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 I'm thinking about taking up smoking?
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if you could find a link for proof, that would be great....

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im 5 9''

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Chris Martinez
What would you do if a 14 year old asked you to buy them cigarettes?
Okay, so I was at the gas station the other day getting cigarettes and there were 2 14 year old boys outside and one of them approached me and asked me to buy them cigarettes. I just ignored them and walked in... What would you do in this situation?

I would say no because it's illegal and then ignore them.

i'd just tell them no cuz i wouldn't want to get busted

When kids pull a "hey mister" outside the store for cigarettes/liquor they're risking their money. Just take it and rip them off. That'll teach them LOL

Well, I wouldn't actually steal money from little kids, but I wouldn't risk the legal consequences for them either. I smoked when I was their age, but when I look at a 14 year old now, they just look so young-too young for me to want to buy them smokes.

I did buy cigs for my 16 year old cousin after he started smoking...he's family so I felt bad not helping him....He would have gotten them with or without my help anyway, so it's not like if I didn't buy them he wouldn't be smoking...Otherwise, I buy cigs for me or for friends that are my age and need a pack since I'm going to get some for myself anyway...

Young kids can look elsewhere for their cigarettes...I just ignore them too (^_^)

buy them and go to prison for it, because it's all worth it, of course.
NOT!! lol

*ι ηєє∂ уσυя αттєηтιση*
Uhm, where I live, I'd just get them the cigarettes... you'll get shot where I live.

Gave them a look that would hopefully make them feel real stupid for asking such a stupid question and keep walking.

Poke the finger at them

14 no way.

Tell them,
to get a life.

I would tell them I refuse to be an accomplice in their suicide.

Jelly Bean
The same thing. It has been proven that the earlier a person begins to smoke, such as around 13-14, it is certain to cause a life long addiction.

I would have ignored them or said no. I smoked when I was 14, but asking a stranger is a very rude thing to do. Putting them in a situation with a moral and legal dilemma is very unthoughtful. I had to find a friend to buy them for me, and they should too.

I was outside of my job one day with a cigarette. I had a couple of young guys ask me for one. I told them if they could show me some ID that they were 18 they could have one. They just kinda whined "maaaan", and walked away. You should let the person at the gas station know what's going on.

i would say no

Kate [shewilldestroyou]
I'd say aren't you a tad young? and then i'd tell them that if i saw their ID's i'd buy them ciggarettes (since they are obviously too young it'd be an odd question) then i'd keep walking.

I would buy some.... then keep them for myself, and tell them to get their own cigarettes =)

Tell them to shove it. If you want to get arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, go ahead.

take they money n roon!

lani jayne
Well I'm a fifteen-year-old girl (I only turned 15 the other day), and when I was fourteen, and even the beginning of this year I was asking random adults to buy me smokes. But I guess now that I've quit I've kind of opened my eyes to what an adult would see it as. If I were an adult and bought those kids cigarettes, I would be influencing them to smoke and disobeying rules that were set by their parents.

In another case, if they were my kids and I let them smoke I would not have a problem.

Luke G
Just say no

Alexandra Heller
Throw stuff at them until they go away.


i would've said "No you dumbass."

"Your to young guys, don't pick up this bad habit." Even though you are a stranger, you are also an elder. Step up to the plate and give them a short lecture.

I would say a flat out no. May as well just stick the knife in if you are going to supply them with cancer sticks.

I would have bought them a Snicker's bar.

dont do it because its illegal and you could get yourself in trouble. you did the right thing


I don't even smoke cigarettes so there is no way Im getting them for kids.

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