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Blue Daze
Which drug will do the most harm to a 1st time user?
Say now that a normal, healthy person is to take a sample of each type of illegal drug (cocaine, heroin, ecstacy, etc), which one would cause the most harm?

Mark J
A normal healthy person would not consider sampling the drugs you list. but going on your premise, the one that would do the most harm would be the one that causes the person to have the best or most pleasant reaction to. this would cause the person described to assume that they might be able to "sample" some more. and they would then normally and healthfully continue sampling until the normalcy ends.

Well that entirely depends. This past summer heroin users all over the city of Chicago were dropping dead because of a bleached batch. From what I hear, Heroin causes a physical dependency on the first use. Yet, ecstacy takes almost a week to really recover from and feel back to normal. Cocaine supposedly only lasts about 20 minutes. I'd have to rank that as least harmful. It depends on how you define harm. Bodily harm? Dependency harm? Bodily harm I'd say X is the worst. Dependency I'd say heroin.

Heroin is a disgusting, disgusting drug. I've lost friends to such a stupid f**king drug. Don't even consider trying it once.

Heroin, b/c its so addictive....but, ive seen vicodin do the same.

either way, stick to the booze.

Any, every ones body reacts different to different drugs. Some are a quick death and some are a long painful death for you and people around you. So don't do any off them!

I am going with cocaine...it can cause death first time around..it can over tax the heart to the piont where a person, who may or may not have been predisposed to heart issues, can just die...that to me has a very lasting effect...

Not a good idea to do any of them...I just drink, at least it is only killing me slowly!!!

My guess would be either coke or heroin.

probably cynide or botch

Well, I think the one that has the most potential to hurt you with one use is ecstasy, because the dehydration seems to be the worst. The heroin is incredibly addictive, but contrary to what people say, most do not get addicted on the first try.

Of course, it also depends where you get these drugs - there might be something potentially dangerous cut into the drug that is not supposed to be there, so I suggest you watch someone else do it before you try it...

Most of these will not cause harm for a 1 time try though. Just don't keep doing it. First time , at least you know, but second time just makes you a doofus. Stay strong and get the experience you feel that you need (because you can't say sh*t until you've been there).

CRYSTALMETH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It does the most physical damage inside and out. It ages you 10 years in 1 year....... yuck!
Heroin would be next because it is physically very addictive. It only takes a couple of times and now your body craves it as it would if it was hungry. I have seen people on that sh_t as I have with crystalmeth.

Cocaine, you could possibly die the first time you take it.

Cocaine- because there are people who unknowingly CAN NOT metabolize this drug and they will die.

Aaron & Jesse's Mommy
Heroin would be the worst, it has the best chance of killing you with one use. Also the chance of addiction is much higher with heroin. Cocaine and e, which can be harmful are much less so than heroin.

drugs are bad ! if u are healthy and never one any drugs before you should never EVER even try you shouldnt even be thinking about it !

The Chesire Cat
meth ...."crystalmeth"... will cause the most harm...

I think meth.

Crack - immediate addiction.
If you end up with the wrong kind of ecstacy pill - it can kill you.
So I#d say ecstacy.

Jacuzzi Lover
I would say Heroin. I heard that you get addicted really easy and fast.

anything that you would "shoot up" would be my guess.

heroin its the most addictive

Hard to say... See, the thing about street drugs is that they are not labeled. You don't know exactly what you are getting. You could think you are doing coke, but it's really coke laced with meth. Or you could be smoking pot with something else in it.
None of them are good for you, but I would tend to think heroine or meth would be worst for your heart and brain. It would also depend upon your own physical makeup.

Cocaine and heroin are the most additive..None of the above will do you any good,They are all dirty drugs..

golden rider
Meth, ecstacy, herion, cocaine, in that order. Except for the fact that heroin is the most addictive.

kristy h
It depends on the person and the amount of each taken. Some peoples have died by trying drugs the first time they use it. Just dont try any and you wont have to worry about it.

Heroin is one that creates an instant addiction, crack would be the next in line. It all really depends on your type of personality.

Terry M
crack, instant addiction!!!!

Meth - MAJOR damage to your body!

heroin - You're addicted with ONE use!

Crack cocaine is possibly the worst as you can become addicted to it on the first use.

actually nicotine is supposed to be the most lethal b/c its the most addictive.

I would say the heroin thats some nasty ****

I think its safe to say that herion would cause the most harm because its just so addictive. The first time they take it they will most likely be hooked, and we all have heard the stories of how aweful it is when you try to get off it =/ Its just a sad sad thing.

Coke, marijuana and ecstacy are more recreational drugs-not to say you cannot get hooked, but its harder. As for Meth which was suggested, I am not too sure-Id still say heroin is more addictive but I know Meth is up there too.

Are you wanting the one that does the most harm or the most addicting??I am going to say the one that will do the most harm because thats what you have typed above,"which one would cause the most harm?" Cocain and herion would be the most addicting, but I truly believe ecstacy would definitley do the most harm.It causes people to run fevers, chills, alot of first time users die. So thats what My answer would be. Hope it helps you.

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