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 What's your blood group?

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 Can you get addicted to smoking after just one cig & is it illegal to smoke when you're 13? or just to buy 'em?
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and can u get addicted from having just one?
thanks :3...

 Why DO people smoke anyway?
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 How can I get to sleep?
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 Shaving your Armpits?
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 i have a friend who is 21 5 foot 8 and weighs 57 pounds and she' still trying to loose more ?
i don't want to abandon her but its draining me to watch her do this to herself what can i do
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What does smoking Pot do to your Body?
Everybody always tells me that Pot is so bad for your body, but nobody has ever told me what exactly it does to your body. Does anyone know?

Gopo G
loss of concentration

it makes life alot better... (=

Jungle J
Well, it's like regular smoking. It messes up your lungs.

Well, you can get wrinkles, lose judgement, die earlier, cancer... so many things! Search online on Google.

It does not hurt you but it makes you hungry so when you smoke it have some good munchies ready

Dude I disagree with the first answer. Your body cannot make MELONS! So duh it doesn't do anything and everything you can think of.

Nurse Joker
"...Although it's not physically addictive, it can be mentally; if you've been feeling stressed out or sad lately or have been diagnosed with depression, choose to avoid it for now. There's a time and place for everything, but the place should never be "at a friends house trying pot" at the same time as "bout of depression".

Another thing you may have heard people say is that pot is a "gateway drug". ...First of all, the definition is concrete: It is a drug that is statistically associated with other, harder drugs, which is why they say if you try it once, you will move on to the other stuff eventually...Pretty much if you do it and like it, you'll want to do it more...
Basically, the unhealthy way to use it is when you're depressed, because even if you're happy on a certain day and you are not consciously doing it for an unhealthy reason, your mind can get addicted.
...Alright. That was just the warning label. Now we're down to the up-close and personal stuff. I think I can take it....

Don't hurt your lungs. There are vaporizers that you can get, and makeshift bongs... will also vaporize the smoke so that it's cooler and some of the harsher chemicals are filtered out. The only warning I have about those has to do with the plastic that makes up the water bottle. This usually has a toxin in it...which is put in to keep the plastic durable...

"Kills Brain Cells"
So many things kill brain cells. I bet I could name 20 things off the top of my head that are said to kill brain cells. Some of them are things that we are subjected to every day...

Fact--It takes four major non-filtered smoke-out sessions for a small amount of noticable damage to appear on the lungs.

Fact--Smoking cigarettes is more harmful to the lungs over time, because cigarette-smokers smoke lots of cigarettes while stoners only smoke a little bit of pot every few weeks or months. Even if a stoner smoked every day, there is no way that it/he/she could breathe in as much smoke as a cigarette-smoker does...

"Don't do it because it's bad"
doesn't at all sum it up. Every single person that has argued against the point of smoking marijuana has had no textual evidence to support their bias, except for my dad, who said it "just makes you tired and lazy", which is true.

Over time, smoking pot can decrease the seratonin levels in one's brain, leaving it without the right balance of L-triptophan (sp?), the precursor for serotonin, so that over time there is less...

I recommend that if you decide to do it only every once in a while or on special occasions, stick with that for a long time. The best way to ensure that it stays that way is to plan-it-out every time you do it. Make sure you're in the right place with the right people and the right excuse so that you don't get caught by your parents or even the police. When you start making impulse decisions in the middle of everything that's happening somewhere is when your every-once-in-a-while plans start to go haywire. It's also when you get caught, because it's moments like those that cause you to get CAUGHT up in the MOMENT.

...It's only fun when you're with people who mean a lot to you; it's the people that make the fun time, and the drug only enhances it. Yeah, pot doesn't addict you the first time you do it. It's not like meth (which I've never tried, of course).

No, pot is a horrible and nasty hard-**** drug. It pulls you in by its nasty clutches and if you ever do it, your life will be ruined. You can smoke a bit of weed every once in a while. That is actually much better than a drinking habit too because people drink more often and it causes liver damage and various liver diseases. You can die without a liver. Did you know that?

Statistics show that alcohol holds the highest rate of addiction. This is because it's accessible and familiar, and it IS physically addicting..."

