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can't sleep. What should I do?

jeff emack
stay awake----you will fall asleep eventually

take your books - the most boring ones, your subject books, books to do with studies, flip a page or two, and then u'll be fast asleep in no time. take a glass of warm milk and pepper.

do watever u wanna du play games or something

Not being able to sleep can depend on a lot of factors. Do you drink a lot of caffiene? that could be one reason.

Depression or other medical condtions could be another reason.

The last reason that would be most useful to you would be that you could be short on a chemical in the brain known as melatonin.

If this is the case, you could buy melatonin at your local drugstore. it is over the counter, so you don't need a perscription, and it is not harmful or habbit forming (addicting) because it is a chemical made by your body.

My best friend called me a week ago and had the same problem as you she couldnt seem to sleep at night this is
what i told her to try read a magazine, take a bubble bath
with the lights off and candles around you, try not to think about all the things you have to do the next day..
You should try it My best friend called me back and told me i was right hope it works for you

u can get some drugs

depends on your age

DONT take a sleeping pill!!! please dont! Read a book called "Lights Out" by T.S.Wiley. Its very enlightening on sleep. Try taking a herbal called Valierian or Passionflower. There is also Melatonin that you cand try for a few days out of the week. You need to lower your cortisol (stress hormones) before bed. they keep you up. You can try a herbal called Relora for that, and meditation works wonders. Get into a routine and GO TO SLEEP EARLY! Like before 11. You need to work with your body to get it back to its proper time cycle.

y not

try asking a friend to give you a back massage, or take a hot bath. Sometimes people can fall asleep by relaxing, but if it gets serious talk to your doctor about lunesta. It's for RMS restless mind syndrome which is pretty common, and can be easy to handle if you get the proper medicine.
Good luck!


The Uncola
Try the herb chamomile, it can be purchase in herb form, or in a tea. You can buy this at your local health food store. Also try meditation for 20min right before you go to bed. Also you for color therapy, you can burn a blue or a purple candle, those color help you to relax, and for aromatherapy, try the smell of lavender, and even vanilla.

have some night nurse :)
get a decent exercise every day and u'll sleep like a baby

sleeping tablets

if you want to sleep, try making a warm glass of milk, you put a little bit of sugar and cocoa in but just a little, or it will not put you to sleep but keep you up. If you are bored and don't want to sleep, check out this website:
It is a petition to save a 18 year old girls life in Iran who has been sentenced to death for defending her self and her niece against 3 would be rapists.
Also if you want to sleep, try reading something borring(my social studies text book always used to work for me lol) or if worst comes to worse take a shot of cold medicine. I work grave yards and sometimes can't sleep in the day too.

Aslan, reborn
Read a book whilst listening to some soothing music - you'll soon drift off . . .

Tips for Getting A Better Night Sleep

1. Avoid Alcohol
* Alcohol can cause restlessness during the night. Caffeine and nicotine have substances in them that will keep you awake.

2. Avoid Smoking
* Nicotine has substances in it that will keep you awake.

3. Avoid Caffeine
* Caffeine has substances in it that will keep you awake.

4. Exercise regularly
* But do not exercise near your bedtime.

5. Avoid sleep interruptions
* Don't sleep with the pet, close your door, minimize light and noise.

6. Relax before bedtime
* A warm bath or light snack

7. Avoid liquids before bedtime
* Limits having to use the bathroom at night.

8. Avoid long naps during the day
* Naps can disrupt your sleeping pattern.

9. Avoid trying to sleep
* the more you "try" to sleep, the more difficult it becomes.

10. Get up at the same time each morning
* Too much time in bed can lead to restless sleep.

11. Use your bed for sleeping
* Not for unrelated activities like reading or watching tv.

12. Check your medications
* Medications might increase your sleep difficulties.

Make your mind out of any tension. You can do maditation. Make your mind relax, avoid taking nap in day . Avoid taking tea, coffee 2 hour before going to bed, play a slow music in your bed room, dim lights you can read something while on bed avoiding watching TV in bed. This all may help you.

Good luck

Bill(56 yrs old)
I used to worry about my lack of sleep until I realised that it was my worrying that was keeping me awake.

Dave B
consult a doctor

Smoke a joint before bed - will knock you out and give you great dreams!

If you don't smoke, then just smoke a tiny amount and it'll sort you out . . .

Beast from the East
Walk around, drink warm milk, sleeping pills, do strenous activies and wear yourself out, get real tired and you'll fall aslepp very fast.

I get a book or a magazine and read 4 aout 10-15 minutes and then i always fall asleep as soon as i turn my light out trust me it works!

[email protected]
i suffer from insomnia also, usually if i take a hot bath, then lay down and read a book, it helps me get to sleep. Tylenol pm can help to if you are able to take it. good luck...i hate not being able to sleep. My doc gave me some pretty good sleeping pills too. You may wanna talk to your doc and see if they can help.

You should try Chamomile Tea they sell it at most food stores. If you want better results, you should always go Organic (pesticides affect the medicinal properties of the plant).

If that doesn't work try Valerian Root mixed with Hops (Yes the beer herb) just not with alcohol. This always works for me.

If that doesn't work?------This will: Don't eat for one day, and if you really have to---- eat some sort of fruit. Believe me you will have the best night sleep that you have always dreamed of.

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