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clifton h
can i use my ten year old son's urine to pass a drug screen?

David K
It is better to be honest becuase it may tell you if you have any medical conditions .

Maggie MercuryMorrisonTownshend
I had to read that question twice.
I then I laughed.

NO, didn't you ever watch that episode of Seinfeld??

Yes, you can. I used my cousin's son's urine. You could tell him that the toilet's messed up, and that he should pee in the cup that is in the bathroom. Then, go fix the dang toilet.

If it's for a job, probably not. Depending on the company that's running the screen and whether or not they have the money, they will most likely scrutinize your every move and make sure that you pretty much have nothing on you to plant in that cup. You won't be able to touch anything, flush the toilet, wash your hands (until the end) and the person administering your session will be on you like a hawk.

I'm sure you can but God will know you are cheating and you won't get away with it.

You could.
But I wouldn't advise it.

Changed4the Better :-i

Sarah Styles
it wont work...but good idea....maybe anyway!

Don't do it. If you are caught, it will be even worse. You are also teaching your 10 year old how to act. Do you want him to think drugs are okay?

Only if you are a major league ***. You are this child's father right? Try acting like it. Your answer is NO. You will be caught. Everyone who has used another's urine to pass a drug screen thinks it will work and everyone who tries it gets caught. Do the math.

They can tell a lot more about you from blood and urine than you obviously realize, including age estimates based on the content of the sample.

But what is really at stake here is the fact that you would even consider using your little boy to commit fraud. Did you ever consider being CLEAN????

Shame on you, your child deserves better than a drug and alcohol addict for father.


any why would you want to?

That's a pretty cheap way to use your son. Why don't you want to pass it on your own?

That will depend on what they are testing for and what your ten year old son is on. If it's the same thing, the test will be positive.

nigel v

Heaven L
Morally you shouldnt. Youre a drug addict and a liar, if its a job youre applying for i wouldnt want you working for me.

Sure, then put down the bong and realize how sad you've become.

Well you could, but that would just make you trifling. If you have a ten year old, and you are doing drugs thats wrong enough in its own. Then to ask the life that you are endangering at this point, to pee in a cup ILLEGALLY so YOU can pass a drug test? You need to stop being a bum, get off your *** and stop doing the drugs to begin with. What kind of example are you setting for your child? Even if he doesnt know or see u use them, kids arent stupid. You ask him to pee in a cup and hes gonna know something. Would u like to keep your child? then I suggest straightening up!

technically .. yes they only test for drugs not anything else ,,,but that so immoral

Here's an idea! Stop doing drugs and spend more time, while sober, with your 10 year old son!

michael o47
Dont be so stupid to sink so low as to use your ten year old son to pass a test for you ,come clean and face the music.

Coo Bird
If your a guy it should do the trick,but I think thats pitiful that you would have to

Yes but don't you feel the least bit stupid and ashamed that you compromise your family and well being just to do drugs?

Tacky dude, tacky

~Kayla S~
Or you could stop doing drugs...just an idea.

Warrick Hunt
no as his testerone level will not be correct and they will smell a rat (maybe you can get a rat to piss in the bottle?)

It depends on how detailed the test your taking is. If it's a simple dip stick test then yes, it's a little sad and unethical but you gotta do what you gotta do. If it's a detailed, sent out analysis then no it won't work. ALSO DO NOT USE MASKING AGENTS!

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