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 Why do people think that a person with dyslexia is stupid just because they can't spell or read well?

 I can't stop biting my nails! Any suggestions?
I've had the habit for years, it doesn't seem to be a nervous thing, more just boredom. It's so ugly though! I need to stop!...

 what's the best methods to help you fall asleep?
it's 1:00 in the morning and I can't sleeeep!...

 I'm almost 16 and am only 5'2" - 5'3". Could there be a problem with my growth hormones?
I'm much shorter than my friends and i'm afraid ill be short forever. I want to be able to do something about it now so that I dont act too late. Is there something wrong?
Additional D...

 I'm a girl and I sleep in my underwear. Should I be embarrassed of this?

 please someone help me ?
Please someone I need someone to talk to really bad. its 2am and everyone i know is sleeping and i dont want to wake up anyone. im feeling really upset and i just cut on one of my arms and thats ...

 I'm afraid to fly..?
...and I'm flying to mexico next month. i know there are therapies etc, but does anyone have any good tips for me? How can I fight this fear? Anyone else have the same problem?...

 will i die tonight in my sleep.?

 how do you make your ears stop ringing after a concert?
I went and saw 3OH!3 last night and my ears still haven't stopped ringing....

 I can never get up in the morning...?
I can never get up in the morning on school days. My alarm clock goes off at 6:45 but I usually sleep in till 7:30 and only get up when my parents yell at me. Is this a symptom of a medical problem ...

 I want to quit smoking. Any advice?
Been smoking for over six years. I quit once before, but now I'm back on the disgusting habit. Any advice/encouragement appreciated!...

 How old were you 10 years ago?!?
hmm, i was about 6!
what about you?...

 How can I get to sleep easier?
I really have trouble getting to sleep. I don't have no worries or any lights or anything distracting me, and I come off the computer 30 minutes before going to bed, and during those 30 minutes I...

 why do some people have such bad breath?
There are a couple of ppl I know who's bad breath is noticeable from across the room.
Also can a person w/such bad breath be aware they have it?...

 Should I go to school tomorrow?
This is my last week of school and I'm a sophomore.
I do not feel well at all, I have a headache, sore throat, I'm very sleepy and very sore, I can't stop coughing and sneezing ...

 my toilet is blocked! what should i do? dont laugh?
my mum has poured a whole bucket of water to see if it would unblock but it didnt work. well i think my poop atually blocked it. lol please dont laugh i was constipated then finally i pooped and then ...

I HAVE....

 Is a girl's thing in the inside really feel like warm apple pie like in the movie "American Pie"?

Additional Details
Why is everybody being mean. I was just wondering cause of the movie????...

 Are u a Smoker?
Let us count how many smokers are masters here.

NOTE: If you are a smoker Then only Answer, with your comments....

 how can you make yourself throw up?
so i just ate a small pack of skittles and after i relized that there was a hole in the pack and im like paroniod about something being in it now. and i jjst dont feel good at all. i tried stinking ...

What would happen if i ate Amy Winehouses used tampon?!?

t r o l l :)

You're disgusting. Why would you even ask a dumb *** question like that? I can't believe what a sick mind you have. Ugh!


~*Bride in 2010*~
Seriously? You are sick and I don't know why people come on here and ask questions like this. It is just nasty and annoying!

Animal lover!
ur stupid. lol

DaRe to be ?nbıun©
...why would you ask a stupid question like that? was it supposed to be a joke?

did i hear.... STD's?!

you'd be a freak!!

you will get every disease going you may as well call it the winehouse disease

:)i think i'm in like(:
You would get Amy Wine Flu!

you would DIE from stupidity!!!!!!

[.R.I.P. Heath] =)
why would you wanna do that you're sick!
Lol. =D

Chelsea Brown
ull get swine

you could die because of the poisons that are in it to stop you from bleeding and it won't end out pretty first you'll puke out many good organs that you need to live.

thats freaking weird!

**Levi <3 :]

big stuff
trust me you will not want too


you were prolife at birth right?
thats disgusting... how do you even think like that?

what kind of person thinks of this kind of stuff ?!

Mrs.Murray :)
haha girl are you crazy???? why did you just ask that XD

haha. Do I smell a P&S prank? lol.

OCD chic
You would die of hoe poisoning

Anti WIFL and proud of it
Are you looking for attention? I've read some dumb ones but this is got to be the dumbest..........

then her ugliness would be passed on to you
its contagious.

you would be sick in catch what ever else disease she has (attention seeker)


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