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 is it possible to die from weed that was laced with something?
i smoked some bud today around 9 and it was from my friends brothers friend who i never got from before. I smelled it and it smelt funky. Now my heart is beating really fast and i cant stand up on my ...

 Stretch Marks?!?!?!?!?!?
7 years ago I was diagnosed with Leaukeamia and as part of my treatment I had to take steroids, which had the unfortunate side-effect of making me hungry and naturally gaining weight. This went on ...

 Please help me! :( I'm really helpless?
I just threw up in my mouth. (0.o) and whenever I swallowed it, my throat starts to burn. Whenever I swallow, my throat hurts like it burns. and whenever I cough or whenever I cough, my throat burns ...

 how could i stay up all night?
i slept late today and im all alone tonight and i want to stay up all night do u know how i could?...

 how painful are tongue piercings?
I know it varies with everyone,
i stretched my ears to 3/4ths of an inch,
and i was wondering if anyone had experience with stretched piercings how much it hurts compaired to it
i ...

 How did you stop smoking?
What kind of stuff would you guys do when you got the urge to smoke(instead of smoke of course). I'm trying to stop and doing fairly well I just thought you guys might have some suggestions. T...

 ways to avoid queefing?
whenever i ask this people just say
ohhh just laugh!!
nobody tells me HOW to avoid it!!
it's so embarassing!...

 It's 2am, I am so bored! What can I do this late?
Ok, it's almost 2am. I am always up this late. And I have nothing to do. No one I know is up this late,so I cant call them. I have exausted working on my webpage. I dont want to watch tv or ...

 how do u make yourself throw up?
i need something easy and that works!...

 I was asleep when I woke up with a sudden attack of cramp in my calf musle. No strenuous exercise!!?
How did this happen? I was asleep in bed. Not running a marathon or swiming!!...

 Is 6'1" tall for a thirteen year old girl?
My parents aren't really that tall. My mom's 5'9' and my dad's only six feet.

Am I really that tall? I'm still growing, so I don't know what I'll be....

 why do people think weed is so bad?
its not. honestly i just think they havent tried it, or they're just to stressed to get high... you will not get addicted and they have proven that it doesnt cause any type of cancer. it doesnt ...

 They think I'm anarexic?
Everyone outside & inside of school think I'm gonna become anarexic, y? I'm not fat, I'm not chubby, I'm not super skinny, but I'm in between superskinny & skinny. T...

 How often do you take a bath/shower?
I don't know if its my family's background or culture. But we take at least 2 baths/showers a day. One in the morning and one at night. I have heard extremes such as people taking showers ...

 need help staying awake?
i'm a high school student and school starts eveyday at 7:00 a.m. and by the time 3rd hour gets by (which is like 9:30) i'm so tired. is there something that could keep me awake during ...

 Has your stomach ever "grumbled" while you were in class? Why does it do that?
It's so embarrassing and I find that it only happens when I'm really nervous and haven't eaten all day. And it only happens when I'm in class or at a library when its really quiet,...

 Is it bad for ones health to hold in a sneeze?
I've always wondered that....

 If u need the loo but there isnt 1 around, what do u do?

 Have you ever broken bones in your body?
which ones, how many, did you heal right?
Additional Details
besides fingers and toesfrom being a clod, I am pretty sure I broke my ankle while running for the school bus, it hurt very ...

 How to get rid of acne without using creams etc??

Whats the longest time you not eaten for?

around 3 days straight.

most of these peops are liers lol they must of eaten something.

nope i went cold turkey three days solid.

im still not eating properly but its because i forget! and im still alive its a miracle!

submissive wife and proud of it
3 days (derpression) my hubby stepped in and said"If you DO NOT eat I will cram it down your little throat!" I tae after an hour of arguing...

well 3 days cus i was ill , with glandular fever so ***** eat anything.
then for about a weel later all i could eat was toast , i lost about 15 pounds in 9 days ish i think

13 hours.............
Fasting from morning till evening...........
Completely cannot eat or drink..............

2 days

last century i ate only a loaf but 10 centurys ago i used to eat a lot

Happy Murcia
Only about 18 hours,,,,

Food? 7 days . ;)

i was in hospital though.

♥ kissedxbyxthexsun ♥
for a day. i went to florida and was too happy and too busy to pay attention to food, so i forgot and had a good time.

4 hours

a day

about a week

well the longest time would have to be ummmmmmmmm......well probaly 2 days really

a week

9 days when i had food poisoning

Bon Appetit
15 hours without food and drink

a couple of years back i went 4 days without eating anything.was on the roads and had no money for anything.glad thats all over with now.

48 hours

☼ Jules ☼
38 hours. I was in labour though, so food was the last thing on my mind.

A weekend, Friday to Monday.
I was young, and I was sulking!

umm 2 days

morning sickness I couldn't stop getting sick

Two days. Drugs are a b*tch.

Crazy Diamond
2 days when i was ill

other than when I was sick like 4 days- I just had no appetite at all.

4 days...

Sean F
76 1/2 hours (= 3 days, 4 hours and 30 minutes), the time I was trapped under the rubble of a collapsed house.

tim d
12 hours

Around 38 hours

Daniel F
10 days, but i did drink 'smoothies'

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