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Why DO people smoke anyway?
I'm not talking about the nicotine addiction or anything. I hear from some adults who smoke that it "relieves stress" or they "like the taste of it". I have never smoked before, but my parents have been smoking since they were in the early teens. I just don't see why some people like it so much. Is it really all the doing of nicotine? Or do they really like the taste or whatever?
Additional Details
I forgot to add something: I have been exposed to secondhand smoke before but not enough to cause cancer per se.

I think it's a little bit of both.

smoking is a very old and popular habit between humans, its been there for thousands of years, so its in humans blood and nature to smoke, plus smoke can be enlightning to some ppl.
others only smoke cuz they are of a nature that has to be addicted to smthn, so they simply pick smoking.
most smokers tell u that they r trying to quit or they dint want themselves to smoke in the beginin, but thats juss talk, they like it and only ppl wid strong will can quit it.

Who cares if you were exposed to second hand smoke.

Honestly, I dont care.

Some people like to smoke. Period. It gives them something to do, the deep breaths mixed in with exhaling the smoke helps people calm down.

For all those people that say "cause they dont care about their lives or other people lives," or "to get cancer," you seriously need to watch what you hypocritical people say.

...let me guess...the same people that are with green peace and pro-environment...

...the same people that drive the escalade that kills the environment and sprays the hairspray can in the air...ha-ha, do your research about that. And the cell phone, and the microwave....EVERYTHING CAUSES CANCER NOW A DAYS!! So if I heat up my frozen pizza in the microwave I dont care about my life or those around me??

If people want to spray their cans in the air and hurt the ozone layer and the environment and all that...let 'em.

Who cares?

And if someone wants to smoke...let 'em

Who cares?

If you dont want to smoke, if you dont like smoking...then dont smoke.

If you are afraid of second hand smoke and someone around you lights up...walk away.

Quit whining about other people's business.

(that rant was not aimed at the asker of the question. It was meant for those people who answered stupid answers. Just FYI)

I too have heard from many people that it relieves stress and they like the taste. But many teen these days smoke simply to look "cool". Smoking has become a trend, but the most prominent reason is still the ones caused by nicotine: taste, relief, addiction, ect.

Small Town Girl
Depends on who you ask. My boyfriend isnt a regular smoker, but when he does smoke, he likes wine flavored cigars. He just likes the taste of them.
Some people start out with "all my friends are doing it, so I should too." Then they get addicted to the nicotine. Yes, the nictone in cigarettes is addictive, but it usually isn't the reason people start (unless they are really idiots.)
Secondhand smoke causes cancer in some people. It usually has to be quite a bit of it, such as being married to someone who smokes inside.
For some people, it is a stress reliever. Though, I dont know anyone who smokes to relieve stress.
All in all, smoking is bad for you, though it doesn't cause cancer in everyone who does smoke. My grandfather has smoked since he was 16, and he is 74 now, with no signs of any cancer.
People smoke for different reasons, there is not just one.

The MC
some do it to "temporarly" get away from there trouble(s)

Vicky I
It's addicting and enjoying

The only answer I can give you is stupidity. I started when I was 25 after I had my second child. I saw models smoking and they were stick thin so I actually thought if I start smoking that would help me lose the baby weight. It did but it also got me adicted. It is the worst most disgusting habit in the world, that is legal. NEVER try it anyone. I have quite like 3 times and am on my forth. I have only had one cig in the past 4 days and it was because I got freaked out with a prank caller at work..But yeah couldn't give you a good answer to why we smoke. I hope in the next 10 years I can say I havn't had a cig in the past 10 years but it's hard the hardest thing I've ever wanted to quit in my life.

Fred J
We smoke because it's cool, you should start

I think it's nervous energy. People that smoke need something to hold on to. They get uptight, stressed, nervous and edgy. So they smoke to relieve or release some of that nervous energy. And at the same time they enjoy the taste.

it does relieves stress

I was a smoker 6 years ago and I can speak on the smokers behalf. It does have something to do with nerves and the other part is the addiction.
When you have a cigarette it calms your nerves because of the nicotine having a calming effect. The rest of it is just plain old habit. Once you have smoked for so long it is a habit that is so hard to break. Even though it has been 6 years, I still would love to have a cigarette. NOT for the need for nicotine but I miss the habit when everyone else light up.

People smoke for different reasons: out of habit, because it relaxes them, to avoid weight gain, addiction, or lack of understanding or caring about the dangers of smoking. In the old days it used to be "cool" to smoke but not anymore, it is downright nauseating, stincky and a proven long term killer.

stress, pressure

Well i think people do it because they think its cool, and i think smoking is the worst thing ever, millions die and its too bad. And theres like 1 thousand ingredients in cigarettes, and none of them are good for you. My mom smokes, but she smokes in the bathroom and shes trying to quit. I dont see why people like it so much either.

I think people say they like to smoke just so they won't admit they have an addiction. Those are probably the same people that say they can quit cold turkey anytime they want. But to answer your question, Yes they are hooked on Nicotine

well when people smoke..they usually get addicted to it. And when your addicted to something that basically meens that you blood needs it or you wont be able to function! thats why its so hard for peole to quit! :]

its really stupid it just gives you cancer and makes you smell bad, and i think it relieves stress because when you dont have a cigarette you get stress, and to get rid of the stress they smoke.

Go ahead, kid. Try it.

Jen M
I so wish I had never started. I've been smoking since my early teens too. After a while it becomes an addiction. It can relieve stress and is enjoyable to someone who's addicted to it. My parents were lifelong smokers till they were in their 50s. Now I am middle-aged and have tried many times to stop but can't. I have a married couple next door to me that want to quit badly because they want to have a baby. They manage for a month to quit and fall right back into it. Don't start a crappy addiction that makes you smell bad and costs so much. I wish to God I had never started smoking.

Chris P. Bacon
because their stupid

Cuz He's Link
because they think they rule the world and fall for peir pressure

it is due to an excessively high activity of the stupidity gland. Once they get hooked they zero in on an early grave and follow the path of self-destruction to the bitter end.

I smoke socially. It gives me something to do when I'm not talking. Same as when you play a card game while you converse.

Idiot kid
I started smoking because I'm an idiot. Most people will probably agree. I'm not saying people who smoke are idiots, I'm just saying that with any addiction, you have to ask yourself how it started. Why the first drag? Why the first hit? So on and so forth. So it usually takes stupidity to start, but now I'm just plain addicted.

Oh, and kudos to you for not ever doing it, I urge you to keep it that way.

I smoke because I like it. Why do people do anything anyway? It's not a science really.

reba John
ususally they first get pressured into it and then they get hooked and they crave it soo badly tht they need it

ya its becuase of nicotine

they like the taste of nicotine becuase they are addicted to it

:] <3

i hate smoking and when people do it, im like WTF?!?! but idk y...

No Name
they want cancer

You'll Never Know My Name
Okay the whole "it makes me think clearer" mentality is just stupid. All it does is take away 20 years of your life.

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