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Samantha s
Why does this happen?
Okay, you know how when you get hungry for not eating for days or something you get this horrible pain in your stomach.
I get that, but I get it if I'm hungry and haven't had something to eat in a little as 5 minutes.
And then once I eat its still there and hurts like a b****
When I woke up today I was a little late, and then I became hungry, I ignored it for 5 minutes but then my stomach started hurting!
Then i ate and it hurt more.
I wished I knew a way to make it stop or why it happens, anyone know?
Additional Details
btw, I AM STILL A VIRGIN. freaking genius so I am sure I'm not pregnant.

This is a sign of pregnancy and this happens because the fetus inside you needs more food

knocked up r u


its cause you are torturing your stomach..

maybe it is gas

Get back to your normal eating habits but start off slowly. Don;t eat too much fatty foods. Try out more vegetables and then get back with the junk.
Your not alone. This happens to me when I continuously starve myself. Your stomach isn't just ready to be stuffed with food right away when it's been empty for a while. Just eat when you get hungry, you can get fat easily if you starve yourself for a while and eat again. You digest faster when you do this, which can cause stomach pains.

who knows

i have experienced this a lot myself. you get this pain because you are taking in to much food with high concentrations of acids and it is not balancing out. what you need to do is eat more foods with potassium and sodium such as salt( if you cannot eat this pure try eating crackers with salt, another good solution would be pop because the fizz acts as a solution. good luck

you might be allergic to one of the ingredients in the food but you should go see a doctor

The first thing to do is to think about what you have eaten. The second thing is to do is to eat something different and see if it goes away when you rest after you ate or take some medicine. If that don't work then common sense is to go to a doctor. That question is not hard to answer and i am just fourteen years old. Don't just sit there do something about it. If you don't of course it will still hurt. If you couldn't answer this question yourself then you have some mental problems. HANDLE YOURSELF! YOU ARE OWN YOUR OWN.

no idea sorry i would call your doctor about that but it could also be gas pain you are mistaken for hunger

IBS or you ate something you should not have. Go to www.webmd.com or see your doctor you know what do both!

Talk to your parents, they might want to take you to the Dr. for a check up.

closed account
Could this be stomach ulcer? Because it was for me...

Ask your doctor.

Edit:: I didn't eat a lot when I was younger (not of my own accord I assure you. Don't ask.) and when I ended up going to the nurses office every week for stomach issues the nurse said it's simply not from eating (she blamed me of course, Errr). If there is nothing in my stomach then what is the hydrochloric acid in the digestive juices suppose to do? It's going to start thinning out the lining of your stomach. Which then leads to ulcer.

Edit, Edit: It's literally eating away at itself. Creepy, hu? It was for me!

Even if you haven't been in the same situation I have been, it still could be the case. Maybe your stomach lining was thin to start with. Again, check doctor.

Edit, Edit, Edit: Or just see the guy below me! lol I just read his and if he's a doctor he must know what he's talking about. I would give him a thumbs up but I just opened this account and still in level one XD

maybe your body has problems digesting something of your daily diet?

i am betting is a melamine infection. Did u eat any banned diary products?? I have that pain before and soon i realise that i am consuming melamine infected products. the "Cadbury Esclair"

it might be irritable bowel syndrome, look it up.

go see a doctor and tell him/her you're having these problems. you may just end up on Mystery Diagnosis on DiscoveryHealth

go to the doctor

Ariana T
1. see your doctor
2. ignore the pain(you said it hurts more when you eat) .. so it might go away
3. you might be starting your period....depending on where you hurt

it might be an ulcer... have you been under an extreme amount of stress or eaten a lot of acid-y foods? If it bothers you a lot, i would go to the doctor or at least call to see if they think you need to be seen. I had this before too, but it went away before I went to the dr and hasn't come back.

Go see a doctor as soon as possible!
Does it hurt on your right side or your left?
I walked around with a stomach pain for far too long.
It turned out I had appendicitis! They took it out.
Get checked! PLEASE. It's an easy operation.

make an appointment.
obviously its not normal.
if something hurts than something is wrong.

i've said it so many times on yahoo answers


god, next thing i know people'll be like "some guy hit me in the face with a sledgehammer, and it hurts. what do i do? what does this mean?"

Tell your parents to take you to the doctor.

Chris H
Unfortunately I am not a doctor and if these pains continue you should probably seek a good medical opinion. But I do know that, once your body completely runs out of food and nutrients to break down and therefore cannot convert food into any new energy, then your body will literally start digesting itself. Long distance runners experience this, and some are monitored very closely during extreme long distances races and are fed small snacks throughout the race to ensure that this does not occur. So try to feed yourself even if you are not hungry, small amounts will do as long as you have something in you.

Also, you could be experiencing Heartburn. Your stomach has acid inside of it that is very corrosive.. there is a special layer of mucus inside of your stomach that protects the walls from being burned by this acid. Sometimes what can occur is that the Esophageal Sphincter opens to let food in, and it will not fully close, and some of this acid will seep out of your stomach into your esophagus, and it can be very painful. So with this said, seek some help from a doctor. They will be able to help you stop these things from happening. Take care.

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