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aero ☺
Which is better, washing your hands in warm, cold, or hot water?
This question has been bugging me for the longest time.
I usually wash my hands under hot, or warm water.. So. Yeah.

What's better?
Additional Details
These answers basically confirm what I was thinking the answer would be. So thanks lol.

Cold - Meh.
Warm - Kills Germs.
Hot - Burns the germs to death!!...but your hands too.

Banned from the matrix
When the water is too hot it may kill germs but its not goood for your skin. Also your pores will open up more and more germs can get deeper into your skin. Warm water is sufficient.

cold water doesnt get rid of most of the germs like hot water would. think about it, when u shower its hot water right? thats so your body is clean :)

Hot water, but not too hot as you will burn yourself.

Bad Attitude
Hot water kills all the bacteria

Jill :)
Hot water kills bacteria! Wow, you didn't know that? lol

well it depends on what you want to wash your hands with. How water is the best because it kills most of the germs on your hand. Cold water just freezes you

nina p
well as hot as you can stand it as it kills the germs better

JoCa :)
It's all the same...they will all fash your hands the same way...but it depands on a tipe of person

warm or hot


hot water kills jerms

Having the water as warm as you can comfortably tolerate it is best, however, cold water will work if nothing else is available. The most important part is to use soap and the clean your hands properly. If you're at home, you can skip the part about turning on the faucet with a paper towel. If you're not at home, start by getting a paper towel from the dispenser. Use the paper towel to turn on the water, and to dispense enough paper towels to dry your hands when you're done. Toss that paper towel in the trash, and wet your hands with water. Apply a small amount of soap to your wet hands, and rub them together to make a lather. Use a nail brush (or your other hand if a nail brush isn't available) to scrub underneath your fingernails, around the cuticles, and every nook and cranny on your hands. Keep rubbing and scrubbing for about two minutes -- about the same length of time it takes to sing the "Happy Birthday" song to yourself in your head, twice. Rinse you hands completely. Tear the paper towels off that you started out of the dispenser. Dry your hands, use the paper towel to turn off the water and to open the door to the restroom. That's the proper "medical" way to wash your hands.

Niño Rey A
hot...it just feels better than cold...washing your hands in cold water could give you sweaty hands later on...

hot because hot water kills germs

Wendy JH
hot water kills germs

Hot kills more bacteria also dissolves certain materials that cold water would not. So as far as cleanliness and effectiveness go, both go with hot water.

Hot water that is comfortable for washing hands is not hot enough to kill bacteria. However, warm, soapy water is more effective than cold, soapy water at removing the natural oils on your hands which hold soils and bacteria

Hot, the hotter the better.

as hot as you can go without burning yourself

although it doesnt really matter
the main purpose of washing your hands it to use the soap to make your hands slippery, to 'wash' the germs away
then the water is really there to rinse
although hot water helps kill germs
its really not gonna kill a lot, unless the water is boiling, which would be way too hot for us

Jack D
cold, hot is better but if its only warm you will grow thousands of bacteria on ur hands ALWAYS use soap

It really doesn't matter what temperature the water is when it comes to killing germs, it really just depends on the soap.

I think warm is better, for 30 seconds. But it is scrubbing vigorously that rids your hands of germs, not necessarily the water or the soap-it is the scrubbing-just FYI.

cool to warm but use soap. Hot water will cause your hands to dry out.

I think that hot its another myth.yes boiling kills bacteria but not the simply hot.In the opposite a just warm place like a bus seat that someone was seated before you or warm water keep them alive.In the army when you save they always instruct you to use cold water so bacteria dies and dont stay in pores of the skin.Bacteria dont like cold another example thats why we keep the food in the freezer .If you live it outside next day its damaged.But off course you need soap too.

it is impossible to wash in hot enough water to kill germs so the temp thing probably doesn't matter too much. Adding soap, scrubbing thoroughly and rinsing well are the most important. Very warm water seems to activate soap better than cold water but is drying to hands that need to be washed often.
When surgeons scrub, they don't let the water run to heat it but they do scrub thoroughly and in a certain way.

Wash your hands and forearms under warm water for 15 to 30 seconds and make sure you scrub under your nails as well.

You will be as clean as a Surgeon!

I take a shower in cold water, and wash my hands in cold water

this answer may stand out but it actully kills the germs more if u think about it, and it cools u off

studies show that the temperature of the water doesn't make enough of a difference in decreasing bacteria to worry about it. Warm, cold, hot, doesn't matter. Unless you can stand putting your hands in boiling water, the temp doesn't matter.

warm feels nice, but cold doesn't waste heat and helps the environment. just saying.

I found a couple of articles that indicate that warm is all that is necessary, along with soap and length of time you scrub to be effective.

"Washington Weekly (excerpt), Nat'l Restaurant Assoc./ --

At the recent 2000 Conference for Food Protection (CFP), industry professionals and other concerned groups developed a consensus position recommending the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lower the Food Code's mandated hand-washing temperature from 110 degrees Farenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and that the agency study a less restrictive course of regulation of foodservice employee' bare- hand contact with ready-to-eat foods."




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