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Why does my washing take all day to dry in my tumble dryer.?
And when I used the Launderette it only tool 30 minutes


sarah k
Is your vent pipe in properly and your filter clean? Mine takes about an hour.

its useless

try switching it on

Firstly, the tumble dryers in the launderette are HUGE in comparison to your ordinary household dryer...Secondly, maybe you are putting to many things into the dryer, try leaving out heavy things like towels and sheets and dry the lighter items...Thirdly, if the clothes are quite wet when you take them out of the washing machine, maybe theres a problem with the washing machine not the dryer....and lastly, ensure that you clean the dryer vent regularly...that should help...

[email protected]
The laundry has an industrial dryer that heats up to 400 degrees. They also use an industrial fan for blowing air through and removing lint/gases that you don't have. I would disassemble your venting for your home dryer, make sure it's clean and that there are no sheet metals screws used to join the sections (remove them and use aluminum tape is there are) and then try your dryer. Your dryer vent must be cleaned twice a year to work most effectively.

Two things, make sure your lint filter is clean and don't over load the dryer. Lauderette dryers are heavy duty with high heat settings. They have been known to scorch laundry left in too long.

Put the dryer on high. Let it run (with clothes in) for a good 10 minutes. Open dryer, put hand in dryer. Is it warm? If not, it's likely a heating element.

Is it a gas dryer? Is the gas getting to the dryer?

Firstly they are much better and stronger ones in the launderette! Second check your filter might be blicked which slows it down, check your drum size that you are not putting too much in, you have emptied any water filters. Lastly check the spin- t may be a low rate drier that simply does take a long time! A pain i know!!

~Funky Munky~
Why not use the washing line while the weathers good, and you'll save on electricity.

Fight Tyranny
Maybe the thermostat is broken.

Does it get hot?

paul m
you got no 20p's to put in the one at home?

I assume you have checked the setting (i.e. you don't have it on low/no heat (assuming you are doing a regular load and not dleicates)
Have you cleaned out your lint trap?

If so check the hose in the back of the machine - is it free of lint? If not clean it out - that's a fire hazard!

If niether of the above work, it may be the heating element is going bad - is it an old dryer?

Sounds like your heater packing in or your over loading, Get a new one

you could be over loading it put less in
also check its not set to warm
launderette dryers are gas and bigger

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
perhaps you are putting too much in the dryer.... or there is something wrong with the heating element of your dryer. It shouldn't take all day to dry.

dels replies
Its knackerred you need a new one

I'd be willing to bet your hose is clogged with lint. Or the lint trap is, one or the other and maybe both.

it may have something to do with the type of washing machine you have. i just got a new "environmentally friendly" one, which uses less water but takes more time. apparently the last 5 minutes of the wash is when it spins the clothes to get the excess water out of the clothes. one time i took them out early because i was in a rush, and it took all day to dry them.

also, check that one of the settings on your dryer isnt broken. this has also happened to me, where heat was never produced when on the heavy cotton setting. after about 15 minutes, just open the machine and feel if it has even gotten warm. it could mean that its time for a new dryer!

they use a lot of energy. peg it out on the line, the weather is good

It sounds like your heat element is bad...if not check your vent for build up if it's clogged it will cause your dryer not to heat properly..that can be dangerous

take a screw driver pop the little panel off the bottom on the front. it,s has a pin on each side that insert,s in a little hole.turn the dryer on and see if all of the little coil,s get really red hot if not call the repair man have a new heating element installed. if you are married your hubby can do it if you are not call your dad or boy friend. or if you live in asheville give me a call. bob

You might have too much in the dryer.Try putting less in there. The dryers in the launderette will dry much quicker as they are industrial ones and are designed to be working all day.

Harv S
If you can't even manage to put your question in the right section, I'm guessing you're putting your washing in the dishwasher to dry.
Check the heating element in the dryer, make sure it's at the right heat setting and don't overload it.

You need to clean the lint out of the exhaust vent. Also, make sure you are not over filling the drum.

Any hotter then it could shrink or damage your clothes. Or catch fire in the lint trap.

"Joe Public"
Possibly the heat element isn't working properly or you haven't turned the temp up on your tumble dryer?

old know all
The driers in the laundrette are much bigger than anything that would fit in a house. They work by tumbling the washing in air that has been heated by gas, and the wet air is vented outside. A domestic tumble drier is all electric and the wet air usually goes through a condenser. This all takes a lot longer. But at least you can get on with something else while it's doing it.

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