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 I hate to ask this, but is it normal to poo everyday?
I heard that if one eats healthy they do or they poo every other day.
I also heard that Americans don't go as much as they should and only a few times a week.

Anyway, is it ...

 i have a habit of smelling dog poo , and im being serious?
shall i go dr or what ;(...

 help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......…
ok i have a misquto bite and it looks like wierd it has like a purple ring around it and then it is red then in the middle it is like white what dose that mean.help....

 What's your blood group?

 ok i need this answer in the next 10 minutes!?
ok so for a project i have to have a cast on my arm..the one that are super hard and it has to be colored! so please tell me how to do this!
Additional Details
OK FIRST of all i dont ...

 Can you get addicted to smoking after just one cig & is it illegal to smoke when you're 13? or just to buy 'em?
ok, so i was wondering is it illegal to be SMOKING them, or just to buy them but u can smoke them if you're 13?
and can u get addicted from having just one?
thanks :3...

 Why DO people smoke anyway?
I'm not talking about the nicotine addiction or anything. I hear from some adults who smoke that it "relieves stress" or they "like the taste of it". I have never smoked ...

 ughhhhh important ! read!?
my stomach is killing me i feel like im about to vomit,
i know grosssss.
how can i make my stomach feel better or what do i do!?...

 Weed Or Alcohol Which Is Better?
People say that weed is better for you then alcohol
i occasionally do weed but not sure if its better or worst then ...

 Is it bad if you accidentally eat food with maggots in it?
I went to the grocery store today and I bought a bag of Tortellini. As I began to eat I noticed some dead maggots on my food. I had already eaten some of the Tortellini. Has this ever happened to ...

 How can I get to sleep?
Lately, I have been having trouble getting to sleep, any ideas?
Additional Details
Hi, thanks for everyones answers. Hopefully will work!
Thank you (:...

 Shaving your Armpits?
So I started shaving about a year ago and well..almost after every timee I shave...I will get razor burn. It will be fine for about a day then...BAM-razor burn!

How I shave is- I use aG...

 i have a friend who is 21 5 foot 8 and weighs 57 pounds and she' still trying to loose more ?
i don't want to abandon her but its draining me to watch her do this to herself what can i do
Additional Details
1st thing for all you judgers this is serious no lies shes been ...

 Is anyone else embarrased by their habits?
What is your most embarrasing habit? I have had this habit of biting my fingernails for years....

 I'm peeing more often and my pee is now clear like water. Is something wrong with me?
I'm 14 and I drink lots of water these days. T...

 whats wrong with me?
sore throat
sore stomach
runny ...

 I saw a women and a man get killed?
i could not beleive wat i saw
it was dark and i was walking down an alley and i heard a women scream
i was going to see wat was going on but when i got there i saw a man shoot her and ...

 Why does my friend have a scent?
One of my good friends smells weird sometimes. It's not necessarily offensive like a bathroom smell but it's not very pleasant either. Sometimes when I'm in her room (we're in ...

 I randomly started to cry while smoking weed.?
The other day, i smoked weed for the first time in my life. My sister came over with two friends, and they wanted to "smoke me up" so I had known that they were coming for a few days in ...

 When you die do you want to be buried, burnt or recycled?

What is something you want to do in your life before you die? Also, How do you want to die?
There are so many things I will like to in my life before I pass.

traval to every state. take a bullit for someone i love, u cant beat that, lol.

pinky c
before i die i wanna find the 10 commandments
and i wanna die by getting hit by a fedex truck =]

i want to get run over by a truck and before i die i want to travel

eat a plump **** off the floor of a public restroom
jk.. but seriously a plump stinky ball of poop

Something Smells Fishy
I wanna finish and publish this novel I've been working on for %*&$# ever.

I just want to live before I die =)
And I dont care how I die, as long as it's not in a hospital bed. (I dont mind if i'm sick, or old, but I wouldn't want to die there)

Sweet Pea
Really I want to live life to it's fullest,not exactly bungee jumping kinda thing just be happy ya know. One thing that I have always wanted to since I was like 11 was make a list of all the people I know. So I guess that would be on my list (yea retarded I know but anyway) I guess I would like to die peacefully of old age but I hope that doesn't happen anytime soon!!!! ♥

i want to give my family everything i can before i die. my hubby and i have a plan where if we die after we're 45 we'll be able to leave 1,000,000 dollars to each of our children to invest however they want... hopefully we'll be able to accomplish that
i'd like to die either in my sleep without any knowledge, or really quickly (like in a bad car accident) without any pain.

West Ryder
Land a kickflip. I wanna die in my sleep.

I would like to float in the Dead Sea. See as much of the World as I can, learn as much as I can, love as much as I can. I would like to die in my sleep.

smile for me
sky dive!

i want to find a true love. but how do i want to die? In my sleep. i suffered a major death loss this passed summer, and it was horrible. he was cut by the propellar of the boat... and worst off, i was on the boat and witnessed it. horrible death. i choose to die in my sleep.

Travel the world with people I love. And I'd also prefer to die in my sleep.

I don't want to die, period.

robert KS LEE.
enjoy life whatever i can within my limits.die in the sleep peacefully.

end women's suffrage, and I want to die like Christ died. I don't mind all that suffering if it means I'll be Waking up on the third day feeling fresh.

angel 0110
i would like to explore the world and be a singer and have millions and milllions of people remember me.For the 2nd question i dont want to die but since i have 2 it would be of old OLD age.Lol im afraid of death

Lesa D
I want to live forever but... I will say have a blissfull life...and peacefully,in my sleep.

Become a millionaire and travel the world. Also create a ton of patents and own my own private island. I want to die in my sleep when I am 119.

I want to backback through Europe and make a baby :)
I would like to die peacefully in my sleep when I'm old and gray. I hope my husband dies before me, not because I want him to leave, but so that he won't have to suffer from my death. I love him too much for that.

Flashy Bunny
Skydiving, and i wouldn't mind dying that way, if the parachute failed to open... at least it's instant. Hopefully.

Just Tryin' 2 B Me!
I want to ride in a semi- truck! I know it sounds silly, but i have always been facinated with them. I just want to go to sleep and not wake up. That would be the most peaceful way to meet my maker!

the AZN Invasion
i would want to be rich, and i wanna die like a Spartan lol

I want to do lots of things before I die. I want to see my great great grandchildren, fall in love, go skydiving, jump off of a cliff, live life and love the people I live with. Basically I would like to truly live life before I die. I would like to die knowing I made something of my life. I would like to die peacefully, or fighting for my country, or at least fighting for something I think is right.

I would like to spend one whole day with my Moma, just me and her.

yep there is loads of things i want to do get married,have kids and go to the top of the eiffel tower and see loads of other places and i would like to create something that can make life longer by 60 years

I want to do many things. I want to travel the world go to Africa, and Austraillia, see real kanagroos. I also want to go to africa and help the poor kids there. I want to die in my sleep, not from cancer or anything where you have to take lots of medicine and it makes you feel really sick

See the Bucket List haha

Sail around the carribean , mediterranean, Pacific and Indian oceans on a yacht, with no worries about anything, Meet some hula girls and get hayfever while giving them face........Live to a ripe old age but not so old that everything stops working and I start to fall to peices, then kark it making love to my favorite hula girl.

Darwin was Faithless, A Doubter.
Something I want to do before I die doesn't have to do with going places or physical things. I just want people to know I love them and I want to be at peace within myself and with Jesus Christ.

When I die I want it to be in my sleep with no pain.

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