I found this answer so resourceful, and I've come back to this question many times, to answer other's and my own questions about pot. You can look at my first two questions and this person answered it with incredible detail and sincerity (and I edited this alot)

It messes with your brain development if you're under 24.

kills brain cells

makes it hungry
makes it sleepy
makes it stupid

other than that, not much (despite all the bs warnings about lung cancer, etc).

Sara F
I've heard that smokin pot is 10X worse cigarettes on your lungs. But it doesnt hurt your body. it helps you relax and calms the nerves.

Unfortunately most of the answers you see here are unfounded propaganda or myth. I will provide clear medical explanations of what marijuana does to your body and also debunk some of these myths with our good friend science.

FACT #1: Marijuana does NOT kill healthy brain cells.

As it turns out, marijuana does kill brain cells... but the only cells it kills are called "glioma" cells, also known as cancer. Glioma are cancerous tumor cells that develop from glial brain cells. It does this by initiating cell-programmed death, or apostasis. The cell then commits suicide, ending its infinite, cancerous mitotic expansion. THC actually exhibits a neuroprotective effect on healthy brain cells, protecting them from damage. Also, evidence shows that THC increases neurogenisis (the growth of new brain cells) in the hippocampus. The growth and migration of these new neurons has been linked to curing depression.

FACT #2: Marijuana does NOT significantly effect your motor skills

Marijuana's effect on motor skills does not come from a physical depression of motor neurons or muscle units like alcohol. Unlike alcohol, THC only effects certain portions of the brain. The areas affected mainly deal with creativity, thinking, and perception. This is why marijuana makes food taste better and music sound better. The degradation of motor skills is quite literally "all in your head". Any loss of coordination comes from mental disorientation from alteration of perception.

Studies show that coordination is impaired most within a short period of smoking marijuana, effects quickly fade as the mind becomes used to functioning with the altered perception. Coordination has been shown to be more affected with people who do not regularly use marijuana.

In a study where habitual marijuana users are taught a task, and another group who do not regularly use marijuana are taught the same task, both under the influence of THC, results show that the heavy users typically performed within the same range as the sober control group. Only the group that didn't regularly use marijuana showed significant impairment. Also, a study on marijuana and driving showed that marijuana made drivers more aware of any impairment and they drove slower and more cautiously.

This fact is obvious if you know many heavy users. Many of them seem to no longer exhibit to any negative side effects to coordination or motor skills.

FACT #3 Marijuana does NOT permanently degrade memory

It has been shown that marijuana does not permanently impair short term memory. There is evidence of short term impairment while under the influence, but it usually only lasts the duration of psychoactive effects. In some chronic users (18+ joints a day) short term memory has taken about 6 weeks to return to normal, but there was no lasting damage.

The reason marijuana impairs short term memory is because it shifts the allocation of resources within the brain. Neurons that are normally reserved for short term memory processing are made to shift tasks to higher thinking functions. This is why some people say they feel more aware or that they have reached a higher level of consciousness.

Technically this is true, THC can increase your level of consciousness as one of the major measures of consciousness is the number of neurons (or neuron equivalents, basically the most basic, individual processing unit) available in the cerebrum, used for most of our "higher thought" functions such as reason, intelligent thought, imagination, and the ability of foreward thought and prediction.

Nothing worse than tobacco or alcohol. Anyone who says pot is worse than either was raised on 1930s propaganda or is a moron. If you smoke tobacco regularly, you smoke about 20x more tobacco than you would marijuana. Alcohol makes people violent, causes you to make idiotic decisions, makes you depressed, causes vehicular accidents, and contributes to deaths regularly. Marijuana may cause some amount of bodily damage (as anything else will, McDonalds or Viagra for example), but in no way more than alcohol or tobacco. Marijuana isn't a gateway drug, else there'd be a hell of a lot more people doing crack right now. It's proven that it isn't physically addictive like alcohol or nicotine. It can be addictive in the same way that shopping and playing WoW is, and that's about it. A few people go overboard with some things in life, most don't.

From my personal experience, pot makes you happy, hungry, lazy, and sleepy. It also causes you to be forgetful when you're high. That's it, end of story. I've never felt the urge to quit my job, steal, murder, do heroine or crack, etc. because of smoking weed. The only adverse side effects of marijuana usage I've had is feeling burned out the next day, which is preferable to a hangover.

