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Aaron C
What to do if my armpit is smelly ? ?
what can i do by using perfume ? but i use some gel it cause me itchy...like a few red dots there.....sometimes after bath it still smell....

Use deoderant, like axe


Then you no wash so good Pigpen.

use dial soap,then secret deodorant, daaaaaaa!

deodorant usually solves that problem
antiperspirant deodorant solves the sweating and smelling issues as well

Mackenzie R
I would use antipersperant deoderant to stop the sweat and smell, also dont use th gel because u mite be allerigc to somehing in it.

um buy degree it works the best. And i i am allergic to a lot of things and it does not do anything to me. Oh by the way get extra protection

wash them with cold water before you get out off bath. then spray your self with deodorant straight away.

lick it


underarm deodorant scent free

Scott L
use deo. duuuuu...

Deodorant and anti persireant. If the problem persists, contact a doctor. There could be more to it.

buy speed stick its the best deoderant

Get michum ddeodorant it really helps with smell

i love him but he dont love me:(
use deoderent

rawr (:
hello??? theres this thing called deoderant

Jumbo Kubhes
use deodorant sprays AXE. it's the best out there. If you are allergic to deodorants, don't use deodorant stick at all

use deodorant

brooklynn olivia
um take a shower and use deoderant?

deodorant is your new best friend. apply as necessary. =)

Have a bath and make sure you get a bath spunge and rub under your armpits carry some deodrant round and remember
ONLY STALE SWEAT SMELLS so you mustnt be washing your armpits properlt make sure you clean them really well !.

Good Luck
Toodles x

My nephew had the same problem when he was in his teens. He bathed 3 times a day & use deodorant but within 1/2 hr., he smelled as if he'd been plowing a field for a week. We tried everything we could think of. Nothing worked. Dr. said to try a mixture of baking soda & cornstarch. It worked so well that I got a couple of saltshakers with large holes. He kept one in his gym bag & one at home. He still had to bathe more often than other folks but he didn't smell anymore. There's nothing in it that can hurt you so it just might be worth a try..Good luck!

maybe you should get clinical strength deodorant or maybe this might sound nasty, u might have fungus there, it is possible

don't use deodorant if it makes you break out with a rash... but have you tried a stick deodorant? You could talk to a doctor and see if they have any suggestions, because it could be a glandular issue, or it could be a sign of something else, after washing yourself you should not smell bad.

well see a doctor or something.

baby powder- keeps you dry and smells so good.

go to a doctor and get prescription strength deodorant. Shower every day, or just go to walmart or something and get clinical stregnth deoderant.

I see a programme regarding the same problem the other day, that suggests that it is something to do with the sweat galnd, maybe you could seek advise from your doctor about botox injections, they helped her.

umm go to a doctor

Erica R
put deoderant on in the morning and night and before you work out and when you are in the shower make sure to wash them..lol...By the way nice question =)) lol

hope this helped!

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