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 ARE you a smoker or a non smoker?
why do smokers repect you more if you say you quit, rather than your a non smoker?
They're less likly to smoke around you too!
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glad too see so many non ...

 What's your bedtime & wakeup time?
My Bedtime: btw 12:00 - 2:00
Wakeup Time: 10:00
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WOW....i'm shocked to hear some of the answers....there's ppl who get up at 4:00!?!?! That's ...

 i eat bugs out in the back yard is this normal?

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im in my 20...

 What is about Cigarettes that people enjoy smoking them so much?
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 I hate to ask this, but is it normal to poo everyday?
I heard that if one eats healthy they do or they poo every other day.
I also heard that Americans don't go as much as they should and only a few times a week.

Anyway, is it ...

 i have a habit of smelling dog poo , and im being serious?
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 help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......…
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 What's your blood group?

 ok i need this answer in the next 10 minutes!?
ok so for a project i have to have a cast on my arm..the one that are super hard and it has to be colored! so please tell me how to do this!
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OK FIRST of all i dont ...

 Can you get addicted to smoking after just one cig & is it illegal to smoke when you're 13? or just to buy 'em?
ok, so i was wondering is it illegal to be SMOKING them, or just to buy them but u can smoke them if you're 13?
and can u get addicted from having just one?
thanks :3...

 Why DO people smoke anyway?
I'm not talking about the nicotine addiction or anything. I hear from some adults who smoke that it "relieves stress" or they "like the taste of it". I have never smoked ...

 ughhhhh important ! read!?
my stomach is killing me i feel like im about to vomit,
i know grosssss.
how can i make my stomach feel better or what do i do!?...

 Weed Or Alcohol Which Is Better?
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 How can I get to sleep?
Lately, I have been having trouble getting to sleep, any ideas?
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Hi, thanks for everyones answers. Hopefully will work!
Thank you (:...

 Shaving your Armpits?
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How I shave is- I use aG...

 i have a friend who is 21 5 foot 8 and weighs 57 pounds and she' still trying to loose more ?
i don't want to abandon her but its draining me to watch her do this to herself what can i do
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1st thing for all you judgers this is serious no lies shes been ...

Maya Malfoy,
What happends when your high?
I never get high and i NEVER wil because i think its stupidbut pretty much ALL my friends get high and so does my boyfriend...why? is it an addiction, whatsso special about it and why would u doit? How do u get high??? do u smoke???
im 15 and alot of my friends, since they were like 12 have been smoking, drinking, doing drugs...

Baby # 2 due 8/21/2010
you know what...your 15...im almost 21...and i feel that exact same way! i dont smoke it and i never will. personally i look down on people who smoke it. its just become too much of a "cool" thing to do and i dont find it cool at all. i just heard that it makes you feel good...well there are lots of things out there that can make you feel good without smoking it! yuck! but yeah im in your same shoes..im glad a 15 year old agrees with me! high five to you!

Why Would You Want To Know This?
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That's What Happens.....
Stop Being So Curious About Garbage....
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You Can't Even Spell HAPPENS and YOU'RE
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Hit The Books Kid, Stop Your Nonsense...

Everything looks better.

well they're dumbasses, it may feel nice (i have never done it) but the reprecussions are great. It depends on how feel WHEN you get high. Drugs just amplify emotions. So if you feel like crap you'll feel worse. Don't even think about it,it's not worth it. 90% of stars and other people say they do drugs, but actually have never done them. Like Jack Black

well, i am the occasional marijuana smoker, i don't do other drugs. i cant really explain what the high is like. i find it to be fun, but only if you do it once in a while. i too have friends who smoke daily many times. i think it is more of a mental addiction. the reason people get "high" form smoking marijuana is because there is a chemical called THC which causes the smoker to feel high. THC works by inhibiting canaboid receptors in the brain. I personally think it is safer then drinking any day. but everything in moderation.
good luck!

Master Chief
Well, the easiest high to get without any drug would be eating too much sugar!

Wow! Horrible grammar and spelling from someone who doesn't get high... how do your friends who do get high function at all?

To answer your question, there are many ways for someone to get high and each drug has a different effect on each person who takes it... If you asked about a specific drug it would have been helpful.

marcus t
its sssooo ccoooll ****** i love it baby hoe it feels ggggoooodddd

It is like a downer. Chills you out. Makes you laugh at the stupidest things. I used to do it but do NOT miss it. It's the 'in' thing for kids now days. It's not what it's cracked up to be in my opinion.
I don't think it's addicting physically but I do think it's addicting mentally. My sister lives by it, can't handle life without it. She is just hiding all the 'wrongs' she has done to herself and our family.

Tell It Like it is
Stay Away , Good job for not trying the substances!!!! I knew someone who use to love crank. The last time I heard from him he was 26 and living with his parents with no job. I drove by his house and he was sitting in a car drinking beer. My mother in law drank and smoked her whole life and all she does is fight over cigarettes and beer with her boyfriend. What a waste of a life

Yeah your right it is stupid but I've done it. It makes me have much anxiety I get delusional and fearful of everyone. But most feel good I guess but not me!

Don't do it it makes you retarded!! Seriously!

It alters your mood. I for one, when I was young tried it and I know that it made me feel like I wasn't really around other people.. like I was all alone in my head (with pot). Other drugs tend to make you feel the sam way, like the world is only in your head, but it also gives you lots of energy and things.. from what I've heard, I never did meth or anything like that.

Basically, those who get high do it for the state where mental and physical facilities are noticeably altered due to the consumption of cannabis (drugs).

