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 how did i become so tall ?
I'm eleven
both my parents are Hispanic and are normal adult height
i have one older sister shes 17 and im taller than her
none of my other relatives are above normal height ...

 Whats the longest time you not eaten for?

it was 2x ultra tide detergent.
my friend just chugged it.. for about 10 seconds and before that he had half a bottle of strong vodka that had 40% alcohol in it. and after he chugged the tide he ...

 HELP ME !!! no sleep wat so ever :(?
i have this bad habit of stayin up really late n then i find it really difficult to focus during the day.. i don get sleep earlier than say 3 or 4 AM.. can anybody help me?...

 I'm almost thirteen and never gone into puberty? what should i do?

 I'm Having trouble sleeping. Please help?

At night i have difficulty falling asleep... I just stare around my room and do nothing

I usually sleep at 2-3am and wake up at 1-3pm.... and im sick of it


 Whats wrong with me ?
im going to the doctor tomoro but i cant even talk! my symptoms are..
sore throat
tightness of the chest
runny nose
eyes hurt
slight fever

 Why does this happen?
Okay, you know how when you get hungry for not eating for days or something you get this horrible pain in your stomach.
I get that, but I get it if I'm hungry and haven't had something ...

 Apple should be eaten with or without skin? What's (if any) is the difference?

 i'm 12 and is 5'6... is that bad?
am i going to stay this height? about how tall will i be when i reach my full height? would you want to be tall or short? i hate being tall........ :( would you date someone who is taller than you?...

 Im having a major surgery done, do i have to take my piercings out ?
I jusr recently got the monroe pierced (above my top lip)
&nd i have my botttom lip one on the opposite side..
Plus my ears.
Is there any way i can keep them in while getting ...

 can't sleep. What should I do?

 is it possible to die from weed that was laced with something?
i smoked some bud today around 9 and it was from my friends brothers friend who i never got from before. I smelled it and it smelt funky. Now my heart is beating really fast and i cant stand up on my ...

 Stretch Marks?!?!?!?!?!?
7 years ago I was diagnosed with Leaukeamia and as part of my treatment I had to take steroids, which had the unfortunate side-effect of making me hungry and naturally gaining weight. This went on ...

 Please help me! :( I'm really helpless?
I just threw up in my mouth. (0.o) and whenever I swallowed it, my throat starts to burn. Whenever I swallow, my throat hurts like it burns. and whenever I cough or whenever I cough, my throat burns ...

 how could i stay up all night?
i slept late today and im all alone tonight and i want to stay up all night do u know how i could?...

 how painful are tongue piercings?
I know it varies with everyone,
i stretched my ears to 3/4ths of an inch,
and i was wondering if anyone had experience with stretched piercings how much it hurts compaired to it
i ...

 How did you stop smoking?
What kind of stuff would you guys do when you got the urge to smoke(instead of smoke of course). I'm trying to stop and doing fairly well I just thought you guys might have some suggestions. T...

 ways to avoid queefing?
whenever i ask this people just say
ohhh just laugh!!
nobody tells me HOW to avoid it!!
it's so embarassing!...

 It's 2am, I am so bored! What can I do this late?
Ok, it's almost 2am. I am always up this late. And I have nothing to do. No one I know is up this late,so I cant call them. I have exausted working on my webpage. I dont want to watch tv or ...

Why Doesn't My Alarm Clock Wake Me Up?
Why doesn't my alarm clock wake me up for school? My school starts at 8:00 and my alarm clock is set for 7:23.(exact timing, when I get to school, I have 1 minute before the bell rings). But I cannot wake up unless my mom wakes me up? I don't even know my alarm clock had rang and I hit the snooze button!!! My mom wakes me up 10 minutes later, but I still happen to make it on time.

obviously you know it goes off if you hit snooze. try moving it to somewhere in your room where you'll have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Christopher S
Been there, done that, a hundred times

move your alarm clock out of arm's reach, but close enough to hear it. About 3-5 feet should do it. if it is loud enough, put it on the other side of the room. you will have to get up to hit the button. I have been doing this for years, and it has never failed to get me up.

is your alarm by your bed? if it is move it across the room or somewhere so that when it does go off you have to get out of bed to tun it off/hit snooze button

i NEVER hear alarm clocks. i do however hear the phone, first ring.

