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What is most likely to happen if I try lsd (acid) at age 18?
What will happen if it's a pretty strong dose that I start tripping off of? (And please don't try to convince me not to do it. I just want facts.) Thank you!

You may react in an unpleasant way AKA throw up, choke on your vomit, get raped, etc.

Well you could trip alright and maybe not return normal again!
you could stay on a trip the rest of your life but hey go for it>!!

Cats like Ramen
we watched this episode of CSI in health class about this guy and this girl who took LSD, and they ended up eating theor friend alive, it was kinda gross. and the teacher said its like ur leaving your body and you feel like your not yourself, and your watching someone else do whatever ur doing, its hard to explain what she said, but you basically go crazy and be invincible

Dancin Dirtyy
i am the same age as you, and i only smoke weed. i even have my medical permit to smoke and buy and even grow if i want to! (california law) marijuana despite rumors, has no long term effect and does not impair your health.

i really wouldn't reccomend acid because it will damage your brain from the very first use. if you continually use it, in about 10 years from now, you'll act like someone with down syndrome and have the mental capacity of a 2 year old.

like i said, i am the same age as you and i have far more going for me than to **** up my life by using hardcore drugs.

answer mine plz:

The REAL Steel Deal!!!
You will write hit records, and you will see people put up stupid political opinionated responses to your question.

if you try it, you will begin trying more and more.
then you will overdose.

so if you try it, you will die from it.
so why waste your life away?
talk to people's friends and family who had somebody die from lsd, they'll tell you.

U-N-I-C-O-R-N thats unicorn
ok i was talking to a police officier and he told me that some guy was peeling his skin off cuz he was he thought he was an orange and like tried to eat him self. yes he was doing acid. i'd rather do pcp its fun

if u try me, ull have a good time...
*kiss kiss* girl...

You will hallucinate..for example if you have an lcd monitor... watch the mouse cursor as you move it from side to side and you will see how it trails itself. When you are high on lsd you will see this with almost everything you look at... like if you wave your hand in front of your face from side to side you will see it trail the same as your mouse. You will be very awake and not be able to concentrate on things such as if you try to watch T.V. you won't remember what you saw in between commercials. If you are tripping with Friends you will all likely laugh a lot and if you trip alone you will likely become paranoid. Now I'm sorry to have to advise you not to take it though or any other drugs... learn to be high on life and you will have much more fun then when on a fake high.

M€[email protected]â?¿
With LSD you can see sounds and hear colors. You can have a good trip with a floating feeling and happyness or a bad trip with scary images and bad memories. Sometimes the images from what youve seen while on LSD will come back with no reason several days afterwards.

Lauren K
Most people will tell you it will do horrible stuff to you. The truth is, however, that LSD has no known physical side-effects. In fact, many believe that LSD can change your life and open up different perspectives, and that it can be a good thing. By doing LSD you will hallucinate a lot, but it's not like you'll see giant purple elephants or anthing, most likely colors will change, sounds will sound different ect. It's not as bad as people put it out to be, especially when those people just hate drugs because they're illegal. You can have a bad trip though. Research it. People will tell you not to do it without knowing anything about it.

just because something is illegal doesn't mean its bad.

the eyes have it!
it doesn't need to be strong to trip. the fact, you're insecure.

Ima Vegan
You will trip for many hours. It may be a good experience or a very bad one. Everyone is different. Make sure that you are in a safe place with people whom you trust. Don't make a habit of doing LSD, but go ahead and try it if you're curious. Don't mix with alcohol.

Caroline C
first off your stupid if your going to do it and you obviously dont know whats going to happen.....

its a hallucinate it will make you see things, some things will be todaly awsome, but then some things will be the scariest **** you have ever seen!!! its an awesome experience, and you dont need alot of it, more doesnt make it any better.

you will either have a very great exerpeince that will open up new doors to what your mind is capable of....or you will have a horrible experience that will haunt you for years to come.

dont take a strong dose, especially if its your first time....TRUST ME. take a small dose for your first time, so you know what to expect the next time you drop.

it can be very overwhelming if you do too much at first.

good luck!

