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Whats wrong with me ?
im going to the doctor tomoro but i cant even talk! my symptoms are..
sore throat
tightness of the chest
runny nose
eyes hurt
slight fever
this has been going on for 6 days....
What do i have ? im miserable!!!

They're coming.

aids and cancer my friend, aids and cancer

Molly Anne Hale

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David M
A cold.....

rhinosvirus...aka the common cold...every single one is different! you prolly just have a bad cold

You have a cold. It should be on it's way out if you've had it for 6 days.

you might have the flu or a sinus infection. Good luck!

don c
it would be best to see a doctor. it does sound like a bad case of flu but by 6 days it should be getting better.

Nicolette Kelly
You could have a bad cold or the flu.

erika lynn
thats definitely a sinus infection... they BLOW!

I'll be yr bird.
you sound like you have severe allergies/ allergic reaction to something airborne.

The Dude
Congestion. Get some Sudafed to releave the tension in your ears and head, Ibprofen for the fever. This will minimize the hurt, but you body has to fight the virus, so keep hydrated and eat well (fruits and vegis).

you most likely caught the flew.
you should buy some vicks and but ti under your nose
and on yur chest. the will help and take about to tynol every two to three hours

that sounds like a flu... drink hot tea honey and add a little lemon it will ease your sorethroat hope you get better

Cloe B
strep throat

Sounds like you have a severe form on the flu. Not life threatening, but it can make you very miserable. You might have a bout of a sinus infection. Sinus Infections can drain in your throat, in your ears, and it can make you eyes hurt and teeth ache. I suggest..soaking in a hot hot tub of water, take a wash clothes soaked in the water, drape it over your forehead and take a glass of water and 2 ib prophens..If you do that then you will be able to comfortable make it through until tomorrow. I hope that helps. OH please drink alot of water!! Good LUck

Adrian P
The flu or a cold,regular sick and pain yes that doesn't happen to people alot

Katie G
My dad had all those symptoms about a year ago. Tuned out he had a horrible sinus infection. My dad is one of those tough guys that never admits when they are sick but he was in so much pain he was crying. For sure get to the doctor asap!!!!!

Might be a flu with an ear infection

Casey <33
go to the doctor and let us know how it works out

country boy

sounds like a bad cold or the flu

It could be the flu.

stacey k
it sounds a lot like the flu
just take it easy
it's prolly stress too


has a symptom check thing... do it. now.

a cold

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