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 I'm almost thirteen and never gone into puberty? what should i do?

 I'm Having trouble sleeping. Please help?

At night i have difficulty falling asleep... I just stare around my room and do nothing

I usually sleep at 2-3am and wake up at 1-3pm.... and im sick of it


 Whats wrong with me ?
im going to the doctor tomoro but i cant even talk! my symptoms are..
sore throat
tightness of the chest
runny nose
eyes hurt
slight fever

 Why does this happen?
Okay, you know how when you get hungry for not eating for days or something you get this horrible pain in your stomach.
I get that, but I get it if I'm hungry and haven't had something ...

 Apple should be eaten with or without skin? What's (if any) is the difference?

 i'm 12 and is 5'6... is that bad?
am i going to stay this height? about how tall will i be when i reach my full height? would you want to be tall or short? i hate being tall........ :( would you date someone who is taller than you?...

 Im having a major surgery done, do i have to take my piercings out ?
I jusr recently got the monroe pierced (above my top lip)
&nd i have my botttom lip one on the opposite side..
Plus my ears.
Is there any way i can keep them in while getting ...

 can't sleep. What should I do?

 is it possible to die from weed that was laced with something?
i smoked some bud today around 9 and it was from my friends brothers friend who i never got from before. I smelled it and it smelt funky. Now my heart is beating really fast and i cant stand up on my ...

 Stretch Marks?!?!?!?!?!?
7 years ago I was diagnosed with Leaukeamia and as part of my treatment I had to take steroids, which had the unfortunate side-effect of making me hungry and naturally gaining weight. This went on ...

 Please help me! :( I'm really helpless?
I just threw up in my mouth. (0.o) and whenever I swallowed it, my throat starts to burn. Whenever I swallow, my throat hurts like it burns. and whenever I cough or whenever I cough, my throat burns ...

 how could i stay up all night?
i slept late today and im all alone tonight and i want to stay up all night do u know how i could?...

 how painful are tongue piercings?
I know it varies with everyone,
i stretched my ears to 3/4ths of an inch,
and i was wondering if anyone had experience with stretched piercings how much it hurts compaired to it
i ...

 How did you stop smoking?
What kind of stuff would you guys do when you got the urge to smoke(instead of smoke of course). I'm trying to stop and doing fairly well I just thought you guys might have some suggestions. T...

 ways to avoid queefing?
whenever i ask this people just say
ohhh just laugh!!
nobody tells me HOW to avoid it!!
it's so embarassing!...

 It's 2am, I am so bored! What can I do this late?
Ok, it's almost 2am. I am always up this late. And I have nothing to do. No one I know is up this late,so I cant call them. I have exausted working on my webpage. I dont want to watch tv or ...

 how do u make yourself throw up?
i need something easy and that works!...

 I was asleep when I woke up with a sudden attack of cramp in my calf musle. No strenuous exercise!!?
How did this happen? I was asleep in bed. Not running a marathon or swiming!!...

 Is 6'1" tall for a thirteen year old girl?
My parents aren't really that tall. My mom's 5'9' and my dad's only six feet.

Am I really that tall? I'm still growing, so I don't know what I'll be....

 why do people think weed is so bad?
its not. honestly i just think they havent tried it, or they're just to stressed to get high... you will not get addicted and they have proven that it doesnt cause any type of cancer. it doesnt ...

mary c
can you cough up your heart?
i need to know cuz i bet my brother

um that is weird. first off why would you bet your brother something so dumb like that>? are you going to try and cough up your heart? if so you'll be dead!

the answer is no

Leah B
HAHA wow there's no way. that's funny.

Miku Hatsune

no it would get stuck antyways and you would choke and die but your heart wouldnt come up!

ted k
no you silly boy

no. duh.

Ben K
im gonna say... no.


ya i just did laughing at your stupid question

No but u can cough till ur stomach fills like it wants to come up. no u cant cough ur stomach up either.

Taylor D
i dont think so

holy cough i hope not. i doubt it.

It would get stuck

if you said yes, its possible, i'm sorry, but you're going to lose that bet...

I'm sure if this was possible you would have heard about it by now
I have hacked so bad it probably would have been me

but you can cough up hairballs hahhaha

Mandy A
No. It is not even in a position to get into your esophagus or trachea.

betty b
only in the movies

Garrett N
you could if it was in your throught and you had one last breath and you went *cough* and it was small and u coughed it up..

you ate someone elses heart and you barfed it up in a coughing manner

hello :)
no. you get up your throat it would have to unattach from its artery's and once it did that you'd be dead. :)

nope- not possible

Thats completely False, your heart is inside your rib cage. 100% Impossible...lol, duh..

hahaha, i hope not!!!! :D

psssshhhhhhhhh yah you can!! hahah jk....nah doubt that can happen....pick me for best answer! please....lol
nah im not that desperate ;]

It may feel like it sometimes, but no. Not unless you were really strangly deformed where your tongue was attached to your uvula. THAT would be interesting to see!

Heather B

Shelle B
ha ha ha...no way dude.

most def not. u would just die b4 u ever get to that point. lol. that's funny. tell me u bet no right.

Baby Girl
HEHE no it's impossible....but you don't have to tell your brother that! lol

Bug D
No, but I coughed up $200 to pay a speeding ticket once.

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