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 I swallowed an ice cube!!?
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It's funny, those that didn't get the joke are all teenagers, adults understood it was pure humour and answered accordingly....

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if you could find a link for proof, that would be great....

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 im 12, what will happen if i drank a full bottle or white wine?
will i get drunk or just stay the same way?? cuz i like wine a lot!
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my parents don't no i drink it, we have a wine cellar outback.
im 5 9''

 Anyone love sleeping in jeans?
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We're in my dorm room at my high school (It's a high school where you stay all year untill Summer time, and holidays)
My friend is really sick. She's throwing up so badly and it&#...

 do you think i'll get sick..? 10 pts?
Last night I was at the movies with this guy and he kissed me. This morning he threw up and he has a temperature of 101.
Is there a big chance I will get sick?...

 How do I get rid of a sore throat?
I feel a sore throat coming on.
how do i get rid of it?
it's not quite 'sore' yet but i can def. feel something coming on....

What should i do if my gf's puking?
i already told her she was disgusting.

Miss. Misunderstood
Get her a glass of water.

get her a rubber band for her hair, and get the hell out of there!!!
if shes drunk, or sick.

but, if shes doing because she wants to be skinny, kick her in the face. its harsh, but it gets the point across

Why did you tell her she was digusting?Have you ever thrown up before? Hold her hair back and get her a towel.Don't put her down.

show to doctor!

Think up someplace you have to go immediately and leave.

Darth Severus
leave her alone

help her find a new boyfriend who wont tell her shes disgusting(just kidding). ive held my girlfriends hair for her and shes held mine. the trick is to always have a radio in the bathroom, a hair tie, and ozium(air freshener). be nicer to your woman, love is not spelled "r u d e". conversation discussing each others feelings makes the true love feeling and the relationship last. and, the domestic assault rate down. haha... yeaah, ok ill shut up now.

Is it because of morning sickness?

first get a pregnancy test, and if it is neg. she might have bulimia which is a very bad disease like anorexia she very well might have a problem if she goes to the bathroom after she eats it is most likely bulimia.
good luck

get out of the way

Keep her hydrated. Ginger is good for nausea, try ginger ale.

Is she throwing up on purpose maybe shes aneroxic..if not fix her some hot milk

take pictures and laugh

Let her puke man, let her puke.

John M
Stop making her eat your cooking

knitting wounded
Maybe pull your head from your behind and take care of her? She may need to go to the doctor/ER, depending on how long she has been sick.

go get yourself some condoms,,, cause it seems u've been forgeting about them lately!1

kiss me fool.
that's nice of you. people always appreciate being called disgusting. if shes puking stand by her, jeez!

Since you're already told her that you find her disgusting, don't bother holding her hair back. You don't deserve to touch her hair.

Now be a man and help her. You know what to do. Like you never puked before.

I hope next time you get sick she doesn't forget to make fun of you.

shes pregnat!if you guys did it then of course she pregnat.

Hold her hair back for her.

Watch where you sit down.

...i <3 Xavi...
you should hold her hair back, and rub her tummy, also when she's down give her some 7-UP if that stuff still exists, make her feel like the princess surprise her with some chicken soup a couple of hours after she threw up, also put like a wet cloth on her forehead because after you throw up you get a major head ached, give her foot massage after or play with her hair to make her fall asleep, if you do this she will feel like you really care about her and you are comfortable with her no matter the situation,......your MEAN you messed up by telling her she's disgusting i would have kicked you out of my house if i was her, YOUR RUDE, i wish you were in her position

Take her to the emergency room or get her a pregnancy test.. If she just started, get her a garbage can or bed pan.

Hall of Fame
If she's drunk, then make her clean it up make her get barf on her hair, and let her sleep in it. If she's not drunk then hold back her hair, wait about five minutes, and then give her some pepto-always does the trick-, and give her some saltines to settle her stomach, then let her rest or sleep.

well if she has short hair you dont hold back her hair..obviously..but you should have her rest and have her eat jello..or somethinf that can stay down if it happens again...give her a pregnancy test

hold back her hair - find a bucket or a trash can if she isn't going to make into to the bathroom - and don't kiss her aleast until she has brushed her teeth and gargled a good gallon of mouthwash. The find out what cause her to throw up and don't take responsibility to the fact you were responsible for buying her those 10 alcoholic drinks. Just deny everything but apologize for calling her disgusting and try to get her to tell you what is bothering her unless you want her to become your ex-girlfriend sport.

I would say you asked this question totally in jest. If not you are not worth of you girlfriend and you are worm. Tell your girlfriend that you are a worm then am let her step on you - it will give her some satisfaction.

If she is throwing up because of a eating disorder of sometype tell her that she needs to go to a self-help group like OA and let her you your computer to find their website and get her over to a meeting. Then find yourself another girlfriend if you don't think you can be there for her.

If she keeps throwing up call poison control and or her medical doctor. Hide the poison if you are the one who poisoned her on purpose - don't hide it if it is an accident or she did it to herself. Always take care of yourself first.

This is all a joke people - disclaimer for the hurmor deprived.

hold her hair back and afterwards ask her what she did or ate that made her puke

just hold her hair and get her some water

Hold her hair back for her. Why is she puking?

Coxie Megan
hold her hair back and be nice

how would u feel if u got sick and your girlfriend called you discusting.

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