I've never smoked either, I've just done research and heard from people describing it to me.

Those who smoke basically do it to forget of their troubles because it relaxes you extremely, or do it just because it feels good.

I never been high either, but its not really an adiction, its almost an emothional addiction. When someone gets high they like how it feels so theyll keep doing it.

At your age people should't be doing drugs or drinking. I do however find it interesting that you attack getting high and say you will never do it, but you don't say too much about alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco are much more harmful than marijuana. No-one in the history of the world has died from marijuana and hundreds of thousands of people die from tobacco and alcohol each year. If you don't want to use drugs or alcohol good for you, however if you choose to use alcohol in the future don't attack marijuana users, educae yourself and you'll realize the drinkers are the stupid ones.

Feels good, eveythin is wierd. U somthimes 4get wat the hell u did. U get high by popin X, smokin weed, overdosin on **** lik tylonnol. Personly alchol is betr; u don't get adikted and U hav mor control and u remeber what the hel u did more often

First, you shouldn't think something is stupid if you hardly know anything about it.
If they're smoking pot, it makes you feel slightly detatched from reality, you're usually more happy, food tastes better... sometimes you can be a little tingly.
Pot isn't physically addictive like cigarettes. Pot is addictive like video games, or something like that. You just want to do it because its fun, but if you have self control, you can smoke it every once in a while and not let it take over your life.

Elena H
getting high from pot is very nice. It feels relaxing, and you feel kind of far away from the world. everything sounds better, looks better, tastes better, funny movies are more funny, it makes you focus in on things in a new kind of way. I suppose it is addictive because it feels nice and you want to feel nice again and again. ALso, it tastes good and yummy when you smoke. I would say don't do it, though, if you don't really want to. Not everyone needs to get high. It's better to be high on life sometimes!

I eat all the chocolate in the house and then go to sleep....
It effects everyone differently...I can honestly say that I've had fun being high a handful of times ...all the others I fell right asleep. If you ask me, you're not missing anything....I have a friend who wishes she could have been born feeling the way she feels when she's high!!! I don't get it!
Stay young and clean s long as you can!

i never tought i would do it , then i tried it when i was in 11th grade ..and it just makes you feel relax and mellow..nothing seems to care or you can laugh about anything you can think of ..ur reaction slows down . I dont think its addicting its more like pizza..if i wanted some pizza i would go buy some..and if i wanted to get a felling of calmness id by some bud.. get what im saying.

You feel good (from what i hear)

Stacy C
You smoke marijuana to get high. (among other things) It makes you feel calm and laid back. Some people get the munchies or laugh a lot. My personal opinion...it's not addictive..it's more like a habit or even to fit in. I also think it's safer than drinking or doing other drugs.

first of all, if youre talking about marijuanna, its not an addiction.
Honestly, people only make a big deal about it because its illegal. I feel that its a lot more safer for a bunch of teens to smoke down and sit at home than getting hammered and driving drunk.
Pot makes you feel relaxed. It can make everything seem hilarious, it can make you paranoid (if you have any reason to be, you wont be for no reason). You also have a huge appetite, usually for junk food. (atleast i do)
You can smoke a joint, bowl, bong, hookah, even pop cans and 2liters make good smoking devices.
I enjoy smoking, and im not afraid to say it. you'll be surprised how many ppl do. I obviously dont encourage illegal substance abuse. Its a decision that should only be left to you.
People also have this stigma about pot smokers. oh theyre "lazy, irresponsible, bad people." Let me tell you, i have a college degree in the medical field, and i am a mother of two. I know when its appropriate and when its not. So until you try it for yourself, please dont judge us.

Your IQ increases by a thousand percent but you forget how to tie your shoes.

i've done a few.
was all for the experiment.. it is cool while you're high, but it doesn't really kick hard. unlesse you go for heavier stuff, but that's not the case i supose

Bad Idea for me. When I was younger I smoked weed and thought my next door neighbor had alligator scales and was levitating towards me.

You do not get high? Ever drink a espresso? Ever eat to much sugar?

Though if you are talking marijuana, why would you need to? Doesn't sound if you have any kind of medical problems....Only thing it is legalized for at this current time.

One can not get addicted to marijuana. Other then mentally. It sounds as if you do not do things because others do it, keep to this and you will live long. Remember using marijuana can impair someones driving, so I hope you are not in the car with your boyfriend when he is using. One can also get ticketed if even legal and driving.

Marijuana does not harm people as much as say alcohol, and look at those using alcohol. It does help if one has medical problems, other then this I personally do not understand why anyone would want to....but this is just me and I am legal.

Getting high is not on marijuana is not an addiction, you can not become physically addicted to it. Mentally is a different story, people just enjoy the feeling of relaxation it gives them. Some people do react differently to it, some more paranoid then others but I found that after doing it for a while that eventually goes away and it is more just a mellow feeling when high. You get high of of "pot" by smoking it, you can not overdose on marijuana, if you smoke too much you might just fall asleep. I think that it is one of the safest drugs out there, even compared to alcohol where if you drink too much you can get to a point of blacking out, or do something that you will regret for a long time, and I would never drive after a night of drinking where if I just smoke weed that night I would be able to drive and know everything that was going on around me. Marijuana is definitely not even half as bad as some of the other dirty addicting drugs out there. The best answer is to try it at least once then you will experience it for yourself. You definitely aren't going to die from trying it and who knows you might actually like it and then that's one more person on our side, soon it will be legal to smoke!

Sounds like your reason is boredom. The number one reason people do drugs is to have something interesting to do... oh and to get "****** up"

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