
Your toast.

Duh best ting ta doos is dat youse shoulds takes eben more drugs den be sillys when dey tell yez to take dem tests. Sez you ta dem testers, "I'm sillys cause I'm on dee drugs nows."

face the music

No problem. Smoke tonight.


A Landers
Hey I have an idea, why don't you get away from drugs. They are already starting to fack up your life.

Get a freind that hasnt smoked to piss in a condom? just close up the end and hide it in yer pocket then just pour it into the container, unless they watch u piss or if its a blood test..then yer ******

Haha your screwed. Crackheads at it again.

Of course! if they are doing a urine test(take some urine), if it is a saliva test,(try some gum) if anything else you are probably screwed!

Jaime P
Not a chance. Good luck. Stop smoking and you will not have to worry about it anymore.

bunnies{free palestine}
Well aren't you a a dumb ***.

You are a dumb ***! If you knew you had a drug test WHY would you smoke??? That is stupid!!!! You can go get a drug test from any pharmacy and test yourself to see if you will pass the one for work. You can also get many cleansers that will mask THC in your system. But you are STILL a DA for smoking!!!!

go to GNC, buy the drink, and follow the instructions ...you'll be fine

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