Here you go:


Ricardo G
YOUR body will be getting literaly poison to the brain wich messes it up especially with a strong dose

i rather you try ecstasy not to sound like a mommy but since ive tried it i trust it more. if you do it though and its your first time make sure you only do one, that you stay in a cool place and drink about 1pt an hour( a reg poland spring water bottle) not too much water though,
but if you do the acid anyway just be in a safe place so its less likely for you to trip, (you will hallucinate so if you trip you might see scary things, make sure your with people you trust and in a safe, comfortable environment.) its effects last a long time. also i wouldnt do too much especially if its your first time bc you dont know how sensitive your body is to it and how you will react. good luck.

Hildegardis Bingensis
Everyone is their own individual chemical factory and everyone's metabolism acts slightly differently.
How you react to LSD will be affected by you own bodies reaction and your mental state.
I have put a link to a chemical site that give the physiological effects.

The other link is to the wiki psychology site on LSD.

Question: How stable are you, emotionally?
You seem to be pretty determined to do this so ask yourself a number of questions?
1 Why? Is it purely for experiment/recreation or are you hoping to 'commune with a higher truth'?
2 Is this part of a maturation or initiation processes instigated by you or another? In effect are you doing this to prove your own autonomy or because you feel it will give you another step close to independence?
3 If you must take some moderate the dose, only take half a tab and keep a straight buddy with you at all times.

In the words of Dylan 'whatever colour you have in your mind, I'll show them to you and make them shine'. But beware; the mind is so powerful an organ that people can, and do, die from psychosomatic reasons.

A good trip, with a straight trip buddy to protect , indoors in safe surroundings, with nothing that could freak you (but that could be anything, cos you don't really know how your mind works).
What you are considering is a waking dream that could result in a waking nightmare. Be aware of your surroundings and don't trip anywhere silly, like outdoors, or in a place you are not familiar with.

If u happen to the stuff i'm sure u will get high, want more, and waste ur entire life until u realize u are a failure then be too late to change back.. so don't do it

Ur an idiot. Drugs ruined my life. My dad started doing drugs since he was 10 and he's in jail.... since I was 3 and Now I have no dad. I talk to him once a month (sometimes) and its for 15 mins... with interruptions saying "this call may be recorded or monitored" So I'm not trying to convince you not too I'm just telling you rite now that drugs ruin peoples life and take peoples lives away.... Don't be stupid... :(

Robyn H
you can not die from lsd. you can die while on lsd but not from it. and overdosing, u would have to take like 20 hits at once. for your first time you shouldnt do more then 1 hit, you wouldnt need more anyways. is it in a pill? you said dose so it sounds like its in a pill or capsule. ask who you got it from how much hits are in it. lsd is sold in 'hits' and one is enough for your first time, trust me. youll have a great time, just make sure your not with anyone ur fighting with or u dont need to talk to anyone that can get u in trouble that night. dont drive either, haha

The Interrupter
You will vote for Obama.

it will give u living nightmares, bring out all the things u dont want to think about that u will never be able to forget, u will have flash backs and it will bother u forever. im speaking from experience.

anais s
maybe you shouldnt try a very strong dose if its your first time

I am not sure I would do research online.

Too much and you'll start vomiting, sweating, get the chills, pass out, end up in the hospital. It's not nice, meanwhile, you'll be completely paranoid and it'll last quite a while. Be safe, start off small and do it with good friends if you're gonna do it.

Bandaloop Doctor
its safe, but you can have a bad trip.
if you haven't already, first smoke pot, and you should try shrooms before so you kinda know what to expect and they aren't as strong as lsd.
dosage wise i would reccomend one drop or 1 paper, anymore than that and you'll have a terrible trip.
if you start to have a bad trip change the music or lighting.
you are ruled by your emotions so make sure you go in feeling happy and that nothing happens while that could upset you.
have fun!
don't take it at a party your first time.
take it somwwhere safe with some friends while your parents are sure to be gone.

Have someone you trust with you in case you try running into traffic. You never know what you might do.

Mother and wife
It depends on the kind of person you are. If you are able to let go and be carefree you will probably have a good experience. Your age has nothing to do with it. But some advice if you plan on doing it.
Make sure you are in a comfortable place. Only be around people that you are extremely comfortable around. Turn your cell phone off. Make sure no visitors are coming over. Do not look in the mirror. Infact put a towel over your mirror if you think you might be tempted to look.

Most of the time the reason people freak out is because of their perception of time. 3 minutes might appear like 3 hours(I am so serious).
It can be really bad for some people.

Make sure you are in a very good mood before you start doing it.

Hope this helps.

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