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 How do you stop biting your fingernails?
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 isnt smoking a form of suicide?
i dont smoke and never will, i was just thinking that if you can die from it, then isnt it a form of suicide since your doing it to yourself?
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yes you could die from a ...

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 Can wearing a hat at night make my ears grow closer to my head?
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im 16 so still growing ...

 I think I'm constipated. What do I do?
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 I keep having this recurring dream that I am driving a car and my foot is on the break but the car won't stop.
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 Can marijuana make you sick?
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Basically the coursework deadline has been brought forward and its TOMORROW! i have to complete near enough a whole folder of work! I need to stay awake tonigth and get on with it all or i fail.

 What are the dangers of smoking pot?

 How come when a woman farts, it doesn't smell as bad as when a man does?

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 How do you sleep?
is there a special way you have to be in order to sleep.

for example: i have to have one arm under my pillow under my head and i can't be hot.

what about you? do you ...

 10 points best answer...Under arm sweat?!?
P.s i use antipesperant already.....
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 How safe is it to eat 'Expired' food and drinks, like Chips, Popcorns and Mountain Dew, Coke?
Some are like January 2006, some are May 2006, and some just expired for a couple of weeks.

And, yeah some are from Last year.

How Sick can a person get eat expired food/drinks?...

how can i tell someone i have bulimia?
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 Should I smoke weed????
I have a lot of very good reasons which I don't feel like getting into, of why I want to, but I'm kind of scared.. I don't wanna get addicted, or anything, or get caught, advice??

 if i smoke what happends to me?

When you die do you want to be buried, burnt or recycled?

There is this thing they did at this pathology center where they preserved this person in this plastic... Like her whole body was plastic inside and out and then they sliced her in 1mm thick cross sections. REALLY interesting to look at :)

I want to be preserved like that then buried! :) Been my dream for 2 years. Hope I don't die too soon (Touch wood)

God told me I'm not gonna die. So I guess this isn't an issue for me ;)


Anti Everything
i want to be mummified

Sinead O

I'd rather be recycled, so I get to help others live and live on... in a creepy way... hmm... toughie... good question!


Veronica Alicia
If there is anything left worth recycling then I'd go for it.
The remainder to be buried.
My parents had both chosen cremation as being "clean and tidy", but after they had gone quickly and cleanly, it left me with absolutely nothing.
I had no focal point for my grief which visits to a grave would have provided.
I was left with just a devastating hole in my life. I would not want to do that to my family.

Mrs B

I'd like to be recycled...into a can of sprite...mmmmm sprite!

Recycled as in chopped up and sent to a meat factory? No thanks ;).

I'll probably want to be cremated and then chucked somewhere nice, less hassle for the family. For some reason imagining my dead body rotting away in a fancy box creeps me out.

recycled and then burnt

I don't like been buried cos of the spiders eating away at you so I guess definitely no to getting buried, I would probably prefer getting cremated cos that's a healthy way of getting rid of your deceased body.

Lil Miss
i dno......ild like to be recycled......and they may b burnt but i dno....
scary lol

i want to be preserved stuffed and put on the couch in my house. either that or cremated :)



cremated, I don't wish my bones to be dug up in years to come to make way for a supermarket or a nightclub

pendulum dude

I would prefer to be burried rather than being recycled or burnt.

the big chief
I DON'T REALLY CARE - just as long as the weather is nice wherever i go

For me, it's a matter of economics. A standard funeral with burial will cost me around 6 to 7 thousand dollars, which is totally out of the question and ridiculous! I have opted for "direct cremation" Which means that nothing is done to the body, as far as preservation is concerned. No embalming! No viewing! No traditional casket! Actually I will be placed in a cardboard box and placed into an oven and turned to ashes.

Cost in my area for this service is between 1500 and 2000 dollars. Why waste any more money than is necessary!

Burnt =)

...alive. Just kidding =P

Hung in an iron cage outside the tower of london as a lesson to others not to live like I did!

Yes please, at least one of the above. Much better than just leaving me in the corner of the room.

For me, its either between buried or recycled. But I dont want to be stuck underground forever, but I also dont want to be cut open. I definetly dont want to be set of fire, so I dont really know which one. Definetly not burned.

Well it all depend how I would be recycled. If they recycle me into a very intellignet beautiful woman married to a millionaire then i do not mind. But i do not want to be recycle into a chicken (i would be eaten) into an egg, into an insect or a mouse .

I asked about giving my body to science and donate any organs that are still good. the mortician said they don't take just anyone and not to bother. so I guess I'll be cremated and fertilize my daughter's garden.

God Almighty
i like how you use recycled...that's taking enviromnental protection a bit too seriously.

hurts so good
throw me over the fence at the old ladys home lol.

Liam o
I have donated my body to science. When they are finished with it, they pay for a funeral etc. so no cost to my family.

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