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Also can a person w/such bad breath be aware they have it?...

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I HAVE....

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Why is everybody being mean. I was just wondering cause of the movie????...

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NOTE: If you are a smoker Then only Answer, with your comments....

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P.S. Should I eat dirt instead?...

 do broken bones grow back bigger?

Additional Details
i did mean onli the area of the break and im nearly sure it does im jst trying to gain more confidence coz der is a bet on this...... :)...

can you get cancer in the mouth and any other area's if a guy kisses you when he dips? need to know?
have to know right away if you all know of such a thing like this?
I also heard second hand smoker's can get cancer so does this
also affected this same way as dipping scolls too?

who would want to kiss anybody who chew's or smokes, that is nasty, I smoked for 35 yrs can't stand to smell cigarette smoke it makes me deathly sick. No way!!!!!!!

No one knows at this time. They did recently link a virus to cervical cancer and now there is a vaccine. Why would anyone want to kiss a dipper?

Very Not likely!

i don't think so

Unless you plan to kiss him while the dip is in his mouth, I don't think you are at risk to develop cancer, because the tobacco isn't going into you. He, on the other hand, might get bloody gums, lose all of his teeth and have to live w/o a jawbone. I've seen pictures. It's nasty.

No, but he will if he doesn't stop.

I would certainly hope not!, just think of all the innocent girls who would get cancer of the mouth! Not me, of course,I have never kissed a dipper! Nor would I ever!

I know too many people who have never been in contact with cigarettes and have lung cancer.... i think that if you get it then you get it. Live your life and be happy.

Yes, you can get cancer by coming into contact with the mouth of someone who has cancer, either from tobacco or other causes. Second hand smoke is a widely debated issue. While it isn't especially good for you, and it may cause cancer, it isn't really worse than "first hand" smoke.

Well, I don't think so; in the case of 2nd. hand smokers, surely you mean Pasive Smoker, but this is different. And about getting Cancer in the mouth, it wouldn't be possible if a guy kisses you, so, don't you worry about this, Honey!!!

No you cannot get cancer if you kiss someone who dips or chew tabbaco. It's just discusting!

I know guys personally that chew tobacco and I have not nor anyone I know has gotten it either!!!

in the first place who in their right mind would want to kiss a man with chew in his mouth anyways. answer to your question is no. but if any of the saliva he has gets into your mouth and you should swallow it. it would make you extremely sick.

I love angels
And some people think that smoking is discusting!

You are worrying over nothing. If you get kissed by a guy who "chews", a few kiss's aren't going to hurt you. A person who "chews" for a long amount of time will get cancer. So you are safe.

If you get cancer, it won't be caused by kissing a guy that dips.

If it causes you so much anxiety, you should explain that to him.
Maybe he would want to quit so he doesn't get cancer of the mouth, trachea, etc... and you two will have a happier, healthier relationship. Besides, Skoal stinks really bad!

No you cannot catch cancer, even from someone who dips. Or anywhere else someone may have cancer you cannot catch it whereever they may have it

maybe it depends on what king of dip your talking about

[email protected]
my dad dipped all of his life and my mom never got cancer,

Ofcourse not don't worry.

No, you won't get cancer but why on earth would you want to kiss this guy? Ughh! Dump him and get a classy bf.

probally not

Cancer is caused by the tobacco being in constant with the gums, tongue and cheeks for months and years. Contact such as kissing or "other places" shouldn't harm you. No you won't get cancer like "second hand" smoke can give you. BUT, why in the world would want to kiss "chewing tobacco". It nasty and saturated with spit!! Pops

Johnnies girl
you will not get cancer from kissing a guy who dips, but it might not be the best tasting kiss you've ever gotten.

for oral cancer to develop, the stuff needs to be in contact with the gums over long period of time, cause abrasion in the same place and then slowly transform into cancer.

with second hand smoke, a fair bit gets into the lungs... and keeps doing that over time.

no chance for that to happen with kissing...

any further doubts, you can check on this site

The national cancer society estimates that problems will start to occur in smokeless tobacco users after about 6 years. This will impact only 1 in 20 users, so the math turns out that if you kiss him non stop for about 120 years you may have a problem.

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