Flip J
Beacuse you hit snooze without knowing it
Next time put your alarm clock across the room so if you hear it you have to get up and turn it off which will wake you up

Orlie R
You just have to train yourself to listen for the alarm while you sleep. It happened to me...just keep it in your mind as your falling asleep that you have to wake up and listen for the alarm. It may also be because it isn't load enough. Another way is to put the clock on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off.

Interstingly enough - studies have shown that teenagers can't hear home smoke alarms when they go off either. It has to do with the level of deep sleep that teens go through. You might need to get a clock that turns a bright light on or vibrates under your pillow. Eventually you'll get through this phase and wake up to noise (especially if you have a baby someday... lol).

Maybe it's not loud enough,
A good idea is to put it across you room so you have to get up to turn it off.
Then usually your up and moving and semi-awake not wanting to take the energy to go back to sleep. Or
with my case my "mind/ears" wont turn on till a certan time in the morning. maybe that is ur case.
hope this helps!

Well if you happen to sleep with your phone in your bed (like me), you can use your phone alarm. It easily wakes me up if I sleep with my phone under my pillow because then its right by my ear!
Good Luck!

Ange- poo
its called a deep sleep. of course when somebody comes in an wakes you up, you respond better than to a beep. buy an alarm that make some serious noise. I had to. Its called a big ben. It will scare that sh** out of you! I don't even know if stores still sell them, I'm sure they do.

Dick A
your body is too used to being waken up by the sound ur alarm clock makes. Try setting it to make a different sound so ur body wont be used to it and wake up alert and ready

My uncle has the same problem (except his mom didn't wake him up of course!) So we got him a talking Big Bird alarm clock, and it worked!!! Its been years, and my 50 year old uncle still uses it! Haha. But what I usually do is set the alarm, and then put it on the opposite side of the room, so I actually have to get up and walk over there to turn it off. That has worked for me. Good luck!!!

Maddie D
i have the same problem :)
so i made multiple alarms (like 7 alarms!) go off and i set the alarm clocks in different parts of my room
but that didn't work either
so i bought a Clocky. its a really cool alarm clock that rolls around your room and beeps, so you have to chase it to turn off the alarm.
its really cool and it only cost about $50.

oh that happened to me all the time, till junior year I decided to get 3 alarm clocks and place one on my night stand, and the other two the farthest place possible from my bed, so I have to run across the room to stop it. It worked for me, try it :)

how noisy is your alarm clock? the louder the better

add another alarm clock! ;)

Nick Rabena
happened to me.
first, make sure that your alarm clock is closer to your head.
second, turn it up louder the night before.
If neither of those work, try another kind of clock. they have some that wake you up with light, and even water (light mist) its awesome

Aaron T
i used to do that. if your room is close to your bathroom put your alarm in there. therefore when you turnoff your alarm you are already in the bathroom and there is no sense in you hitting the snooze button

Chica Loca
Put your alarm clock away from your bed so you have to get up to turn it off. Make sure its loud/has music

thats because u r a heavy sleeper and is not distracted very easily

That One Kid
happens to me too.

just let her wake you up....

It happens to me too. Just put your time for a bit earlier

its normal
i have the sameee issue

Put your alarm clock across the room so you will eventually hear it and have to get up to turn it off. If that doesn't work, get an alarm that has the bells on top, nobody can sleep through that kind.

You're a heavy sleeper.
Some people can sleep through a lot

I always hit snooze without realizing it. Try moving your alarm across your room so you can't reach it unless you get up. That should do it.

Its because you are not giving your body a sufficient amount of sleep. If you cant wake up its because you are still in your REM sleep. Meaning that is the point when you are dreaming and your eyes are Rapidly moving around, your biological clock is set on a schedule other than that of your lifestyle. Its safe to give yourself at the very least 6.5 hours of sleep, if you can do that, guarantee you wont have that problem anymore.

a Chi
over time, you can get so used to your alarm that it doesn't wake you up anymore. a way to fix this is to move your alarm clock, get a new one with a different buzzer, or set it to the radio, so that it sounds different every time

That's happened too me too ....
You can have the most annoying loud alarm clock
But over time ( especially if you use the snooze button a lot ) you grow use to the sound so you don't really notice it anymore. I always hit the snooze button like every 10 minutes for an hour without even realizing.. til my mum walks in.. it's really frustrating..

My advice would be to get a new alarm clock with a completely different sound.. and place it somewhere in the room where you would have to get up to turn it off.
oh and probably try sleeping earlier so your not as tired.

hope this helps x

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