Powered by Detroit
It makes you horny and is safer than Ecstasy.

Will F
Honestly its not really that bad for your body. Please don't assume I'm a pothead whos going to talk about the benefits of marijuana because I'm not, I've just done a little research like everyone should.

Most people only know what they have learned in a D.A.R.E. class or some other police officer, but their biased (as they are supposed to be) and tell exaggerated stories and extreme examples of what happens to you and your body on pot.

Unfortunately this probably isn't the best place to ask as Yahoo is filled with both 14 year olds who don't know anything about pot and the potheads themselves who will try to convince you that god want's to smoke pot.

I would recommend you look up "cannabis" on Wikipedia to get a more neutral view of the bodily effects of marijuana.

But for reference a cigarette is about 5 times more dangerous than a joint. Also caffeine is about as addictive as marijuana.

Good luck with your search.

jambi eyes
Pot weakens the immune system and destroys your lungs.

kerry f
Makes it hungry

Dark Malope
Anything and everything you can think of.

People are very ignorant about smoking marijuana. Recent studies have found that no matter how much weed you smoke, it does not cause lung cancer. there are so many usful, medical purposes. Alcohol and tobacco are 100X worse then marijuana I still have no idea why its still illegal. Please read this article....


It's a lot stronger than cigarettes because of obvious reasons. No filter, etc. If you smoke it like a LOT, (every day) then yes, you'll be really slow and stupid when you're older. But if you do it like once every two months it doesn't do much to you permanently. Pot and shrooms are so much better for you than things like meth, heroine, ecstasy, acid, etc. All that **** is man made; pot and shrooms are made in the ****** ground for ****'s sake. Don't do the man made ****, and don't do pot everyday and you'll be fine.

OH, and to the people that say it's "sooo bad:" if it was so bad why would they per scribe it to cancer patients?!

it makes you hungry and gives guys **** and really f&%$s up your memory and part of your brain

emphysema high heart rate and you get that look on your face as if your high all the time

happy, hungry, sleepy:)

1. it's a kat williams joke.
2. don't hate on my decisions I still get great grades.

marijuana contains a fat soluble substance called THC, (that can stay in your system for up to a month after use/intake) (just fyi)
immediate symptoms change from person to person, but in general, it-
Impairs judgment and motor control
Impairs reasoning ability and memory
May lead to Amotivational Syndrome
Contains over 400 chemicals that may cause lung cancer
May damage immune and reproductive abilities in the long term
i'm sorry i can't be more specific, i took a health class on this, but that was over a year ago, and i didn't pay much attention. sorry

Rainbow Flowers
Short term memory. Distorted vision. Lower learning ability. Difficulty thinking and problem solving. Just google it up.

same as tobacco except it is slower because it isn't in mouth to mouth contact with your mouth like tobacco
if you don't know what tobacco does (i am sure you know)
causes you to look older quicker
can cause lung cancer
becomes addictive
turns your lungs black
and make your breath bad and teeth yellow
but it does calm you down
smoking isn't exactly healthy
hope i helped

Poppy's slave.
Alot of people say it will kill your brain cells... Not true... You can smoke everyday for a year and all that will happen is lung damage from smoke. Which can be fixed using a vaporizer. Your short term effects will be there of course while your high. But after a month or so your brain will be back to normal. Like it never happened. As far as i am concerned more tests should be done. Legalize it.

It hardy damages your lungs like one of the other answers said. There are no cancerous carcinogens like in smoking cigarettes.
Pot has actually been proven to slow the spread of cancerous cells.

There are really not that many negative effects that it has on your body. They have done tests on people who have smoke for 20+ years and their lung capacity is normal. It has not effected their intelligence in anyway. Most of these things you have heard and false. Sadly pot has been given a really bad name in the past years when drinking alcohol does much more damage.

it makes you relax and forget any worries. You obviously don't smoke if you're worried. Don't eat right before because you will get munchies

makes u get pregnant from a guy who doesn't have a job

stephen k
Aside from the tar in your lungs, pot has a psychological affect in that you get rather lethagic

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