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 Can't stop the bleeding?
My brother's tooth just fell out. He's about twelve and he says that he just BARELY tapped at his tooth and it just fell out. Now it's about an hour later and it's STILL bleeding.....

 how long does it take to get addicted to ciggarettes ?
ever the last weekend , i have smoked three ciggarettes but only really inhaled the smoke of one of them into my lungs, but some of the other ciggarette too. i know this was horrible for me to do, ...

 Is blood actual blue?
My friend Raven said that blood is blue,
But when it touches oxygen it goes red.
Is that true?...

 why are some people on yahoo answers so freakin mean??
some people are abuseing this site!!!!!! they just need to answer nicley!!...

 Private question, i'd prefer girls to answer (:?
Hey. I started shaving *down there* about a year ago and it always grows back horrible. Or sometimes i'm clumsy and accidently cut myself. Is there any specials razors for down there. and is ...

 Which is better, washing your hands in warm, cold, or hot water?
This question has been bugging me for the longest time.
I usually wash my hands under hot, or warm water.. So. Yeah.

What's better?
Additional Details
These answers ...

 So people do you smoke?
Hi i want to see how many people smoke or are non smokers to see which 1 has the most of. i do not smoke i hate the smell (no offence but it stinks!)...

 if i have suicidal thoughts, should i go see a doctor?
well i have suicidal thoughts, like im sure many people do. but when i come to reality i know i wont ever try killing myself, u know?... but those thoughts are still there and i come up with little ...

 I can hear water sloshing inside my belly, can anybody else do this? ?
when i drink a lot of water, i can hear it sloshing inside my full belly like the ocean....

 So I ran into an old girlfriend, who's married with kids but she wants to hookup. Should I do it?
She is not bad looking and we did always have alot to talk about if u know what i mean....

 HELP!!! Bulimia.?
I am bulimic. I have been this way for about a year now. About an hour ago, I was purging and I vomited up blood. Is this serious. What do I do??? My parents don't know I am bulimic and I can...

 I want to start smoking cigarettes, what's the best way to do it?

 My coworker farts all the time and it smells like popcorn is that weird or does anyone else's?
MOST farts smell like poop... ...

 which one of the 5 senses u think u couldn't live without?
Additional Details

 Do you regret starting smoking? At what age did you start?

 What do you think are signs that you're are an adult or getting older?
For men, I think its making noises whan you bend/sit down. Also becoming fascinated by tool ...

 I get in trouble a lot because...?
I tend to laugh at inappropriate times at inappropriate things. I've had several times when it's really gotten me into a lot of trouble. I had a HORRIBLE incident at a funeral once...I ...

 what's a good way to treat mild depression without taking anti-depressants?

 how to pass a marijuana drug test?

 I've sneezed 19 times today (and no im not kidding). Is this normal...or what?
I wanted to see how many times i sneezed today (yea i kno,WEIRD lol) bcuz yesterday and a couple days b4 that, ive been sneezin a whole bunch. Wat the heck is my problem?...

Jake S
What is a good pot smoking song?
I listen to 311 and Incubus when i smoke...any other suggestions?

Answer man
bowl for two

My Smoking Song by Lil Wyte if you like hip/hop
Also any song by Radiohead

Ian(GO SUNS!! COD4 >MW2)
the pot by tool

bam bam by sister nancy

house of cards(meh favorite) by radiohead

You dieing soon lol And of to the grave you go tatatdtadadada

madi moore is hardcore
santeria- sublime.

nick n
sweetleaf by black sabbath

Low Rider by WAR


Prop. 215 by Eek-A-Mouse

Because I got high - Afroman

Rhiannon B
Any EDM is good (electronic dance music), trance, drum and bass, etc. Maybe some classic rock too, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, go grab a Dazed and Confused soundtrack, or better yet, get high watching the movie, LOVE that movie.

RAP all thee way.
young jeezy is a hit right now.

Glowstik Green
Eek a mouse-Ganja smugglin'...

check it out on youtube...u will think back and thank me for this song...

Try Sublime-Santeria. or Smoke two joints.

if you like incubus ull like A perfect circle.

or some rap... Try the wu tang clans-C.R.E.A.M.

Smoked two Joints by Sublime
Awesome song, I suggest it fully.

"because i got high"

dont smoke....

dj shadow has awesome beats when your sober.

Gossip G
Colt 45 by Afroman. I dont smoke, but my friends have told me.


colt 45 by afroman

whos thisdid sm1hack n2 myacnt?


Blue Berry Yum Yum by Ludacris

Maybe she needed to be wanted. ღ
Um. WHY THE HELL DID YOU ADMIT YOU SMOKE POT TO TH PUBLIC?!? Jeez! You trying to get arrested?


the trippiest songs EVERRRR!

Santogold - You'll Find A Way
The Used - The Bird and the Worm
Muse - Hysteria
The Devil Wears Prada - Reptar King of the Ozone

the sound track of the movie half baked, the maryjane song.

Matt D
Sublime, Bob Marley

If you like Sublime, try Pepper too...
Rap is always fun because you get so into the beats, I'd suggest Lil' Wyte, Young Wayne, or Kanye, they get very technical and creates its own mood.
Nine Inch Nails is classic, good for dark rooms and getting high by yourself.
Some people are really into Tool, but unless I'm on acid, I don't really like them too much.
Garbage is good too. I'd say to stay away from things like "Because I got high" and "Smokin' Song", just because they tend to get played out really fast, and aren't really that great when you're chiefing.
The new Kottonmouth Kings song, Where I'm Going is very good.
AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, Tiger Army, and Horrorpops are also worth a listen, but try and look for their music before 1999, as everyone sells out, of course...
Anyways, Thats about it from me, I could go on for hours, but I have to get back to putting together my Ganja Grooves playlist.

Oh, and the ultimate classic, to get you amped up for more bong rips even when someone else has to hold it to your mouth and light it for you, is EYE OF THE TIGER! Trust me! Get baked and take a listen, you'll ******' flip!

This songs sick

Byme-smoking weed is dirty


because i got high by afroman

First of all 311's the best stuff ever. I also jam to Sublime , Bob Marley, Matisyahu and Cyprus Hill just to name a few off the top of my head. In the mean time be positive and love your life.

Ibrahim [GTR]
Anything Bob Marley of course

bob marley of course

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